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All About You

All About You


Louise McNamara hosts a series of programs dealing with anatomy, biology, and nutrition geared towards 6-8 year-olds.

1.What Are You Anyway?
2.What Holds You Up?
3.No Strings on You
4.Move Those Muscles!
5.Whatís Your Fuel?
6.Itís What You Eat
7.Good Mouthkeeping
8.What Are You Made Of?
9.Take a Deep Breath
10.Your Heart: The Mighty Muscle
11.Getting Rid of Waste
12.Your Birthday Suit
13.Getting the Message
14.Your Busy Brain
15.Listen, Look, and Learn
16.Handy Hands
17.Talk, Talk, Talk
18.What Keeps You Alive?
19In the Beginning
20.Secrets in Your Cells
21.Look at You Now!
22.No Two Alike
23.Sneezles, Wheezles and Measles
24.Watch Out!
25.If You Go to the Hospital
26.You and Your Feelings
27.Everybody is Afraid Sometimes
28.What Are Families Made Of?
29.Everybody Needs a Friend
30. Everybody Else and You