Jennifer Rowe



"Jennifer Rowe is a multi-award winning writer and devotee of the murder mystery genre. She enjoys reading these 'extended brainteasers' as much as writing them. Her 'Verity Birdwood' mysteries also sell in Europe and the USA and include Grim Pickings, Murder by the Book, Death in Store, The Makeover Murders, and Stranglehold."

Jennifer Rowe, born in 1948, is the daughter of Jim Oswin, who was the founding general manager of ATN 7 in Sydney, and responsible for shows such as 'My Name's McGooley, What's Yours?' and 'The Mavis Bramston Show'
She worked as an editor at Paul Hamlyn & Angus & Robertson, then as publisher, during which time she began to write children's books under the name of Emily Rodda. She also worked for 5 years as the editor of the Australian Women's Weekly before quitting to write full time.

Grim Pickings
Death in Store
Murder by the Book
The Makeover Murders
Lamb to the Slaughter
Something Wicked

  Grim Pickings 1988
"The old crowd had gathered at Aunt Alice's once again - to pick apples against a chilly orchard setting. Beneath the surface were the usual boiling jealousies, frustrations and uneasy gaps between the generations and in-laws. Or was there something different about this year?"
Death in Store 1991
"Christmas may be the season to be jolly, but there's a noticeable absence of good will at Frederick's Department Store, where behind the very professional smiles lurk thoughts of murder. As Verity Birdwood recounts in this witty collection of her most intriguing cases, the the Australian sleuth discovers that tidings of joy can be overshadowed by Death's dark hand."
Murder by the Book 1991
"Who is killing Australia's best-selling authors?
It's party time at Berry & Michaels, one of Australia's oldest book publishers. The company is celebrating its recent takeover and the most important Berry & Michaels' authors are coming from all over the country. Quentin Hale, Managing Director, thinks this party is a great idea, but some of the staff don't seem to be in a party mood."
The Makeover Murders 1992
"At discreet Deepdene, the guests are ready to test for themselves the makeover mansion's claim that every woman can - with expensive encouragement - realise her full beauty.
Outside the rain begins to fall. Inside, beneath the smooth surface of the Deepdene routines, undercurrents stir and gather strength. Soon it is clear to Verity Birdwood that all is not what it seems. But even sharp, resourceful Birdie does not suspect that within Deepdene's silk-lined walls is an enemy with murder in mind."
Stranglehold 1993
"Mux Tully, controversial, irrepressible superstar is finally settling down. Or is he? His scapegoat son Douglas and adoring daughter Wendy certainly think so. So does his estranged third wife, the artist Berwyn Kyte. And former lover and long-time friend Isa Truby. But Max loves surprises. And now he is planning one that will outdo anything yet.
When Verity Birdwood comes on the scene she soon realises that this time, max has gone too far. Cool, logical Birdie is no stranger to murder. But as a routine investigation becomes a hunt for a killer, and terror stalks Max's house by the sea she findsherself caught in a web that nearly costs her her life."
Lamb to the Slaughter 1995
"Debate rages when Trevor Lamb, convicted five years ago for the brutal murder of his wife, is released with a pardon. Passions run high, especially in Hope's End, the tiny rural backwater that is home to the notorious Lamb clan.
When, twenty-four hours after his release, Trevor Lamb is foud dead in his hometown, the police think it's an open and shut case. Privately, some think it's no more than Lamb deserved. But then matters take a shocking twist and private investigator Verity Birdwood finds herself compelled to uncover the truth."
Deadline 1997
"Introducing Senior Detective Tessa Vance. Jennifer Rowe's brilliant, intuitive homicide investigator now featuring in the outstanding televison series Murder Call.
A series of bizarre and mystifying murders plunges Tessa Vance into a hunt for an obsessive killer while a terrifying shadow from the past threatens to overhwhelm her. This is Tessa's first case with her new Homicide division. She has to prove herself - especially to her new partner, Steve Hayden. She knows there won't be any second chances. And this killer is clever, ruthless, implacable.
The grotesque clues left at the crime scenes lead nowhere. The murderer's victims seem to have nothing in common. But Tessa knows that the deaths form a pattern. Her discovery of just what that pattern is shocks her and surprises her. But more shocking is the twist that turns the investigation on its head, and propels Tessa & Steve into a deadly race against time."
Something Wicked 1998
"When burnt-out pop-star Adam Quinn is found grotesquely dead on a secluded mountain property called Haven, it looks like a case of suicide. But is it?
Bliss, Skye and Astral Brydie, the three sisters found at Haven with Quinn's body, are vague about what happened the night he died. And their mother is nowhere to be found. The girls seem terrified, as if they're holding something back. The neighbours are only too ready to talk. But how much of what they say can be believed?
As Senior Detective Tessa Vance and her partner Steve Hayden work to penetrate the web of fear, suspicion and deceit that shrouds Haven, as the dark secrets of the place are slowly exposed, Tessa must fight to stay clear-headed and to come to terms with the truth."