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Season 1:

Episode 00:  Emotions in Motion
Pacey: So, if your dad's Mr. Man-meat, does that make you Mr. Man-meat Jr. or Mr. Man-meat the second?

Joey: No, I'm not getting a thang for you Dawson. I've known you too long. I've seen you burp, barf, pick your nose,
scratch your butt. I don't think I'm getting a thang for you.

Episode 02:  Prelude to a Kiss
Dawson: Joey, Joey, Joey. You bitter, cyncial, jaded... thing.     
Joey: You used to be bitter and cynical too. You were far more interesting.

Episode 04:  Blown Away 
Grams: What I like most about those movies is the fact that
no matter how far off the pedestal the character fell they always got a second chance. Forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts the Lord has given us, with it comes understanding.
Dawson: Same way rain brings a rainbow.
Grams: From what I've seen of you so far, you better buy yourself a good umbrella.



Dawson's Creek:

P/Jo currently not acknowledging
their relationship except for a few
witty quips here and there

Pacey Witter:
currently dating Audrey, Joey's
Worthington roommate

Joey Potter:
currently single


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