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Hi, and welcome to the WWF 2000, now I guess that you have had a look around the fed, if you havenít then please take a look at the Members Area, Titan Towers and the Misc. sections. Check out our roleplay board to see the standard of our current members roleplays and what will be expected of you. On that note when you fill out the application you will be asked to fill out a sample roleplay, now this must be filled out, I know itís a pain but lets be fair we just cant let anyone into this fed if we want it to be the best, so you are required to write a sample roleplay or link us to a old roleplay of yours.

Now this non-members page has several links on its left side, these links are the Singles and Tag-team applications, the Available Wrestlers page and the Rules page. Obviously the singles application is for joining as a single wrestler and the tag-team as a tag-team (There are some rules on how a tag team is created but all is explained on the page and in the rules) . The available Wrestlers page shows you the current WWF superstars that are available to be taken over YOU MUST VIEW THIS PAGE, as it will save you wasting your time applying to be an already taken wrestler. And the final link is that of the RULES page, now before you apply you must also check this page out and carefully read the rules so that when you start in the fed you donít break any rules.

So I guess thatís all, thereís only one thing to say,