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Chris Jericho
WWF 2000

Watch Chris Jericho's entrance video...
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 231 pounds
    From: Winnipeg, Canada
    Favorite Quote: "It will never,
    e..e..e..ever happen again!"
    Finishing move: The Walls of Jericho
    Career Highlights: None
He calls himself Y2J, Your New Party Host, The Ayatollah of Rock n' Roll-a. Call him whatever you want, but the fact remains ... Chris Jericho is one of the most influencial forces in wrestling.

Although he's only been here for a short while, Jericho has everyone talking. He claims that he is here to make the Federation the greatest in history, and that every single superstar will feel the pain of his coming. Whatever this brash young superstar has to say, you can guarantee you will "Never...e...e...ever forget" Y2J Chris Jericho, because this yound superstar is here to stay!