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The Cauldron (Part 1) Episode Guide

Scott and Jean drive back to the institute in his car after school. Scott jumps out of the car, thrilled that it's the weekend. Jean is left in the car, where she holds up his bookbag, saying he forgot his homework. She gets out of the car and hears rustling in the trees. At first, she thinks it's Kitty. She goes to investigate and after not getting an answer, she thinks it's Evan. She focuses on one of the bushes and pulls it from the roots with her TK. Todd is behind there. Without explanation, he jumps at her, grabbing a branch and roundhousing her with it. He tries to hit her over the head, but she stops him with her TK. She demands to know what's going on. He tries again, saying that everyone is getting tested. She stops him once again and snaps the branch in half. She floats him over to the well and dumps him in, wondering what the hell that was about, since he was attacking for no reason known to her. All of a sudden, out of the sky comes a big silver ball. It lands by her and opens up mysteriously. She steps closer to peer in, but tenticles come out and grab her. She tries to escape, but she's pulled in and the ball automatically closes and flys away. Todd manages to get to the top of the well just as it's leaving. He screams that it should have been him instead to go.

On a Hawaiian beach, a blond teen paddles out on his surfboard. Two other teens on the shore are looking for him, and once they see him, they decide that Alex wants to be alone and they'll catch up with him later. Meanwhile, Alex is chilling on his back, staring up at the sun, blocking the light with his hands. His joints are sore and he cracks his knuckles. Suddenly, there is a bump from behind and then another when he is knocked off. (Imagine the Jaws theme right about here.) He's underwater now and he sees the shark coming for him. He reflexively puts his arms out to stop the shark (Yeah... that was really going to protect him...). Out of the blue, his hands start to glow red and a beam hits the shark. It comes back for more and Alex shoots at it once again. This time, it stays away and Alex floats back to the top. Exhausted, he lay on his back, while his hands still glow. He lifts them up to the sun again and they stop glowing.

At the institute, the professor is trying out the new cerebro.(*sigh* why must it have such an uncanny resemblence to the movie version of Cerebro?! Sorry...) Logan comes in to see how it is working. Xavier tells him that he found a new, partially developed mutant by the name of Alex Masters, once know as Alex Summers. Meaning that he is Scott's long lost brother. Logan mentions the plane crash in which the two were separated so long ago. Xavier agrees that they need to leave for Hawaii immediately because he has a feeling Magneto may be interested in him as well.

Alex is laying on the beach, having abandoned surfing for the day. He keeps staring at his hands, wondering what the hell just happened to him. A shadow appears over him, in none other than the shape of Magneto. He starts talking about how he knows Alex's pain, that he had it once himself. Alex brushes him off, calling him a 'creep'. Magneto continues with his spiel about the burning in his hands, the pressure in his head. He says he can give him relief and answers. Alex asks if he's some sort of doctor. Magneto introduces himself and offers sanctuary. He floats over and reaches out his hand to Alex, which he accepts.

Logan watches out of the window of the Blackbird as Xavier tells Scott the news about Alex. Scott drops his bag in shock and gets angry with himself, blaming himself for not knowing where he was and that he should have been looking for him. Xavier tells him that they're going to go after him. Scott runs onto the plane, completely leaving his bag behind, which Xavier picks up for him. The jet takes off and then Rogue and Kitty come out into the hangar followed by Evan. Kurt bamfs there, all decked out in his beach wear. He does a hula dance, and realizes that the plane isn't there. They all express that they've been ditched. Kitty then goes on to say that if it were her finding her lost brother, she wouldn't want to crowd. Kurt suggests that since Hawaii isn't the only beach in the world, that they should take a road trip. Everyone agrees.

A cat strolls infront of the garage, which opens just as it passes. The X-Van comes out and the roof goes down, showing everyone but Rogue present. Evan yells for her to hurry up and she comes out, tripping over the cat. She says she couldn't find Jean so she left a note. Then they leave. The cat watches and once the coast is clear, it shifts into Mystique. She speaks into a cell phone telling whoever is on the other side that there is a change of plans and the kids are on the move. The other person, turning out to be Lance by the voice, says "Not for long." Some time around then, the Jet has landed in Hawaii and is on the beach previously seen. The three on the Jet are looking around, searching for anything. Scott is anxious and Logan mentions that the tide is coming in so they better hurry. Xavier stays on the plane while the other two go investigate the beach. They see footsteps that suddenly stop half way to the cliff, as if someone 'dropped in, literally.' Scott questions who and Logan responds 'Magneto'. Scott has no idea to whom he's referring. On the Blackbird, Xavier mentally connects with Magneto, telling him to show himself. The jet starts to move without the aid of Xavier. On the beach, Logan sees this and jumps for it. It flys away, Logan holding on to one of the wheels for dear life. Scott watches bewildered from the beach, when a shadow comes over him from above. He looks up to see the teen blond. "Alex?" Alex recognizes him and jumps down. They share a big hug, totally happy to have found one another. (*sniffle* this is soo touching... too bad I've hated Alex from the beginning... oops! did that come out?). Scott says that he's had dreams about this moment and that Alex wasn't the scrawny little kid he remembered beating up on. Alex then punches him, saying he owed it to him for ten years. Alex then starts to explain things, mentioning Magneto. Scott stops him, asking if he's with him, since he just kidnapped Xavier. Alex then goes on to say that Magneto just wants to show him something, just like he wants to show everyone. He knows that Scott is a mutant and shows him his glowing hands. Then he shows him the silver ball over the cliff, telling him that'll he'll explain everything. Scott isn't completely comfortable about going in it, but he says he'll go to keep an eye on his brother. Alex then leads him into it.

***NOTES YET TO BE... umm, written in paragraph form.***

jet flying out of control, wolvie still hanging on. x trying to get control. mags explains. steps to our survival. humanity will fear us. wolvie claws through ceiling, mags sets him free. lands in ocean with island not too far away. starts swimming. storm comes home to empty mansion. sees cat. pets it. starts up the steps. cat follows. morphs into mystique. lightening strikes her down steps. rogue talks about being covered, kurt about blue fur. road starts messing up, kit sees b-hood guys tailing em. evan shoots at them, but didn't hit tire like he should have. lance knocks em off the road. run into blob. let's party. wolvie comes onto shore, very tired. sniff sniff. hard to stay afloat with metal bones. no accident. bub. hehe. sabs attacks. jet still flying, astroid in view. welcome to astroid m. first full appearance of mags. ~ on M. x rolls towards mags. explains while fight between storm and m goes on. sabs vs logan. blob flips car, all fall out. lance makes the sand go all around them. they will be safe from those who will be against them. x - idealist mags - realist. must be prepared. kurt and rogue bamf out of sand, kit phases her and evan through. blob jumps on kit, she phases through but passes out. totally need a shower. kurt on lance. on top of rock cliff. lance shakes, knocks kurt out. quickie against evan. toad shoots tongue, rogue locks it in door, threatens to absorb, but lance says its unnecessary. balls come. m and storm still fighting. i shouldn't even have to prove myself to him. storm creates fogs and knocks out m. ball comes in, and pulls her in. flys away. sabs and wolvie still fighting. shoots claws. free pass, while we gotta fight to get in. suits him just fine. balls fly to astroid. gathering almost complete. just the boys to go. side with me, not against. what happens to those who don't come willingly? forcefed salvation, shows tubes with rogue, jean and storm in them. you've abducted them. other b hood shows up. for every unbeliever, there is a new convert. scott walks out with alex in matching clothes. scott.. evil.. dark side.. no!!!

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