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WWF 2000 > Miscellaneous

Hello and welcome to the WWF 2000s Miscellaneous section. This is the place where you can view basically the things that we could not find a home for. Here you will see to the left a menu bar that gives u a link to each of the following: The Ross Report, Byte This, The official WWF 2000 magazine and the WWF 2000 Out Of Character (OOC) board. The Ross report is the weekly update page written by our very own good oi JR where commentator will give a run down on all the WWF 2000s weekly happenings. The Byte This page is where you can find the weekly interview with one of our top WWF 2000 superstars, interviewed by Tom Pritchard and Kevin Kelly. The next link is the WWF 2000s official magazine, the magazine will be issued monthly and will contain various updates, interviews, other information and anything else the editor wishes to add. And the final link is the OOC board, the testing board, the place where you can all talk to each other out of character and discuss wrestling or anything else that meets your desire.