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Through Time and Space

In the year 3000, humans are born in labs, as the result of DNA alteration. This is great for some people--unfortunate for others. Sometimes things go wrong in DNA construction and thus, mutants are born.

Mutants are viewed as outcasts, and thus mutants rebel against the normal people in any way possible, including using force and violence.

Time Force, a sophisiticated Law Enforcement Agency, tries to keep these mutants in check. When Ransik, a powerful mutant, escaped his sentencing and escaped to the year 2001 with cryogenically frozen mutants, he causes a disturbance in time.

But he and his henchmen are not the only ones who went to the year 2001--four officers from Time Force also followed him, and they aren't going back home until they stop the rogue mutants and capture Ransik and bring him home to the future.