Career Day / Battle-Dib

The class had to fill in what they thought the inkblots looked like in order to "determine what their future career" was. Dib put in some answers that would actually GET him to spend a day as a 'Paranormal Investigator'. Zim wanted to be "Lord of All Humans" by putting in his answers as "human slave". Dib gets his "job" and Zim gets a "job" at MacMeaties. Dib gets paired up with Bill to try and find out the secrets of the paranormal. Poor Dib..he thought this would be a great experience so he can expose Zim's true being, but Bill wanted to expose unnecessary things (such as Count Cocoa Fang...). While picking up some folders, he found one titled as "The Galactic Equinox". This could be his big chance of proving Zim is an alien, but Bill thinks its just "bunk". Dib fools Bill to go to MacMeaties so he can find "The Fang" there. Really, Bill DOES find Cocoa Fang and tries to stake him to death. Through the whole running back and forth scenes, Dib missed his chance of seeing Zim go through a "hideous molt".

In order to "save the world", Dib has to get his father to sign a permission slip. He goes over to Membrane's "studio" and goes through various tasks to try and see him. Unfortunately, he loses on the last task (because of Gaz's attempts to stop him because of a slice of pizza) but tries to sneak in anyway. When he does, Membrane doesn't even recognize his son and just signs the paper (later) as an autograph. Dib attends the meeting and realizes he left his suitcase in the alley by Membrane's studio!