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Hello, this is Vince K. McMahon speaking here, and I would like to take this moment to welcome each and everyone of you to the WWF 2000, this is my area, “Titan Towers”. This is the place where you all will be able to access my very own weekly report, where I will discuss the federation and point out anything that needs to be said. In this section there is also a About link, this is the place where you can find the WWF 2000 description and introduction. And there is also a Contacts link, where you can find out each of the staff members email address’s and messenger ID’s. And the last link on that page is the Staff link where you can find out about the staff that do some of the work around the federation.

Well that will be all from me I hope to see you in or around the federation, all the best…….

Vincent K. McMahon