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::::::::: CODES

Save codes to your own server and link back to, no direct linking. If your favourite couple sharing their first kiss can't be find there, let me know (form or mail) and I'll do the code ;).
Or do you prefer more text-links?

Buffy/Angel --> "Angel"

Buffy/Spike --> "Something Blue"

Willow/Oz --> "Phases"

Willow/Xander --> "Homecoming"

Willow/Tara --> "The Body"

Xander/Cordelia --> "What's My Line part.2"

Xander/Faith --> "The Zeppo"

Xander/Anya --> "The Harsh Light of the Day"

Cordelia/Wesley --> "Graduation Day part.2"

Joyce/Giles --> "Band Candy"

Spike/Drusilla --> "What's My Line part.1"