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Humor Links

05.06.02: The "Misc. Stuff" Section is growing, as a little bonus, every week there will be an "Ugly Person Of The Week" Award. This week's winner is allready in, take a look at the heartbreaker...

04.06.02: Naughty pictures! Thats right, we have finally gotten something in the "Misc. Stuff" section, and it's 2 galleries of funny naughty pictures. And rest assured, there is plenty more to come!

19.05.02: Two more picture galleries has been added, and things has gotten a hell of a lot weirder! PLUS 8 new eyetricks added!

18.05.02: The Interactive section is finally up with a message board and a chatroom, also the Eye Tricks section has been updated with almost 20 eye tricks. There has been added 2 links on the Links page, and ALOT more will be added really soon.

17.05.02: The picture section is updated, it has now 10 galleries with 10 pictures in each. Eye tricks, Misc., Interactive and Links will be up and running shortly. Please check back.

On the "Links" page I will try to get as many links as I can, and if you want to link your page with mine, or have pics or some other stuff you'd like to contribute with, dont hesitate to E-mail me!

If you are a dedicated Live fan like myself, join the Live Street Team:

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