Episode 63 : The Pilot (Part 1)

Jerry and George are given permission by the network to begin production on their television pilot titled Jerry. Jerry gets to portray himself, but George is unhappy with the actor who plays him. Kramer shows up to audition for the part of himself but must leave when nature calls. George accuses the actor portraying Kramer of stealing a box of raisins. George thinks he has cancer because of a white blemish that appears under his lip. Elaine objects to the new coffee-shop owner only hiring buxom waitresses. At the taping of the pilot, Elaine sneaks in disguised and "Crazy" Joe jumps out of the audience. Kramer is forced to work on his plumbing by using the "dreaded apparatus." Everyone from the past season comments on the pilot as it's broadcast. Russell Dalrimple is lost at sea after taking Elaine's advice to join Greenpeace.

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