Ty Miller as The Kid

He just wanted some extra pocketmoney so he could take his girlfriend to a better restaurant. When he accepted a couple of modeling assignments, TY MILLER probably didn't have any idea that he was already bound for Hollywood. After some local commercials, Ty soon found himself in a series of national spots. But it was only while enrolled in the Entrepreneur Program of the University of Southern California, when Ty felt the bite of the acting bug. 

Ty portrays The Kid, a moralistic and sensitive young man who was raised in the South. A young man of few words, the Kid is decent, kind hearted and has a natural ability to lead. His experiences in the West, however, have shaken his faith on the lessons he was taught when he was still a young lad in the Southern State of Virginia. 

A friend once said that if the Kid and Hickok were to draw on each other, the Kid would probably lose. Not because he is less skilled -- in fact, judging by that scene in Gunfighter, Kid is a better shot than Hickok and equally fast, too. But because he would think first before killing somebody. 

Most of the Kid's problems in life stem from his desire to always do "what is right." But because he has a good heart, he almost always makes the right decision. When his long-lost brother Jed asked him to ride with his gang for the South, Kid said no. He would also go out of his way to rectify things that he felt went wrong because of him. The only time he can't seem to do right is when he is with Lou. Bent on protecting her from the world, Kid only succeeded in suffocating her. It all paid off in the end, though, for he and Lou married just before the outbreak of Civil War.

Ty seems to be specializing in characters with moral dilemmas. In the movie Trancers, Ty played Prospero, a "life-force sucking vampire" who would rather die than take a mortal's life. The thing is, he happens to be the prince of the "vampire" kingdom. On The X-Files, Ty played Lyle Parker, a young rancher who doesn't know he is the "manitou" -- the Native American version of a werewolf. Ty's other television credits include a regular role in the series Hotel [starring Josh's dad James Brolin] as well as guest appearances on Highway To Heaven, Growing Pains, Valerie and Easy Street. He has also been spotted in Melrose Place playing a gay character. Like his fellow rider Gregg Rainwater, Ty can also trace his roots to daytime drama -- General Hospital. Ty has a recurring role in the FBI missing-persons drama "Without A Trace" on CBS.

  • U.S. Seals (1999) ... Dewey
  • Trancers 5: Sudden Deth (1995) ... Prospero
  • Trancers 4: Jack of Swords (1994) .... Prospero
  • To My Daughter (1990) (TV) .... Bobby Carlston
  • The Young Riders (1989) TV Series .... The Kid
  • Not Quite Human II (1989) (TV) .... Austin
  • Slaughterhouse Rock (1988) .... Marty
  • Arthur Hailey's Hotel (1983) TV Series .... Eric Lloyd (1987-88)
    Notable TV guest appearances
  • Without A Trace (2002) .... Tech agent in episode Copycat
  • Without a Trace (2002) .... Tech agent
  • Melrose Place (1992) .... Rob in episode: Till Death Do Us Part
  • The X Files (1993) .... Lyle Parker in episode Shapes
  • The Hogan Family (1988) .... Eric
  • Growing Pains (1985) .... hotel worker who befriends Carol, but is thrown into the pool by her boyfriend
  • General Hospital (1983) 
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