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WWF 2000 > Members

Ok hi all members, and welcome to the WWF 2000 members area. Now if your not a member then sure have a look around and then click the Non-Members link at the bottom and send us a application and join the best up and coming efed on the planet.

No as far as the members area goes this is the place where you can all view the RAW IS WAR results and the card. And the SMACKDOWN! results and card. Also in the members area is the SUPERSTARS page where you can view the WWF 2000's roster, so all you non-members check this page out before you fill out that application so you dont choose a already taken superstar. And another link on the page is the INJURIES link, this is the page where you can view the WWF 2000 superstars that are currently injured or taken a time out from the fed.

So now we come to the final page in the members area the ROLEPLAY BOARD, the federations heart, the whole point of the federation, so check the board out and go write that kick ass roleplay!

Ok, I guess thats all so........get roleplaying and enjoy the life in the worlds top federation, the WWF 2000.....and yes......we ARE THAT DAMN GOOD!