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Welcome To The Kingdom Of The Minglerapts!

Bow Down to all the Sexy Minglerapts BOW DOWN TO ALL THE SEXY MINGLERAPTS!
Welcome, you may now enter. This is the Royal Webpage for the Court of the Minglerapts!
I, am Queen MINSTUDGLEMUFFIRAPT. I bid you, venture on & seek out the many others of my Kingdom.
*waves her arm*
*you hear a faint tune being played*
*you follow the sound to the great hall*
King Emir_of_Mingleraptica: Welcome stranger, I am King Emir_of_Mingleraptica...
Queen MSMR: *interupts* Yes, I know our title's are quite long, you may just call him Emir & I Stud.
Emir: I was just getting to that dear. But thank you for interupting.
Stud: Any time. *laughs* Now, I introduce you to the members of my court. *becones to them*
*you watch them enter*
Stud: First I'd Like You to meet my Royal Advisor, Rachel? *motions for her*
Rachel: *walks up & bow*
*a girl steps up & sits on the empty throne*
Stud: This is Moonray, Princess & my daughter...
Emir: Though I'm not so sure she's mine *glares at the other men of the court*
Stud: Calm down dear... *pats his arm* you'll have to excuse his outburst. Now, get us continue...
Emir: You're always ready to dismiss it aren't you? Never give me a straight answer... *woman walks up, throwing something in The King's face*
Emir: What did you...*falls asleep*
Stud: Thank you Mystic...this is M_Ocelot, Mystic Wizard of our kingdom. Please explain yourself to our visitor Mystic.
Mystic: Thank you my Queen. *bows* Yes I am the greatest wizard in all the land...
Moonray: Modest too! *giggles*
Mystic: *shakes her head at The Princess* Although, as anyone can see, it is much too hard for me to protect the entire kingdom on my own, that is why...*waves her arm* I have my assistant here *looks around* or he was here. He always seems to wander off...
Moonray: Here he is *pulls out a man with very thick glasses out from under her throne*
Stud: What were you doing under there? *glares at him*
Greg: *giggles & runs back over to Mystic, hiding in her cloak*
Mystic: He's not usually like this...
Moonray: Yes he is! *looks at you & nods*
Greg: *sticks his tongue out at the Princess*
Mystic: Greg! Act like an adult! *slaps him on the arm* I'm very sorry about this.
Greg: Yes, very sorry, just having a bit of fun. No harm.
Stud: Yes, there never is...*sighs* Moonray? Would you like to announce the next member of our court?
Moonray: Indeed I would...*giggles* Alright, come forth *waves her arm*
*a young man walks up & bows to the princess*
Moonray: *giggles again* Well, this is Jeff, The...
Stud: *groans*
Moonray: As I was saying, I choose this title myself, seeing as how no one else would give him one.
Jeff: *opens his jacket, revealing a T-shirt saying...ROYAL HOTTIE!!!*
Stud: Now that that's out of the way...on to the rest of our court. *motions with her hand*
*Two men & two women step up*
Brad: My lady *steps up & kisses her hand*
Chip: Show off *grumbles*
Stud: This is Chip & Brad, our Royal Musicians, they regail us with they're beautiful singing.
Brad: Your praise humbles me my lady. I thank thee.
Chip: Can the Shakespear shit Brad, no one's buying it!
Stud: Chip! *raises her hand* Please...
Brad: *whispers* told you *giggles*
Stud: *sighs* & these ladies are our Royal minstrels, Laura & Linda. Our musicians would never be able to sing without them.
Laura: Thank you my Queen *bows*
Linda: Yes, thank you *bows*
Stud: & finally, our Captain "Hair" of the Guards, just a little joke we have for him. *waves her arm*
*man walks over, is bald, thus the joke*
Colin: Good-day my lady *bows*
Stud: Thank you to all of my loyal subjects for being here. As with anything, we are always adding new members to our court, so please return often.
Emir: *wakes* Huh? What the...
Stud: Shh...quiet dear, goodbye!
*you wave as you leave*