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Middleverse Episode Guide

Kurt, Jean, Scott, Kitty and Evan are eating lunch outside. They all talk about Duncan's party, which Scott is really against going. Duncan is a jerk, he says. Kitty wants to go, but since she is a freshman, and therefore not invited, she agrees. Kurt says something to Kitty, but she isn't impressed and walks away. Kurt once again says "Chicks love the fuzzy dude." Scott then goes back into saying reasons why they shouldn't go, but Kurt tells him its okay. He gets up and starts dancing on the table, and his tail slips out. Scott yanks on it and pulls him back down onto the bench. Kurt is outraged and tells him to lighten up. Scott tells him to grow up. Kurt then bamfs away. "I blew it, huh?" Jean nods smugly.

Rogue is sitting under a tree reading Dracula (?) when she hears a noise. She sniffs the air, "ugh." Kurt ends up bamfing into this cellar on the one end of school ontop of a bunch of boxes. After saying to himself that he needs to work on reentry, he notices his holo-watch is acting up again. He gets up and starts looking around. There's a door that says "Keep out." (so what does he do?!) Kurt bamfs in to take a look. As he steps forward, he unknowingly steps into a red beam, which activates the self destruct for the lab, as said by the teen on the tv. Kurt gasp. (so did I! *gasp*)

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