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(i'm such a dumbass... i was typing up the notes and i hit something so the whole first half erased.... *smacks head on desk repeatedly* hafta get it on replay... which shouldn't be too far from now) hall at institute, water dripping. tub overflowing. ororo huddled sadly. kit again phases in. she comes out, says nothing can be done to help her. kit sees broken mirror. e packing up. thinks no one'll care if he's gone. hands her his uniform and says he's going to school to clean out locker. rogue tellin risty about ororo. risty mentions claustrophobia and rogue wonders how she knows. risty nervously tells her and leaves quickly. kit goes to s and j to tell em e is leaving. e talkin to kurt, saying they were never friends. e doesn't care. not a big deal. new recruits playing football. sam hits beast by accidnent. beast declares he's the sub since ororo didn't show. d room volley ball game. no powers. beserker thinks sunspot used his powers to hit the ball hard. ororo up late. 1:03. remembers early times. young godesss, bringing people rain and floods from drought. knocks down old god, puts up statue of ororo. sees snakes at feet. takes flight. sees e leaving. runs after him. don't run away! guy comes to tell her to get away. hungan come for her. e jumps fence, but sees people after ororo. lightening attack ready, but dart in throat. e runs in on x sleeping. someones got ororo! ~ docks. ororo in box. knocked out, wakes up. freaks out in box. cries for them to let her out, lightening. finally passes out again. (or close to it) spirit has been broken, hungan takes her spirit with a crystal staff thingy. where is your power now, goddess? wolvie on bike, smells ororo. calls to the others. pardon me for not waiting. claws out, sniffs, finds guy. asks where she is. tried to save her, from the hungan. others show up. (kurt not in group) she turned the village against hungan 10 years ago. w and e team, darts everywhere. s and kit, knives. kurt and rogue. spear in uniform, flips and kicks. kit whip, phases out. guy confused. kicks him off dock. (go kit). e on higher deck, w finds box. opens, she's not in there. hungan higher up. w leaps. ororo, lightening w. flying high above, lightening e and others. "i'm in your hands, evan" pops spikes, your toast dude. sends em flying, hits crystal. ororo's spirit is free. knocks hungan to kingdom come. she faints and e catches her. they've all disappeared. they smile. (kurt still not in group!!) evan ready to go. another chance (dammit). is estactic he can stay. everyone else seems happy too. get egotistic, and everyone is like "yeah, whatever" spyke is in the house!