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Pics Of Brad...With The Rest Of The WL Cast Somewhere In The Background

Brad Pics

Check Out All Of These HOT Pics Of Brad

Only Pics Of Brad & Chip Singing Together

"Mike-Am I Going To Give You Tounge Slaving? YES!"

The Infamous Questions Only Brad & Mike Kiss

One Of The Best Shirts He Ever Wore

From DCL 3


"Ummm...I Like The B-52's"

Only Cuz He Mentions The B-52's

I'll Give You A Thousand Points For; Pacific Oceay

Brad Bowing To Hugh Hefner

Doing Something Funny...Trust Me

Singing As Mick Jaggar

Playing Moving Bodies Live With Colin

Cute Smile, Don't Ya Think?


Playing Off Colin, A Kid MisBehaving In Class(WNC)

What Really Goes On Between Commercials

WNC, Colin wants to find out who his Boyfriend Brad(hehehe) is having an affair with, Wayne is in a Greased Pig Contest, & Ryan Is A mother going from conception to birth

I Didn't See This Episode Yet, So I'll Put A Comment In When I Do

I Didn't See This Particular Episode, Thought I'm Assuming It's WNC

"That Not Going To Make It To Air,IYKWIM"

The After Math Of IYKWIM

HE LOOKS SO HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why They Don't Let The Cast Drink Before Shows Anymore


First Words Uttered By PRISSY BOY!

"Captain Dog In Heat"

UK WL Superheroes Game

"How'm I Walking? Call 1-800-256...."

Game Of SFAH, The Hitler/Cosby Episode

"Colin-It Looked Like Someone Had Beat Her"


"Out of my way lard butt!"

One Of The Only Games Of Director Brad Was In That Was Run

"Ryan-Somebody Needs A Hug"
"Brad-I WANT One Of Those"

Game Of 2 Line Vocabulary

Another Pic From DCL 3

Ryan-Well I suggest we take 5 paces & shoot...
I suggest we go right up there & Riverdance

You Know...I'm Starting To See That I Have A Lot Of Pics & No Idea Where They Come From...Oh Well

FINALLY! A Spit take I love to watch

Lassie Had A Little Accident

Singing Happy Birthday To Sid Caeser


Oh no! They broke Drew!

I'm not even going to attept to go there

Isn't He the cutest?

mmmmmm, he's hot!

Sometimes...I Wonder

I wish they had this game on the show


Nice, that's all I got to say

Ummmm...Uh, OK Then

Pics From The First Appearances Brad Made On WL Back In '92