Germs / Dark Harvest

Zim and GIR were watching a science-fictional movie about aliens and such. After watching the movie, Zim thinks that its a "sheer fantasy" that aliens could 'explode' by germs. But just in case, he runs to his computer for a 5 second free trial of inspecting this "big human threat". He puts on these (really cool) goggles and screams when he sees the tiny green organisms swarming all over his house. He decided to buy the goggles and clean up for the sake of his health. But right after he cleans, GIR comes in and spreads even MORE germs around the house. Zim starts to run out of disinfecting spray and gets out of the house to buy more with GIR. They take a detour to MacMeaties and find out that this "space meat" will be the key for Zim staying clean and alive.

Outside the kids (playing dodgeball?) hit Zim with the ball; right after he claims that human organs are "inferior". Hearing that Zim has a "squeedly-spooch" (sp?) Dib wonders how the insides of Zim look like. A package arrives for him which contains an "X-Scope" which can look through a person's insides just like an "X-Ray". After the game outside, Ms. Bitters explains a lesson on "Bubonic Plague". Suddenly, a pigeon comes from the window and sits on Zim's head. Ms. Bitters sends him to the nurse with a hall pass before it can "spread to the other children"(Head Pigeons). While Bitters talked to Zim, he found Dib whispering to him, on how the nurse will find out he's really an alien because he has "alien organs". Zim gets worried and starts walking to the nurse's office until he meets up with the hall monitor. He asks him if he got organs and if he really cared if he was missing a few. The hall monitor proclaimed that he wouldn't notice if he missed a FEW organs. With a (...creepy...loud...evil..) laugh, Zim replaces the kid's liver with the hall pass. He replaces things with the other children's organs, including Gaz. Dib finds out his evil scheme (with the handy-dandy X-scope) and wants to stop Zim from accomplishing his goal. Unfortunately, he gets caught himself and is titled on a newspaper as a mooing cyborg.

NOTE!! This file contains both episodes.

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