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Did you ever want to watch all of your favorite TV shows on your computer but you dont have the time to find them, or you dont have a fast enough modem to download them? This place is the solution. Here, you can purchase legal backups of your alredy legally taped television shows. The first rule however, is that you can only purchase these CD's if you have legal backups of the episodes on tape. In order to get these, just email me at and you can pick out any 15 seinfeld episodes for me to put on cd for you. You will then pay by money order $6.00 (plus s&h which isnt that much) for the cd that contains these episodes. Or you can get the whole set for 80 bucks. Remember though you must first have backups of these. My email once again is

The episodes sold on my site are for Backup purposes only. This means that you may only purchase the episodes if you already own either a retail copy of the episodes, or have already taped the episodes off the television. I cannot be held responsible if you are illegally purchasing episodes from my site.

The money that I receive is simply in exchange for the time I spent on gathering the episodes, and the effort I put into creating the CDs for you. My site is a service, not a good. I do not charge for the episodes themselves, but instead for the time it took to gather and distribute those episodes.

Once you have decided on the episodes you want, email with "cash order" in the subject line. In the body of the email list which custom CDs you want.

Example email:

Seinfeld Custom CD

Here you would list the 15 episodes you wish to purchase.

I will send you a confirmation e-mail upon reception of your order. The confirmation e-mail will include the final cost, and an address you can mail your checks / cash (this step should be completed by the day following your initial order).

When we I receive your money, your CDs will be in the mail. This whole process should take no longer than 1 week (depending on how fast you send the money order and where you live).

That's it! If you still have questions, be sure to let me know!

Thank You.