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The WWF 2000 is an e-federation or by it most common name, e-fed or fed. The WWF 2000 strives to bring you the best entertainment, results, story lines, site design, and attitude on the net. We have a dedicated staff that is willing to go the extra mile to make you the fan and e-wrestler happy.
If this is your first time visiting then we hope that you will browse through our many options. Please feel free to view the RP Board to see how good we are. Also you can check out the WWF 2000 Magazine, our Weekly Ross Report, or the Byte This page, to know all the latest news and to catch up on the action. The WWF 2000 runs almost the same as the original WWF - we have two weekly events; RAW IS WAR (on a Monday)and SmackDown (on a Thursday), we also have a monthly Pay Per View that is usually on the same Sunday as the real WWF PPV. We also hope that after the fed has grown to introduce Sunday Night Heat as a third event and even maybe Metal or Live Wire. This all depends on the staff and members of the WWF 2000.
The results will be issued at around 8 o'clock U.K time (3:00 P.M. EST) on the night of the event. All roleplays will need to be posted the day before the event in order to be counted; any rolplays posted after the designated time will not count.
The championships that are available to be won are those of the original WWF, (World, IC, European, Hardcore, Light Heavyweight, Tag-Team and Woman's).

The lay-out of this superb site design is very simple and makes navigation very easy, the main options bar at the bottom gives you the links to four different pages, Members, Non-Members, Titan Towers and Miscellaneous. Each section has its own separate tool bar with its own links, obviously all of the necessary members links (roleplay board, roster, rules, injuries, etc...) are under the members page and the non-members (applications, rules, etc...) under the non-members page, quite simply.
The Titan Towers link is basically the office, this is where the President of the WWF 2000, Mr. V. K. McMahon, writes his weekly report about the goings on in the fed and any messages he has for certain individuals. In this section you will also find out about each staff member and how to contact them. Also on that tool bar is the link to this page. And then the final link on the main tool bar at the bottom is that of the Miscellaneous section, where you can find the WWF 2000 magazine, where all news, rumors and interviews will be released along with any notes from staff. You will also find the WWF 2000 Ross Report, where once a week our very own “Good ol' JR” will give his views on the federation and its superstars and any news from the locker room. There will also be our very own weekly “Byte This”, where each week a WWF 2000 superstar will be interviewed by Kevin Kelly and "The Doctor of Desire" Tom Pritchard. There is also an Out Of Character (OOC) message board where each of the members can talk to each other out of character and test pictures or graphics for your roleplays.

For all those non-members please read the rules before applying. On that note, the RULES are an important part of the federation, they are there to stop members from stepping out of line. I feel that we are fairly lenient, but please don’t take advantage of us. All is explained in the rules.

Ok, so I guess that is all, thank you for visiting this fed, I hope you want to join in the fun, as this is what the federation is all about; having FUN. So that leaves it all said and done remember we are the best there is, and WE ARE THAT DAMN GOOD!