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Name: Erik Lensherr (They say it's Magnus but I say it's Erik so :P)

Age: ?

Powers: Master of Magnetism

Origin: ???, Germany

Relations: Pietro Maximoff (son)

Grade: not applicable

Hobbies: trying to take over the world

Fav Foods: ?

Fav Music: classical

Classes: not applicable

Humanity's days are numbered! So says Magneto, the Brotherhood's master manipulator. Like Professor X, Magnus is a visionary. But the realization of this evil mutant's vision would result in nothing less than the utter ruination of mankind! Whereas Xavier looks forward to a day when man and mutant will live together in peace, Magneto sees Homo superior as the next step in human evolution. Magnus is the personification of the Professor's fears: His stance will force humanity to hate and fear him - and by extension, all mutants!

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