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- Amazon Tribe -

Here is an introduction to some of the amazons on Xena: Warrior Princess. Click on the links on the bottom of the page to learn about Amazons in Greek Mythology and in History.

We were first introduced to the amazons in the episode ‘Hooves and Harlots’. In that episode, we first meet Ephiny, Melosa, Eponin and Terreis, who gave Gabrielle her right of caste before she died.

"It’s a man’s world, Gabrielle, not because it should be, but because we let them have it." – Terreis (‘Hooves and Harlots’)

Melosa was the queen in ‘Hooves and Harlots.’ Velasca killed her and tried to become queen herself. Melosa’s sister was Terreis.

(The evil Velasca)


Ephiny is perhaps the most known of all the amazons besides Gabrielle. She was the one who gave Gabrielle her fighting staff and became her friend. Ephiny appeared in more XWP episodes. In ‘Is There a Doctor in the House?’ Ephiny had a centaur son, Xenan. She appeared in ‘The Quest’ and ‘A Necessary Evil’ and in ‘Maternal Instincts’ and ‘The Bitter Suite.’ Brutus killed Ephiny in the season 5 episode, ‘Endgame’ and in the last season episode, ‘The Last of the Centaurs’ she comes back as a ghost to help her son.

The first Cyane was modern day girl who came to the past (in the episode, ‘Lifeblood’). Another amazon, Samsarra, didn’t really like Cyane. But Cyane helped the women of the tribe become independent from the men (they weren’t called ‘amazons then’). The first Cyane also helped the Amazons understand the importance on not being so set on vengeance.

Here are the other famous Cyane queens of the southern Amazon tribe:

(‘Lifeblood’ – the first Cyane or a. k. a. the ‘Utma’)

(‘Adventures in Sin Trade’ 1 and 2 – killed by Xena)

(‘Lifeblood’ and ‘Kindred Spirits’)

(‘Path of Vengeance’ and ‘To Helicon and Back’)

Other amazons from that tribe include Yakut and Otere.


Amarice, even though she was not a real amazon, became an amazon when Gabrielle added a bead to her tribal necklace. Amarice was killed by the Romans before the episode ‘Endgame’ and she gave Gabrielle back the necklace and added a bead for Eve.

(Eve before getting captured by amazons)

Gabrielle gave Eve her right of caste in ‘Lifeblood’ but 25 years later, the Amazons seemed to have forgotten that and Eve was sentenced to death (in ‘Path of Vengeance’) for her crimes committed against the Amazons when she was Livia (but of course, Xena saved her).


We were introduced to Varia in the episode ‘Coming Home.’ She appeared in three more episodes after that. Varia was a very good fighter who can almost match Xena’s skills. She became Amazon Queen and in ‘Path of Vengeance’ she wanted Eve killed even though she was bringing a message of peace to the amazons. 6 years ago, Eve (when she was Livia), came to the amazon village to get slaves. Varia couldn’t bring herself to kill her so Livia went to kill her instead. Varia’s younger sister, Turah, jumped in the way and Livia killed Turah and let Varia live. That was why Varia hated Eve even when she had turned good. In the end though, Xena made Varia realize that Eve had changed to forget about the past.

(Turah defending Varia when Eve was about to kill her)

There are many more amazons in the show. If I am missing any important ones, please e-mail me.











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