Attack Of The Saucer Morons / The Wettening

While riding on his Voot Rider, Zim cruises around the city to check out a few areas. Until then, a bee comes and (somehow..) smashes the Rider and makes it crash into the ground. Zim goes home to get a Recovery ship and vows to destroy that "evil death bee". The next day he finds out that his Rider has been discovered by "alien-loving" humans. He plays along with the weirdos and finds out that they find his recovery ship as well! Zim tries to stop them from taking his Rider and Recovery ship, but his disguise falls off while pulling a lady off the controls. Zim sends GIR a fast message for help and gets pulled off to a tent. GIR comes in (on time) inside a cyborg-like disguise (Government Man) to try and rescue Zim from the humans. Unfortunately, GIR falls out of the robot and rides "the pig" to escape the people's crazy clutches. They were "back on track" until that same bee comes and crashs the Recovery ship into a building.

Paste all over the classroom. While Bitters talks to Melvin about "losing the use of his mouth", Zim finds out that it starts to rain. He doesn't know what rain can do to him when he's outside, so he asks a kid if its "poisonous". The kid ignores him (thinking he's crazy..) and runs off to join the other kids (who were singing a scary "Rain Song" and flying in the air..). Dib thinks rain somehow affects Zim, but Zim wanted to show him it didn't. He stepped in the rain and started to burn. Dib tries to use this as "his advantage" and splashes into a big puddle to wet not only Zim, but Gaz as well. Zim and Dib soon have a wet showdown at school on the day of: MONDAY. Who wins? Zim does, and so does Gaz (in some way).