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Before the legend... before the icon... there was a teenager named Clark Kent (Tom Welling). Someday, he'll master his powers and understand his true calling. For now, he just has to get through adolescence. This new interpretation of the enduring Superman mythology and its classic characters blends realism and adventure into an exciting action series.

Clark Jerome Kent/Kal-El [Tom Welling]
Clark Kent is a 15 year old boy on a path to self discovery. He is learning how to control his new forming superpowers along with dealing with the typical teenage problems, like his crush on Lana Lang. Clark lives with his adopted parents Martha and Jonathan Kent in the Kansas town of Smallville. As Clark grows older, he will find his life becomes even more complicated. He will discover an unsettling new power, and a new form of kryptonite,which will bring about frightening effects on his personality.

Alexander Joseph 'Lex' Luthor [Michael Rosenbaum]
Lex Luthor is the son of billionaire Lionel Luthor of Luthor Corporation. He graduated from Metropolis University at the top of his class. At the age of 9, he suffered an accident, which cause him to loose all his red hair. Lionel Luthor sent him to Smallville to turn the struggling fertilizer plant around. But Lex has other plans in mind, which include destroying his father business and taking over Luthor Corp. Soon after arriving in Smallville, he has a car accident in which Clark saves his live. He befriends Clark this is where their remarkable friendship begins, but eventually their friendship will lead to an ultimate betrayal.

Lana Lang [Kristin Kreuk]
Lana Lang like Clark is a orphan. Her parents were killed by the meteor shower 12 years ago, she now lives with her Aunt Nell. Lana Lang is the untouchable girl next door; the girl Clark worships from afar. Although she feels a strange kinship to Clark, Lana grows up not knowing that he blames himself for her parents' tragic death in the meteor shower so many years ago. A true beauty and one of the most popular girls in school, Lana's fascination with Clark is slowly turning into suspicion, especially since he continues to avoid her questions.

Whitney Fordman [Eric Johnson] | Season One |
Whitney Fordman is Smallville High's star quarterback and also Lana boyfriend. Whitney dreams of one day maybe playing for the Metropolis Sharks. He loves playing football, it is his life. In the beginning Whitney was Clark enemy, he strung him up as that year's scarecrow but they have gradually becomes friends. Although he is self-centered, it is evident that he cares for Lana a lot. One of his biggest dream was to play professional football but that soon changed after his father death, Whitney discovered that life meant more to him then just football. This lead to the life changing decision to joins the Marine Corps.

Pete Ross [Sam Jones] | Season One - Three |
Pete Ross is the best friend of Clark and Chole. He is an average, normal freshman student at Smallville High. Pete with Clark and Chole together, solves the weird happenings which occurs in Smallville. Pete is jealous of Clark and Lex's friendship and he does not think he and Clark have been as close as they used to be since Clark became friends with Lex. Pete has never liked Lex at all and has a lot of anger towards his family. This is because Lex's father cheated his family's farm out of a cream corn deal a number of years ago, which he blames Lex for their lost. Pete is one of the few that actually knows about Clark's special superpowers.

Chloe Sullivan [Allison Mack]
Chole Sullivan is from Metropolis and is determined to get back to the city. She is best friends with Clark and Pete. Chloe runs the high school paper, The Torch where she is the editor and reporter. Chloe is fascinated with the weird and unusual, this is due to the fact of her extreme inquisitive mind and her sharp observation of details. Chole notices all the strange things that occurs in Smallville and connected their occurrence to the meteor shower, and the rocks it left behind. She has compiled much of this information and keeps them on her "Wall of Weird". Chole has quite a crush on her friend Clark but their relationship never goes beyond friendship.

Martha & Jonathan Kent | Season One - Three | [Annette O'Toole & John Schneider]
The guardians of Clark's secret identity have always been his adoptive parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent. In the aftermath of the meteor shower, they discovered Clark's crashed spacecraft in a cornfield and took him in as their own. They are kind, wise and moralistic people who always try to do the right thing. The Kent's will help Clark to accept his emerging super powers.

Lionel Luthor [John Glover]
Chairman and CEO of the international agribusiness conglomerate LuthorCorp, Lionel prides himself on building a cutting-edge golbal technology powerhouse from nothing. Starting from a BS, summa cum laude, in chemistry from Princeton, Luthor earned dual Ph degrees in biochemical engineering and macroeconomic modeling from Yale. But his real love is the trench warfare of modern "take no prisoners" capitalism.
Source: LuthorCorp

Jason Teague [Jensen Ackles] | Season Four|
Jason Teague is an American college student who meets Lana during her trip to Paris. When Lana returns to Smallville, he unable to be separated from Lana, follows her from Paris to Smallville. Jason takes a job as an assistant coach of Smallville football team to be close to Lana. Jason and Lana will have to keep their relationship a secret from everyone - and, in particular, Clark.

Lois Lane [Erica Durance] | Season Four - ? |
Clark's love interest Lois Lane arrives in town as a college freshman, she has no interest in being a reporter, but is there to investigate the apparent death of her cousin Chloe Sullivan. Lois as a street-smart, tough young woman who bonds with the Kent family, much to Clark’s dismay.