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Name: Jean Grey

Age: 17

Powers: Telekinesis, Telepathy

Origin: ???, Connecticut in the USA

Relations: a sister and happily married parents (non-mutants)

Grade: junior

Hobbies: cheerleading, fashion, cooking and malling

Fav Foods: sushi, French cuisine and anything trendy

Fav Music: Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morrisette, and anyone else who ever played the Lilith Fair

Classes: Chemistry, American Literature, American History, French, Trigonometry, Art (painting and drawing)

Jean is a vibrant redhead - very charming and very beautiful. She's the only one from the Xavier Institute who is not regarded as a little weird at Bayville High. Gorgeous as she is, she's very, very popular.

Knowing that Scott might have a slight crush on her (which even he might not acknowledge), she is not above using other people to make Scott jealous. Although Scott and Jean are in different grades, they have many classes together - as is the case in high school. Since they are always buddying around together, people perceive them as a couple. This will lead to Scott getting razzed and hassled by jealous football players, and other such high school situations.

Because Jean is a cheerleader, she gets to hang out with the other cheerleaders and jocks. And although Scott wouldn't be excluded from such activities (being somewhat of a jock himself), he would keep the perspective that their duties at the Xavier Institute always need to take precedence over, say, going out with other kids. Jean will need to learn this lesson, since she will be pulled in two directions at once (hanging out with the cool kids versus training with the X-Men).

Jean is a telekinetic (TK), enabling her to move objects merely by thinking about it. Over time, she will refine her powers to move things with greater volition/coordination, as well as heavier and heavier objects. At first, weight will be a real issue with her - and she starts out only able to move what she can actually lift with her arms. Jean also has latent telepathic (TP) abilities. Professor X, the world's greatest telepath, will train her to use and refine these powers. However, telepathic abilities are hardly a blessing - especially in high school! When her TP powers first manifest, Jean first overhears exactly the last things she wants to - especially about herself!

An additional drawback to TP is that some of the things you hear are true, and some of the things may actually be misperceptions, or even outright lies planted into other people's heads. (A villain such as Magneto or Mystique may use this principle to their advantage, to plant a lie to lure the X-Men into action.)

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