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The Adventures of Timothy Pilgrim

The Adventures of Timothy Pilgrim


Credited cast:
Paul Culliton .... Barney
Joey Davidson .... Timothy Pilgrim
David Hemblen .... Zachariah Gibson
Jack Mather .... Ol' Cooper
Arlene Meadows .... Wilma

Roy Moore .... Writer
Jeremy Pollock .... Producer
George Pyron - Production Assistant
Ruth Vernon .... Education Supervisor
Michael Ellis .... Camera
Brian Avery .... Sound
Jack Schoon .... Editor

Timothy Pilgrim, a shoe-shine waif living on the
streets of Toronto in 1975, finds a magical
trunk which transports him to 1875. There he meets
the trunk's original owner, Zachariah
Gibson, a medicine man.
They become friends and go on different
adventures in the past and present day Ontario.