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Name: Kurt Wagner

Age: 16

Powers: Teleportation, Acrobatic Prowess, Prehensile Tail, Limited Invisibility

Origin: ??? in Germany

Relations: Raven Darkhölme aka Mystique (mother), Rogue (adopted sister)

Grade: sophomore

Hobbies: movies (DVDs), Drama Club, JV soccer, JV gymnastics, skateboarding, video games

Fav Foods: pizza, burgers, tacos - anything that comes in a bag from a place where they ask, "You want fries with that?"

Fav Music: movie soundtracks, Barenaked Ladies, XTC, techno (he can't help it, he's German) and (with a passion) all things Beatle

Classes: Public Speaking, European History, French, Geometry, Gym, Biology

Kurt Wagner would love to be a swashbuckler like Luke Skywalker or Neo. Instead, he's the kind of alien-lookin' freakboy who'd be rejected from the Star Wars cantina because: a) he's too darn freaky lookin', and b) he's underage.

Kurt excels at soccer and gymnastics - no shock there. When playing soccer at the Mansion, he tends to cheat by passing the ball (BAMF!) to himself. The others don't mind - because they cheat, too: Jean uses her TK to maneuver the ball, and Scott may nail it with his eye-beams. (Pop! "Ooops! My bad!") Of course, the Professor encourages all this, because it's an enjoyable and natural way for his students to refine their powers.

Although Kurt has a demonic appearance, he is actually the sweetest, most vulnerable, most human of the group. When those around him are feeling down, Kurt is the quickest to pick up on it. And because of his appearance, he feels the most isolated from people in general. How would he be judged if they saw the way he really looked?

Far from being glum, Kurt buries his potential (please pardon the expression) blue streak by displaying a wicked sense of humor. He always plays practical jokes, especially on "big brother" Scott (who remains ever the good sport). Kurt's outer jovial nature is largely a mask to hide his biggest fear: being rejected as a freak. His own mother rejected him - and now he's afraid nobody else will be able to love him, either.

By virtue of a holographic inducer, Kurt can attend the regular school. But he lives in fear of his inducer going on the fritz, and the other kids finding out about his true appearance and labeling him a total freak. (His fear comes largely from the fact that Kitty is having a problem overcoming her heebie-jeebies at the sight of him.) Because his holographic inducer is purely visual, Kurt always must be careful about coming into contact with people. If they were to touch his face, they would feel his fur. If he were to hold hands with somebody, they would feel that he has only three fingers. And of course, this technology does have a tendency to go on the fritz. Fortunately, Kurt can teleport - thus protecting his secret while leaving the people he left behind very confused.

As the team's acrobat, he is the one with the greatest joi de vivre - approaching situations (even dangerous ones) with zeal and zest (although he is neither flippant nor arrogant about it). Kurt's powers include spider-monkey-like coordination, a prehensile tail he can use like a third hand, the ability to teleport and (when in shadows) limited invisibility. (Note: We will introduce his powers one at a time, rather than throwing all of them out there at the same time. Thus, he will evolve during the course of the series.)

Kurt's main vulnerability is the fact that he views himself as a freak. He'll never fit in like the others, never be able to pass for human, and he wears his outward difference like cross. He only wants to be normal, and is deathly afraid of being rejected.(Kitty's reaction to him highlights his self-consciousness. However, they eventually will become the closest of friends. Eventually.) Kurt is shy and sensitive, although he tries to mask it with outward good cheer. He isn't a brooder, like Scott.

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