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Bulk and Skull

Bulk and Skull went through a big change throughout the Power Rangers series. They went from being the trouble-making and clumsy, yet lovable punks of Angel Grove High, to being respectable members of the Junior Police Force until they got Lt. Stone fired. When that happened, Bulk and Skull quit the force, and joined Lt. Stone in his new detective business. Then they met Professor Phenomenous, and became his assistants, trying to search out evil aliens. Unfortunately, this duo was broken up at the beginning of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. Bulk and Professor Phenomenous went onboard Terra Venture, however they couldn't figure out what they were forgetting until it was too late. They had forgotten to wake up Skull in time to join them onboard Terra Venture, and Skull slept through the alarm clock's ringing, thanks to a pair of earmuffs. Bulk and the professor worked in the science devision on Terra Venture until they got fired. After that, they worked at the Comet Cafe on Terra Venture. Throughout their involvement in the series, they offered their very own brand of slap-stick comedy. Either getting themselves hurt (not seriously), or getting hit with some sort of food, like milk shakes or pies, or trying to find out the identities of the Power Rangers and getting themselves into situations where they needed th be rescued by the Rangers.

Bulk and Skull as Junior Police
Bulk and Skull as detectives
Bulk and Professor Phenomenous working at the Comet Cafe on Terra Venture