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Speed and Spyke Episode Guide

An inner-city highschool basketball game in nearing the end of play. Star Evan Daniels has the ball but Pietro Maximoff wants it since he has a better shot. Evan takes the ball and gets it in the basket, winning for his team. Ororo is in the stands, cheering her nephew on. She watches him as he falls down from taking the shot, and spikes appear out of his arm. He shakes it off and is lifted up by his team and carried off the court. Pietro stands there, glaring enviously.

In the locker room after most of the team has left, Evan is collecting his things to go. Pietro comes up to him and tells him off about how he could have made the shot. Evan says that Pietro wouldn't have been fast enough to get down the court, but Pietro says other wise. He does a small zip from here to there to prove his point, but leaves. Ororo then comes in and congradulates him. She brings up what she saw about his spikes and he says its no problem. Then he sneezes and spikes shoot out. Later at Evan's home, his dad is cooking up a victory BBQ dinner. Ororo and Evan talk some more about him needing to learn control. She wants to take him to the institute but he wants no part of it. His dad says it's time for dinner and Evan runs inside. Xavier telepathically contacts Ororo, and she tells him that Evan is being stubborn, as always.

Evan is at school and he opens his locker to see that he's been ripped off once again. Pietro appears out of basically no where. They talk, Pietro lends him some money to leave as bait for the thief. Evan thanks him and says "Catch you later." Pietro evilly mumbles back to him "No, you'll never catch me. Not even on your best day."

Later that night at Evan's home once again, Scott and Jean have come to give their end of the "recruiting mutants' salespitch." Evan still wants no part of it. He wants to stay right where he is. Then he runs up to his room. Jean senses that he is going out the window. Evan is out the window and skateboarding to school in order to catch the thief. A whirlwind comes in and Evan attacks with spikes. The whirlwind stops and it's Pietro! (oh no!) He tells Evan that he gets bored when he can do things quicker than anyone else so he looks for challenges (hence the stealing of money from lockers and such). He almost mentions that he made his costume in a quarter of a second. Then, the best thing of all. He bitch slaps Evan! (Major respect for Pietro on that one) Then he leaves Evan there to get the blame when the cops start showing up. Now Evan is in jail, but the Institute kids show up and say they can get him out with help from the professor, only if he agrees to try a stay with them.

It's breakfast at the institute and everyone is talking about Evan. Kurt bamfs in his seat, looking very hungry. A little demonstration of what breakfast is like for the X-Men while a conversation is going on. Kurt bamfs above to the chandelier to get some more food, pissing Logan off in the process. While all this talk about Evan is going on, he is at the top of the steps, listening in. They mention his hunger for revenge and he pops out some spikes and walks away. A little later at school, the Brotherhood kids are chilling in the main office, waiting for some orders from Mystique (I'm presuming). Rogue moves uncomfortably away from Toad while the others pretty much stay still. In her office, Mystique and Magneto are talking about bringing in Pietro. Magneto says how much of a 'special interest' Pietro is to him, and he is needed greatly. They figure they can convince him to come if him and Evan have a face off. Mystique says its no problem to get them together.

After school in the Danger Room, Spyke is training. He's going down a twisty ramp on his skateboard, dodging balls throwing telekinetically by Jean. He pops a couple spikes and breaks the balls. Cyclops shoots a couple eye beams to throw him off balance, and is sucessful. Wolverine helps Evan up, commenting him on his progress. Kitty calls down from the control room that there was an unscheduled game going on that night, mentioning its against his old school. Evan knows it's time for revenge. That night, Pietro gets off the bus, and he and Evan fight verbally. Jean and Scott come along. They butt in, and Scott ends up on the ground from Pietro's speed. He runs off and Evan goes after him. Jean exclaims that they can't let him go off alone, and Scott says some cliched crap about "When you're with the X-Men, you're never alone." (*sighs and shakes head* I hate being biased, but sometimes I just can't help it.)

They run off and find Evan has sorta caught up to Pietro, but they're all in uniform... (once again, how do they do it?!) Jean lifts Pietro off the ground, thinking it'll stop him, but he causes a tornado in the middle of downtown Bayville, making everything not held down go flying. Cyclops shoots him down, while Spyke sends some of his spikes soaring, sticking him to a wall. Quicksilver claims they still have nothing on him, but oh! Evan pulls out a tape recorder where Quickie confessed everything back at the school. Cops show up and the X-Men run off.

Pietro is in jail, and isn't too happy. Magneto shows up in the shadows and tells him that he'll let him out. Pietro gets impatient and Magneto acknowledges it, tsking him. He spreads the bars, extending a hand. Pietro graciously takes it.

Once again back at the Xavier Institute, some nice X-Men:TAS theme music is playing (call me nostalgic :o) and the team is chilling in the pool. Kurt cannonballs into it from high above. Kitty is disgusted and cries out to Xavier that Kurt is getting fur in the pool. Evan's turn. He jumps nice and high, but his spikes come out accidentally on his way down. He lands on Kitty's raft and it pops. She glares at him, while Xavier and Ororo agree that Evan'll fit in just fine.

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