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I'll Give Ya' Your Props

Credits First off, I would like to apologize to everyone that I "stole" pictures, information, etc from, I did not mean to, honest, I just saved those pictures so long ago, I just couldn't remember where i had gotten them, so I'm going to go through my favorites & check out where, & if I have some of your pictures, email me & I will give you credit, I never meant to steal anything.

~To Maleen, or "Blaze" for the great Brad info she let me use, & for her help with all those HTML's I just couldn't get.

~To Michelle of, Michelle's Whose Line Is It Anyway? site for her great pics of Improv All-Stars.

~To Cat, Of Cat's WLiiA? Fan Page for her great pics of Brad, i couldn't have this large a collection without them.

~To "" for their GREAT pics I use for my Caption This Section.

~To "The Lovely Brad Sherwood" I owe EVERYTHING to. This was the first Brad site I ever visited, a good 4 years ago, I loved it so much , I even printed off the details & few pics of Brad they had then.

~& I must thank Brad Sherwood himself, for being so gosh darn cute! & of course his parents, Thank You for having such a PERFECT son!

& Yes, I know I'm still forgeting a lot of ppl. I'm still searching through a lot of my sites, I promise to label them next time.