All Fandom Recommendations

Scott/Rogue Fic

Scott/Rogue Fiction Archive

Free by Sandra E, WIP, Will probably not be finished

Colorblind by Sandra E, WIP, Will probably not be finished

The Road Away From Heartache by PrincessTwilite R WIP

Sami/Lucas Fic

A Twist of Lime by Ann55 R Complete

Cris de Fois by Ann55 Complete

Alone by Medea WIP, wonít be completed

Changeling Child by Medea omplete

Conformity to Knowledge by Medea Complete

Golden by Medea Complete

Harry Potter Fic


Black, White, Grey by ethrosdemon 1, 2

The Crimson Jess by Gravidy Adult

The Lions of December by Gravidy Adult 1, 2

Evil Plans for the Good of the World by Adult 1, 2

On the Subject of Evil Plans and the Overtaking of the World by R

Roman Holiday by Anna Adult

Draco Malfoy the Amazing BouncingÖRat? by Maya

Nothing Like the Sun by Victoria P. Adult

Entropy by Wynn

A Matter of Balance by Wynn

Hereís to the Night by Wynn

Hermione/Draco WIPís

Adamo Fidelitasby pixiezombie Adult

The Dragonís Bride by Rizzle Adult

Temporary Insanity by arbitrary

The God of the Lost by Gravidy

What do I care? by Serpentina

The Things We Never Say by Penelope78


Grey by PallasAthena R, WIP

Invictus by Chthonia, Adult, WIP Darkfic, Torture

Inferno by Ociwen Complete Adult

The Kindest Curse by Quillusion WIP

The Best Revenge by Scattered Logic. Adult Complete.

One of the most probable circumstances I can ever see these two coming together in.


The Importance of Grooming by Halrloprillalar Hermione/George Complete

Summer Thing by Halrloprillalar Fred/Hermione/Fred Adult

Take Two by Shadowfey Fred/Hermione/George Adult

WalkIns Welcome by Shadowfey Fred/Hermione Adult sequel to Take Two

Retribution by SingtoAngels Fred/Hermione/George Adult

Reliving the Burden by purebloodgryffindor Fred/Hermione Adult

Rendezvous in F Major by Avelynn Tame Hermione/Bill

Troubleby Shadowfey Hermione/Bill

Traps and Treasure by Shadowfey Hermione/Bill, sequel to Trouble Adult

Archive Recommendations

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Archives

Bite Me...Please?

This is my favorite Willow/Almost anyone fic archive. You can't go wrong and you can find almost anything you're looking for here.

Medea's Fanfiction

Medea writes some of the best Willow/Angel fic you will ever read. Go now, you won't regret it.

The Hellmouth Chronicles

This site has some of the rarest Willow pairings around. Willow/Riley and Willow/Graham. Two ships that could have been amazing. Check it out.

Soulmates: a Witch and her Vampires shippersite

This is another awesome Willow/Angel, Willow/Spike archive.


This is the Willow Zone of the BTVS Guild. You can find anything you'd ever want to know about Willow Rosenberg here.

Passions Archives

SIPorts Passions Fansite

This is run by the fabulous SIPort and has a wonderful archive of fics that feature the less popular characters.

Aficionado: A Passions Fanfiction Archive

This archive is both a Passions fanfiction fanlisting and an Elite fanfiction archive, which means it houses the best of the best in the Passions fanfiction world.


is Cariad's archive of her Passions fics. She is one of the most talented authors writing fic in the Passions world. Run don't walk. Her stuff is amazing.

For the Love of a Nerd: A Reese Durkee and Kay Bennett Fansite.

This is the place to go for anything Kase related.

Once Upon a Time

This is a huge (comparitively speaking) Passions Archive.

Harry Potter Archives

DarkSarcasm: The Snape/Hermione Collection

One of the first Snape/Hermione sites I found and it still holds up. Wonderful.

La Societe des Femmes Dangereuses

This has some of the best of HP fic outthere. Any and all HP characters are found here. Go Read and enjoy.

Ashwinder: To bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses

This is a fantastic Hermione/Snape archive, with newly updated stories all the time.

A Kind of Magic

Harry Potter fiction by Laura Smith. This is the women who made the sweetest, saddest, most-heartbreaking Fred/Hermione fic as hot as anything I've read. Everything of hers is amazing. You won't be dissapointed.

Rana Eressa's Fanfiction Recs

This is the best and most comprehensive Rec list of Harry Potter fics that I have ever found. No matter what you read, no matter who or what you ship, you will find something you love.

Maddy Riddle's Favorite Fanfics

This is one of the better Rec lists I've found, especially for UC Hermione ships.


This is a huge multi-fandom archive where you can find almost anything you want.

Shags Literata

This archive is mostly Marauders and Snape fic.