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Friday, November 23rd / 2001

All that I ask is that you only try to download one episode at a time and that you do not connect via an FTP manager. STOP CONNECTING MULTIPLE TIMES BY CHANGING YOUR IP ADDRESS and are very noticeable. This is your last warning and I will just start blocking ip's.

Tuesday, November 20th / 2001

I have begun work on a That 70's Show Section.

Wednesday, November 14th / 2001

I added another 12 Futurama episodes. Also, the * next to the seasons means that all episodes for that season are up.

Wednesday, November 14th / 2001

I added a 11 more Futurama episodes and I also sent out my money order for the 128 megs of the rdram I ordered. Hopefully this will increse your downloading speeds!

Tuesday, November 13th / 2001

I added a few more Futurama episodes and I added almost every Invader Zim episode. For those who don't know, Invader Zim is a very funny and popular new cartoon.

Monday, November 12th / 2001

I added a few more Futurama episodes and I will begin to put up some Invader Zim episodes as well.

Sunday, November 11th / 2001

I have added some season three futurama episodes. (Those episodes are high quality so all the file sizes are over 200MB!

Sunday, November 11th / 2001

All of the seinfeld episodes are now up!!!! Every episode from every season. I have begun work on new shows.