Bestest Friend / Nano Zim

Zim attempts to find a best friend with 3 "simple tasks" in order to prove he's "inhuman" of not having any friends. He chooses Keef as his best friend since he passed all 3 tests. After a day of having a "bestest friend", Keef becomes rather obsessed with Zim. Zim doesn't like this and wants to get rid of Keef before he comes over his house for a surprise party with other kids.

Zim was busy working at his "lab" underground and left GIR in charge of the house. GIR accidently left the windows and door open, and in came an intruder. Who was the intruder? You guessed it, Dib. He came in (with a black spy-like suit) and snapped a picture of Zim without his disguise. Zim failed to catch Dib but promises to get him back before he gets into trouble. Dib returns home and was about to mail the picture to "Mysterious Mysteries(?)" but couldn't some how. He crushed the disk which contained the picture and wasn't able to control his arms or hands. Zim was in his body and was going to erase Dib's memory. And as a bonus, he will erase Dib's intelligence as well. Its up to Gaz to save the day with her "Game Slave" skills.

NOTE!! This file contains both episdoes.

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