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Edge & Christian
WWF 2000 > Superstars

Watch Edge and Christians's entrance video...
    Comb. Weight: 465 pounds
    From: Toronto, Canada
    Favorite Quote: "That is totally rad!"
    Career Highlights: None
Edge is one of the brightest young stars in the World Wrestling Federation. The Canadian superstar is sure to excell in both singles and tag team action in the near future.
Christian is an impressive young athlete. This warrior is fearless in the ring, and often risks his own health in order to execute maneuvers. I'm sure he will become an imprtant role in both singles and tag team competitions here in the WWF 2000.

Teamed together, they love their fans, and “for the benefit of those with flash photography,” the duo loves to strike a pose wherever they go. There is no doubt they are beginning to cause up a stir already ion the Federation.