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"'s going to be the details that define us. You know, the
moments..." -Joey (#402)

This started out as a fan fiction site, and has grown the
past year into a Pacey/Joey 'shipper site. I'd like to think
that I have some original content on this site with my
humorous character profiles, fiction, and rarely found
"Dawson's photos." Keep in mind, this is my little world of denial, so Dawson tends to be painted as the third wheel,
big jerk, or supportive friend most of the time. Click around, keep up the "True Love" love and be sure to visit Operation True Love.

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May 17, 2003 [Saturday]:

And thus, Dawson's Creek has ended. Pacey the owner of the (new) Icehouse. Joey a book editor in New York. Dawson a producer of the TV show "The Creek." Jen with a one-year old girl. Jack a teacher at Capeside High. And then Jen died of a heart condition. And it turns out Deputy Doug really is gay. Dawson and Joey promise to remain eternal best friends/soul mates (again). As do Jack and Jen, thus disproving the theory that soul mates are romantic partners. Pacey lets go of his insecurities and Joey finally stops running. It's a been a torturous yet joyful six years.

September 20, 2002 [Friday]:

I am unbelievably sad. It's been practically 2 months since
I've updated. =/ In all honesty, I'm just not particularly
inspired right now about Pacey and Joey. Eh. Although
I am seriously curious about Josh and Rosario Dawson.
I'd rather have him and Katie get back together. But hey, as
long as he's happy. And they seem good together. So... yay!
I wonder if they're really engaged though... hm. 

Aah!! Guess what though? I won some 2 second place
awards at the Dawson's Creek Devotion Awards!! Aww..
thanks soo much, guys!!

-Nikki aka Silver Angel @ 5:17 pm PT
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August 2, 2002 [Friday]:

doo doo doo... I've actually been working on some fic.
*gasp* I'm not sure what's going to happen yet. But omg,
m.o.m.e.n.t.s. has been nominated at the Dawson's Creek
Devotion Awards
! I've never been nominated for anything
before. whoever did it: thanks soo much! :)

-Nikki aka Silver Angel @ 2:20 pm PT
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June 23, 2002 [Sunday]:
Wow!! I did it!! EVERYTHING on this site has been updated
to the new layout. Everything's been completely revamped,
including the GALLERIES! Whoo-hoo!! :) I hope you guys
like it!
-Nikki aka Silver Angel @ 7:00 pm PT
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So, I've been majorly slacking off on this site for a while
now. Perhaps part of it's because the show basically
refuses to even acknowledge the fact that Pacey and
Joey had a relationship. Perhaps it's just life getting in the
way. In any case, I am most definitely not shutting down
the site. I'm really uncertain about my writing future since
I've definitely lost a lot of my interest in that. But for now,
my crappily written stories will still remain on this site. I
hope everyone likes the new layout, and that you guys
keep on visiting 'cuz all y'all ROCK! hehe. Oh, and I've
gotten quite a few e-mails about the broken links in the
galleries. This is basically because the galleries take up
soo much space. In other words, I can't have such a
large gallery anymore. It's been/being reduced to only
the rarer pictures. I don't feel I need to house general
photos that are easily found at other Dawson's Creek
websites. If you'd like the URL to a site, check out my
Links page. Oh! By the way...the galleries aren't all
completely up yet. They will be soon.
-Nikki aka Silver Angel @ 1:32 am PT
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Dawson's Creek:

happily together with no angst

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