Rules for submitting


They’re not really rules, just a helpful guide line.  Here’s a way to make it easy for me to archive your work.  Just fill this out and put it at the top of your work! I don't judge the quality of your work; I only want to make it easier for readers to choose a story!


Title -

Author –

E-mail address -

Rating – (Must have!!!) I may not have time to read each entry so that puts you more or less on the honor

            system. Use your best judgment!

Spoilers – (optional)

Keywords - (optional unless story contains a major Keyword from below)

Summary -

Disclaimer – Just say you don’t own anything or one in your story so no one will sue.

(Feedback) – if you’d like to ask for it I’ll tack it at the top of your fic. Who doesn’t want feedback, go

            ahead, beg!


If you have trouble with what to write just tell me, and I’ll see how I can help!





G      Suitable for anyone to read!

PG to PG-13   Some curse words, some violence, some sex, but nothing graphic.

R      A lot of profanity, sex, graphic gore and/or explicit violence. In other words; sex drugs and rock ‘n   roll go here.  Not suitable reading for young readers.

NC-17  EXTREMELY graphic violence, gore, and/or sex.  Not suitable for young readers and maybe some adults!


A spoiler tells the reader if the story contains any information from an episode they may not have seen yet. If you don’t know the episode name use round about season placing. This isn’t necessary for submission.  


Keywords: Keywords are used to help mostly the reader recognize what type of a story, some what like a summary. Use any and all that you think apply.


Angst – This involves great emotional or physical pain.


Alternative Universe – is when one or more characters is taken out of the shows time line, or placed into another Universe!


**Crossover – These mix shows, books movies, whatever! Let me know and we’ll decide where to stick ‘em.


**Character dies – A character of the show dies, major or minor depending on the character.


**Incest  - Sex and or sexually actions/thoughts between family members.   


**Rape - Please mention even if it is only briefly mentioned! You can write suggested rape if it applies.


**Slash – Same-sex relationships.  Characters are romantically or sexually involved. Just to be on the safe side; label it slash even when it is not graphic!


Spoof  - Don't take it to serious


Vignette – No real plot only a short scene , musing character.


~And if you have not idea what so ever what the key words should be there’s always:


YGIAGAM – Your guess is as good as mine!


(**Major Keywords!)