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In Loving Memory of My Beloved Father who passed away peacefully on 20th.,October, 2002 at 2.00 pm and attained buddhahood. Emails I received

Hello.....I have a new webiste up and running for almost a year now. You may visit the new website similar to this but without advertisement banner. Here is the URL: and my upmost sincere thanks to all SGM Batu Pahat leaders and members for the most warmest courtesy received during our short visit recently. We were all in such a rush that we even forget to prepare gifts for exchange during the friendship meets. How embarrassing.....:( Sorry ah. Well, about the photograph.... it will take some time for me to edit before I could insert them here but in the meantime, you may preview or download the photo by clicking on the link next to this. SGM Batu Pahat Photo Gallery Here All photos are in 800x600 for faster download. If you need the original unedited photo please do not hesitate to send me an email and I will forward them to you,ok? Please also provide your email address and handphone number so that we could keep in touch, especially the MDs, the WDs and the 2 MCs plus the cute young lady too. Welcome to the homepage where you will find TRUE BUDDHISM OF NICHIREN DAISHONIN. We are entering a new era in which Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism is taking its place as a world religion. Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism, the SGI's network of peace, culture, and education has now grown to 190 countries and territories. Well, this site is to assist Soka Gakkai members to find information related to Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism. Visitors may like to visit my new website at It just started and may take awhile to complete. There will also be changes and updates like setting up more new page(s) on jokes and laughter I collected over the internet and to share with all our beloved Soka members. Gan of SGINZ (SGI New Zealand) recently posted in my guestbook "Shakubuku by the web!". Thanks to Gan of SGINZ for visiting my website. My sincere appreciation to George Holland Hill (SGI-UK) for correcting the scan OCR spelling error. What's new here? Soka Gakkai songs added......Plus THE NEW GONGYO WITH MUSIC by SGI member. This is one of the BEST i've heard so far. I believe it is the first ever in the world....gongyo with wonderful soft music....chanting Daimoku filled with strong life-force.....way to go. I will use it to do shakubuku as well. I have also received some enquiries about this wonderful song. I am not sure if this song is available in your area. Anyway, congratulation, man! "In the realm of Buddhism we are all equal, and we are all worthy of respect. We all have a mission, and we are all equally direct disciples of Nichiren Daishonin. Everyone, therefore, has the right to voice their opinions. It is also important that we listen to everyone's opinions as well. It is crucial, too, to create an atmosphere within our organization where people can discuss things freely. This is in fact the practice followed at the Soka Gakkai Headquarters" - Ikeda Sensei. Meanwhile, relax, enjoy yourself and experience lots of pleasant music and animations here. Click on my guestbook and read some wonderful comments, suggestions and advice from SGI friends and soka friends throughout the world. You may reply directly to my guest if you have answer or guidance for them. Please spare a few moment to...... sign my guestbook.....thanks :)

"You must not only persevere yourself; you must also teach others." The True Aspect of All Phenomena (WND, pg 386 [MIV-1-95])

The above passage was taken from the Gosho, The True Aspect of All Phenomena, which was written by Nichiren Daishonin in 1273 when he was in exile on Sado Island. The recipient, Sairen-bo Nichijo was a former Tendai priest. This Gosho passage teaches us an important aspect of our Buddhist practice, that is we must make every effort to share the Daishonin's teach­ing with others. To do so, we have to persevere through all kinds of difficul­ties in the course of our practice. The Daishonin instructs his disciples to fulfil their mission to spread his teaching of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo of the Three Great Secret Laws in the Latter Day of the Law.

Whether in daily life or in one's faith, perseverance is the key to victory.

The practice of Buddhism is to achieve the state of life whereby we can manifest our inherent potential of enlightenment and creative value. Therefore, it is imperative that we maintain our faith throughout our life and practise the Buddhist fundamen­tals of faith, practice and study. We must strive for the attainment of kosen-rufu and build a life of total victory and eternal happiness.

It is only natural that we encoun­ter difficulties along the way of spreading the Mystic Law. In order to achieve anything important in life, we are bound to face some obstacles. At times, we tend to blame the causes of these obstacles on other or the unfa­vourable circumstances. But from the standpoint of faith, the causes of these obstacles are due to our karma and we ourselves must change, both internally and spiritually. We must manifest the profound Buddha wis­dom overcome those obstacles. We must make even greater effort so as to accumulate good fortune to change the circumstances for the better. We need to persevere in our practice till we see positive changes in our life. As the Gosho says, "winter never fails to turn into spring," so we must some­times endure the 'cold winter' of our life. Having perseverance in our prac­tice will definitely enable us to see the wonderful springtime of our life.


As the Daishonin's disciples, we must also teach Buddhism to others. Doing this is our greatest responsibility as propagation is the life­blood of faith. Since the ultimate purpose of the Daishonin's Buddhism is to enable all humankind to attain eternal happi­ness, it is only natural that as disciples we should not forget this very impor­tant responsibility.

This spirit of compas­sion to 'teach others' has been the core of all Buddhist teachings. Propaga­tion or shakubuku is no easy task. There is no aspect of Buddhist prac­tice that is easy. But our sincerity in propagating Buddhism will allows us to change our karma and elevate our life-state.

It is important to constantly re­mind ourselves of our mission and responsibility in the arena of our kosen-rufu activities. We have to be careful not to fall into an inward di­rected type of practice, that is prac­ticing only for oneself. This is not the true intent of the practice of Bud­dhism.

Our propagation of Buddhism enables us to fully develop our hu­manism and compassionate spirit. We cannot practice faith alone lest we become entrapped in our own egoistic 'lesser self and ultimately leads us to misery. By expanding our practice to others, we are ex­panding the boundary of our lives and happiness. We begin to develop our greater self — one that has the capacity to include and embrace others.

Therefore, let us start to hold dialogue at grass-roots level, and in the process open the golden door of kosen-rufu. Together let us lead lives of unsurpassed happiness.

"To forge ahead fearlessly with the heart of a lion king in the face of any storm or gigantic wave of persecution is the spirit of the disciples of Nichiren Daishonin. It is also the traditional spirit of the Soka Gakkai."

Kathy Ruby (an SGI-USA member) summarized more of the President Ikeda's encouragement (This was copied from Ms. Ruby's post in a newsgroup):

Kathy Ruby

"..if you see someone twisting or negating the Daishonin’s teaching or trying to sabotage our movement to spread the Mystic Law, you cannot simply ignore it.

"Someone who sees such destructive activities but fails to do anything is an enemy of Buddhism. The Daishonin teaches us to strenuously oppose and defeat negative forces.

"For example, if we vociferously repudiate malicious lies as soon as they circulate, we can crush the designs of evil-intended people. If we remain silent, we play right into their hands. Our timidity only makes them bolder.

"Unless we speak out to set the record straight and ensure that truth prevails, we will not achieve kosen rufu. The Soka Gakkai spirit lies in fearlessly stating the truth. This was the Soka Gakkai’s strength in the early days; this is the reason we have succeeded in developing the kosen rufu movement to the extent that we have. This spirit is needed now more than ever before."
-- From "Stand Up" by Daisaku Ikeda, (WT Oct. 10, 1997, page 14)

The Gosho and the history of Buddhism all support SGI’s movement for the widespread propagation of the Mystic Law. Study the Gosho, learn the facts and join us in your own capacity to "speak out and set the record straight" in all the arenas of your life.


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