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Vince's Report
WWF 2000 > Titan Towers

Hello and welcome to my, Vince McMahon’s report page. This is the place where each and everyone of you can each check out my weekly report, views and thoughts on the federation and its superstars. So be sure to check this page out once a week to find out what the boss is thinking. Thank you all and read on.

DATE: 10/4/00

Well, I guess it’s a hello and welcome to the WWF 2000, I welcome each of you members to the WWF 2000, I am very pleased with the response that we have had with the federation, taking in over 15 members in the first week, the fed now can only grow and grow, and hopefully become what we all hope to be the best Efed on the net.

So now obviously you are all wondering when the first card will be, well I am pleased to inform you that this Monday (10/9/00), at Monday night RAW. Now the card for the event is now up on the RAW IS WAR page so please all check it out and start to roleplay for your matches. On the roleplaying point, I guess that the roleplays so far have been short (excluding one or two) for the reason of there not being any matches set and therefore when you roleplay for your matches you will put more detail and effort into them. Not a moan or a dig at you members just a reminder that the WWF 2000 is going to become the best, and we need you members to make us become that, the staff can only make the site the best and the results, magazine, articles, the best but to make the E-Fed the number one we need you to get us there. Remember a rule for this federation is QUALITY over QUANTITY, the higher carders will not need to know this but those of you new to the roleplay world should always remind themselves of this, believe me I know, plus I have the advantage of saying who wins so I know how to make you all a success here in the WWF 2000.

Other than this the fed is moving along perfectley and I am very happy with the outcome so far. I thank you all once again for being apart of the WWF 2000 and just like you I look forward to our debut show at RAW this Monday.

I thank you once again,

Vincent K. McMahon