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Name: Raven Darkhölme

Age: ?

Powers: Shape-Shifting

Origin: ?

Relations: Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler (son), Rogue aka (adopted daughter)

Grade: not applicable

Hobbies: terrorism

Fav Foods: ?

Fav Music: ?

Classes: not applicable

Mystique (a.k.a. Raven Darkholme) is an adult. She is a shape-shifter who can infiltrate even the most heavily guarded areas. (Note: Although she can assume any shape, she cannot emulate anyone's powers.)

Mystique works for no one - unless she is doing so to suit her own agenda and is planning on betraying them. Therefore, if she is seen working for Magneto, then he certainly will be in for a fall.

Ever the master manipulator, Mystique will guide the young mutants (good and bad alike) by disguising herself as Ms. Shields, the principal of Bayville High. She will use this position to insinuate herself into their lives (particularly the bad teen mutants, such as Blob, Avalanche, et al.).

Mystique seldom works alone. Rather, she surrounds herself with the most powerful thugs she can muster, usually conning them in the process. While her underlings think they're there to steal the diamonds, she's there for a different reason -- which will be no good for them. ("Hey, I thought we wuz here to get rich!") She always has a hidden agenda.

The only person Mystique actually loves is Rogue, whom she adopted when Rogue ran away from home. Ever the manipulator, Mystique disguised her true appearance from Rogue, which is why Rogue never connects Mystique with Nightcrawler. (The two bear a family resemblance, both being blue.)

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