Bolognius Maximus / Game Slave 2

Zim uses a tack to send Bologna DNA into Dib. Dib starts turning into a Bologna Boy. Dib gets back at Zim with the same tack so they both must rush to find a cure before thye are nothing more than meat.

Download From FTP(Not Always Up)28.88MB

The Game Slave 2 is out and Gaz wants one. Prof. membrane won't let her go to the mall without Dib, so she must wait through Mysterious Mysteries. By the time they get to the mall, a long line has formed. By the time she gets to the front, there is only one left and it is reserved. A boy in line behind her claims to be the one who reserved it, but Gaz knows otherwise. Gaz will stop at nothing to get that Game Slave 2 from Iggins.

Download From FTP(Not Always Up)27.41MB