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WWF 2000

1. One member can only have one current WWF superstar or one current WWF tag-team. Tag-Teams must be made up of two currnet WWF wresters that are or have been a full time WWF tag team, this means that (for example) you can't have Triple H and the Rock, or Chris Jericho and Undertaker.

2. You must roleplay at least twice a week. We have written this rule to ensure excitement and action in the fed. However, this rule may vary depending on how much of an important and/or active wrestler you are handling; some low-carders may only have to roleplay once a week.

3. When you are going to be away for a period of time, just say so on the OOC and you will be added to the injured list.

4. If you have a title you have to defend it whenever necessary. Most titles must be defended at least once a week.

5. The minimum numbers of wrestlers a stable must have is 3 and the maximum is 7. To start a stable all of the wrestlers involved must tell the President.

7. There is a limit for matches on Raw and Smackdown. On Smackdown and RAW a maximum of 15 matches has been set this will be a inpossible number of matches when the federation first opens but as it grows the number of matches will have grown and to stop the results writer's from turning down writing results we have set this maximum amount of matches. Whilst there is no limit for matches for the Pay-Per-View.

8. All roleplays must be at least 25 lines. If this you do not meet this amount and commit this offence repeatedly then your contract will be terminated from the organization.

9. No complaining about matches will be tolerated. You may express your thoughts on the OOC board but no consistent 'bitching'. E.G. Talking to the staff over AIM or MSN and constantly moaning about other roleplayers or results, be fair, once the results are out there is no going back, if you lose you lose, at the end of the day you will just have to try harder the next time.

10. Last but not least enjoy yourselves, its a EFED, there is no million dollar prizes we are all here to have fun. SO ENJOY IT!