Transcribed by: Sonja

It is a time of dread…
Seers have foretold the birth of a child who will bring about the downfall of the powerful Queen Bavmorda. Seizing all pregnant women in the realm, the evil Queen vows to destroy the child when it is born…

(Nockmaar Castle – Dungeons)
(A sound of a newborn baby can be heard. The baby is lifted away from the mother by the midwife, Ethna.)
Sorsha: Is it a girl?
Ethna: Yes.
Sorsha: Show me its arm.
Ethna: She bears the mark.
(Other women in nearby cages cringe at this news.)
Mother: (sobbing) No!
(A druid walks over to Sorsha as she comes out of the mother’s cell.)
Sorsha: The omen is true. I must tell my mother.
(She walks off, followed by the druid. In the cell the mother of the baby looks to Ethna for help.)
Mother: Please help me!
Ethna: I can't.
Mother: They're going to kill her!
(Ethna continues to hesitate. She looks at the baby, who’s red hair matches that of the mother’s, and then places it in a basket of clothes and rags. She covers the baby up so it won’t be seen. Funnily enough the baby makes no noise as this is done.)
Mother: Oh thank you, Ethna, thank you!
(Ethna says nothing as she exits the cell. She has barely gone 5 feet when Queen Bavmorda arrives with several guards and more druids. Death Dogs can be heard barking in the background.)
Guard: Stand aside for Queen Bavmorda!
(Ethna quickly obeys, and bows deeply over the basket of clothes. After the group as passed she hurries from the castle.)

(Bavmorda enters and looks around. The mother holds tightly to a bundle of clothes shaped like a baby.)
Mother: You cannot stop the prophecy!
Bavmorda: This child will have no power over me. (to Druid) Start the ritual.
(Bavmorda grabs the bundle from the mother.)
Mother: No! No!
Bavmorda: Where's the baby?!
Sorsha: The midwife!
Bavmorda: Find that baby, Sorsha! Use the Dogs. Bring her back to me alive!
Mother: Your reign of terror is at an end! She will come back and she will finish you!
Guard: Silence, wench!
Mother: My baby will finish you!
Bavmorda: (calmly to Guard) Kill her.

(Ethna’s Journey)
(We see several different shots of Ethna and the tiny baby girl as she travels as far and as fast as she can to escape the clutches of Bavmorda. She travels through mountains and forests.)

(Ethna and the baby sit by the fire. Suddenly in the distance Death Dogs can be heard. Ethna quickly picks up the baby and runs deeper into the forest. She crosses a shallow river, and creates a makeshift raft for the baby from a group of sticks and grass. She places the baby on the raft and sets it afloat down the river. She watches the baby float to safety. Suddenly she is attacked by the Death Dogs and killed.)

(The baby continues on down the river for quite a while. After a time it comes to rest beside the riverbank. The little baby girl looks around and suddenly spots a young boy and girl watching her. As the girl continues to watch the baby, her brother runs off.)
Ranon: Dada! Dada!

(Ufgood Farm)
(Willow Ufgood is plowing his field. He is helped in this chore by a very large pig.)
Ranon: Dada! Dada!
Willow: (to the pig) Whoa! Whoa!
(Ranon runs up to him and grabs his hand.)
Ranon: Dada! Dada! We found something in the river!
Willow: I can't run off and play with you now, Ranon! I've got work to do!
Ranon: You've gotta come! Hurry!
(Willow looks at Ranon for a moment, and then grins in agreement.)
Willow: Come on.

(Willow walks up and is clearly shocked by the site of the baby.)
Willow: Don't go near it! We don't know where it's been.
Mims: But Dada, it's a baby!
Ranon: It's not like us.
Willow: No. It's not a Nelwyn. Looks like a Daikini baby!
Ranon: What's a Daikini?
Willow: Daikinis are big - giants, who live far away.
(The baby grins up at them.)
Mims: Oh, she's so cute!
Ranon: Can't we keep it, Dada?
Willow: No. We'll push it downstream, and forget we ever saw it! Come on.
Burglekutt: (os) Ufgood! Willow Ufgood!
Willow: Shhh! It's the Prefect! That's all I need. Keep it quiet! Don't touch it!

(Ufgood Farm)
(Willow quickly makes his way back to the field. A somewhat large man, Burglekutt, is stomping over to Willow, followed by Kiaya, Willow’s wife.)
Kiaya: Mister Burglekutt! My husband hasn't stolen anything!
Burglekutt: Baahhh!
(Willow quickly takes his place behind the plow and acts as if nothing is going on.)
Burglekutt: Ufgood! You still haven't paid your debts to me. (grabbing a handful of seeds from a sack in a cart) Where did you get these seeds?
Willow: Well...maybe I used magic!
Burglekutt: (chuckling) You're no sorcerer, Ufgood. You're a clown. I sell the plant seeds around here. (throwing the handful of seeds at Willow) Now tell me where you got them!
Willow: (throwing an arm around his wife) My family's been gathering them in the forest since last fall. There's no law against that, Mr. Burglekutt!
(The children can be heard laughing in the distance.)
Kiaya: Willow! You didn't leave them alone by the river?!
(Kiaya hurries toward the sound of the children. Willow is bothered by this, but can’t really do anything to prevent it.)
Burglekutt: (pointing his finger at Willow) Magic? You'll need magic if you expect to get your planting done before the rains start.
(Willow tries to pick up his seed back, but Burglekutt grabs his shirt and drags him up until they are face to face.)
Burglekutt: I will have this land, Ufgood, and you're gonna end up working in the mines.
(Willow pushes Burglekutt away and hangs the bag over his shoulder. Burglekutt leaves, and Willow quickly drops the bag and runs for the riverbank.)

(Willow arrives only to find that Kiaya has picked up the baby and is now holding it. She is seated and the children are looking over her shoulder at the baby.)
Kiaya: (to the baby) You're lovely. Yes you are.
Willow: (stopped in his tracks by the horror of it all) Kiaya!!
Kiaya: (looking up at him joyfully) Oh, Willow!
(She turns her attention back to the baby as Willow takes a step forward.)
Willow: (gesturing forcefully) Absolutely, under no condition, whatsoever, is anyone in this family to fall in love with that baby!
(Kiaya stands up and begins to make her way back to their cottage. She walks past Willow without a glance.)
Kiaya: (to the children) Come on then. Come on. Come on. Come on.
Willow: Hey! I will not be ignored! (then, seeing that he is being ignored) Mims? Ranon?
(He flings his arms down in irritation and then follows after his family.)

(Ufgood Farm)
(Willow stops around outside the cottage kicking up dirt. After a moment he storms into the house. Inside Kiaya is bathing the little girl and she discovers the strange mark on her arm.)
Kiaya: Willow, do you think we should take her to the village council?
Willow: No! No, they'll think it's a bad omen! There'll be a flood or a drought, and everyone'll blame me for it! (mockingly:) "Willow Ufgood brought 'round that Daikini, didn't he? That's right, and he's that lousy farmer, too! Let's get him! Aaahhhh!"
Kiaya: (chuckling) Willow, calm down!
Willow: Calm down? Kiaya, tomorrow's my big day!
Kiaya: Love, the High Aldwin hasn't picked a new apprentice in years.
Willow: Tomorrow's gonna be different. I just know he's gonna pick me!
(The baby starts to cry. Kiaya picks her up and tries to hand her to Willow.)
Kiaya: Here.
Willow: (with his hands in the air) Hey, no!
Kiaya: Hold her!
Willow: I don't wanna, Kiaya!
Kiaya: Hold her while I get some milk!
(She manages to get Willow to take the baby.)
Willow: Oh, no, no, ohhh....
(As Willow looks down at the baby she suddenly stops crying. He and the baby gaze at each other for a long moment.)
Mims: Dada, she likes you!
(The baby smiles, and Willow smiles back.)

(Time Lapse)
(The next morning Willow walks away from the house. He kisses Kiaya, who is holding the baby, and continues on his way.)
Willow: Come on, kids! Let's go!
(The kids run after him as Kiaya waves.)

(The Village)
(There is a great festival going on in the village. Willow is now onstage performing some magick tricks. We see several shots of different things going on at the festival. We cut back to Willow as he places a small hollow long over his arm. Ranon, who his is assistant for this stunt, hands him a stick with it’s tip on fire.)
Willow: Thank you, son. (dramatically) If you're easily shocked, please turn away!
(He takes the fire stick and thrusts it through a hole in the long, and his arm. He moves it back and forth. The crowd gasps in surprise, even Burglekutt. Willow withdraws the stick, blows the flame out, removes the log from his arm, and shows that he is not harmed. He and Ranon take a bow. Elsewhere in the festival, the villages best warrior is at a fruit stand.)
Vohnkar: Give me a ripe one. (he receives one) Good.
(As the band continues to play, a young couple kiss. Cut back to Willow who is now holding a baby pig.)
Willow: And now! For my final amazing feat, I will make this entire pig...disappear!
(The audience watches with anticipation. All, that is, except for Burglekutt. Ranon is now on the sidelines with Mims. Willow drapes a blanket over the pig.)
Ranon: (to Mims) See?
(Willow lifts the covered pig up.)
Willow: Please watch very closely. Whuppity bairn, deru, deru! (He whips the blanket off and the pig is gone.)
Man: What happened to your pig?
(Willow is very happy with the audiences reaction, but his eyes widen in alarm as the little pig runs out from beneath the table. He tries to catch it as the crowd begins to laugh.)
Willow: (to the pig) Hey! Come here, you!
Burglekutt: (turning away happily) I've seen enough!
(Willow sits down, dejected. A sudden fanfare heralds the arrival of the High Aldwin.)
Man: (on the main stage) Attention! The High Aldwin will now make his choice for a new apprentice! Bring forth the hopefuls!
(As Willow makes his way to the stage, his best friend, Meegosh shakes his hand.)
Meegosh: (almost inaudible) You'll be OK. You'll be fine. Good luck.
Ranon: Good luck, Dada.
(Willow walks up the steps with the other candidates. Burglekutt sees him and laughs.)
Burglekutt: (loud and mocking) Willow Ufgood?! A hopeful? How'd he get picked? Is this a joke?
(Willow shoots Burglekutt a dirty look, but keeps quiet. The High Aldwin also give Burglekutt a look, and then faces the would be apprentices.)
High Aldwin: Magic is the bloodstream of the universe. Forget all you know, or think you know. All that you require is your intuition. (he holds up his hand with fingers outstretched) The power to control the world is in which finger?
(The first hopeful points to the High Aldwin’s middle finger. The High Aldwin lowers that finger and shakes his head. The hopeful hangs his head. The second hopeful chooses the High Aldwin’s index finger. The High Aldwin lowers that finger and shakes his head again. The second hopeful looks very disappointed. The High Aldwin moves on to Willow. Willow hesitates as he looks at the remaining fingers. He looks down at his own hand for a second before finally choosing the High Aldwin’s ring finger. The High Aldwin lowers all his fingers and bangs the ground with his staff.)
High Aldwin: No apprentice this year!
(The crowd groans, but the music picks up again and the festival continues. A very depressed Willow walks slowly off the stage. Suddenly a loud howl of a Death Dog stops the music. Then a Death Dog bursts into the village. The crowd is thrown into a panic as people run for safety. Willow hurries over to Meegosh and Ranon.)
Willow: Where's Mims?
Meegosh: I don't know! She was right here!
Willow: (pointing) Take Ranon in there, quick!
(The Death Dog runs through the village. Mims is standing on a lower stage crying with fright. Willow runs through the crowds looking for her.)
Willow: Mims! Mims!
(Willow spots her and his eyes widen in panic. He runs over to her.)
Mims: (crying) Mama!
Willow: Mims!
(He grabs her hand and leads her to a hiding place. The Death Dog jumps into a corral, which had been set up as a nursery, and starts to tear apart a crib. Vohnkar runs up, and jumps into the corral.)
Vohnkar: Come on!
(Several other warriors jump into the corral and they all proceed to fight the Death Dog as Willow and Mims watch. Vohnkar manages to stab the Dog with his spear, but it’s not enough. Another soldier tosses him a spear and as the beast rushes him Vohnkar manages to impale the animal. The other warriors stab the dog repeatedly to make sure that it is indeed dead. As the villagers slowly come out of hiding, Ranon runs over to Willow.)
Ranon: Dada! Dada!
(Willow hugs him. Vohnkar holds up the broken crib.)
Vohnkar: (puzzled) It was looking for somebody's baby.
(A young mother glances at her baby then turns to look at her husband, who pulls her into his arms. Mims looks up at her father with tearstained eyes.)
Mims: (faintly) Mommy!
Willow: (with sudden fear) Kiaya!
(He races through the village to his cottage.)

(Ufgood Farm)
(Willow bursts through the door. It’s completely silent and Kiaya is nowhere to be seen.)
Willow: (terrified) Kiaya!! Kiaya!!
(Kiaya walks past the bedroom doorway with the baby in her arms.)
Kiaya: (calmly) I'm here.
(Willow moves over to her as Kiaya lays the baby on the bed, and then hugs her.)
Willow: Oh, Kiaya. (turning to look at the baby) We can't keep the baby, Kiaya. We have to take her to the village council.
(Kiaya nods in agreement.)

(Village Council)
(The whole village is present.)
Burglekutt: Silence! One beast we can kill, but there may be more! And you can be assured that they won't give up until they find what they're looking for!
(During Burglekutt’s speech Willow and his family enter the barn. Willow is carrying the baby. Just as Willow feared the villagers are looking for someone to blame.)
Man1: It's a sign!
Man2: Who's to blame for this?
Man3: We must find the culprit and throw him in the pit!
Crowd: Yeah! The pit! (chanting) In the pit! In the pit! In the pit! In the pit!
(Willow exchanges a glance Kiaya and they begin to make their way back out of the barn. The High Aldwin spots him.)
High Aldwin: Willow! Willow Ufgood. Come forward.
(As he speaks the crowd falls silent. They all turn to look at Willow as he makes his way forward with the baby.)
Willow: My children found this baby alone by the river, High Aldwin.
(He lays the baby down. The High Aldwin bends down for a closer look. He quickly looks back up at the crowd.)
High Aldwin: A Daikini child!
Burglekutt: That's what the beasts want! Let's give it back to them!
Crowd: Yeah! Give it back!
Willow: (to Burglekutt) They'll kill her! You can't!
Burglekutt: It isn't one of us!
High Aldwin: (still studying the baby) This child is special! This child must be taken beyond the boundaries of our village. All the way across the Great River, to the Daikini Crossroads!
Man: Well, who'll do that?
(The High Aldwin opens his mouth to speak but is cut off by Burglekutt.)
Burglekutt: It seems only fair that the man to take this baby to the crossroads be the very man who plucked it out of the river. I nominate Willow Ufgood!
(Burglekutt places his hand on Willow’s shoulder while the crowd agrees.)
Kiaya: No!!
(But Kiaya can’t be heard over the villagers. The shouting dies away as the High Aldwin shakes a pouch that is around his neck.)
High Aldwin: I will consult the bones!
(The crowd falls silent as the he pours out the bones onto the ground. He kneels down to examine how they fell, and Willow kneels down as well.)
High Aldwin: (quietly to Willow) The bones tell me nothing.
(Not sure what this means, Willow looks from the High Aldwin to the bones.)
High Aldwin: (still whispering) Do you have any love for this child?
(Willow looks at the baby and then nods.)
Willow: Yes. Yes I do.
High Aldwin: (standing, he turns to the crowd) The bones have spoken! Willow Ufgood, the safety of this village depends upon you.
Burglekutt: Praise the bones!
(Kiaya looks destroyed at this news. Willow picks up the baby with a grim look in his eye.)
High Aldwin: But you'll need help. Who has the courage to protect our brave fellow on his journey?
Meegosh: (stepping forward) I'll go with him.
(Willow gives a nod of thanks.)
Burglekutt: Ah. Meegosh. Excellent choice.
Vohnkar: (stepping forward) I'll go.
Crowd: Vohnkar! Vohnkar!
Burglekutt: No! Not Vohnkar! He's the best warrior in the village! We need him here! Vohnkar, step back!
(Vohnkar gives him a dirty look, but steps back. Burglekutt looks at the High Alwin defiantly.)
High Aldwin: All this expedition needs is a leader. And according to the bones, that leader is....you, Burglekutt!
(Burglekutt looks at him in horror/surprise.)
Burglekutt: Vohnkar!!!!!!

(The Next Day)
(The members of the expedition are gathered together, saying good-bye to family members and friends.)
High Aldwin: (putting a hand on Willow's shoulder) What's your problem, son?
Willow: How do you mean?
High Aldwin: When I held up my fingers, what was your first impulse?
Willow: Well, it was stupid.
High Aldwin: Just tell me.
Willow: To pick my own finger.
High Aldwin: Aha! That was the correct answer! You lack faith in yourself. More than anyone in the village, you have the potential to be a great sorcerer. Now, when you're out there, listen to your own heart. (handing three small objects to Willow) These will protect you.
Willow: (puzzled) Acorns?
High Aldwin: They're magic! Anything you throw them at turns to stone! (Willow takes the acorns and puts then in his pocket.) You have much to learn, young Ufgood.
(Willow gives the High Aldwin a pat on the shoulder and then walks over to his family.)
Mims: Are you scared, Dada?
Willow: (trying to act casual) Nooo!
Ranon: Even with fairies in the woods that'll put you to sleep for a hundred years?
Willow: (forcing the worried look off his face) Doesn't bother me!
Ranon: Brownies?
Mims: Dragons?
Ranon: Trolls? Trolls that'll skin you alive and take your face off?
Willow: (unable to take any more) Ranon! You know I hate trolls!
Ranon: I can be your guard, and carry your spear.
Mims: Me too, me too, Dada.
Willow: (smiling) What a lucky father I am! I wish I could take you bobbins with me.
(He gives his children a good hug.)
Mims: Good-bye, Dada.
Willow: Go play. Go on.
(The children wander off leaving Kiaya and Willow alone. Kiaya adjusts the papoose that Willow is carrying on his back, which has the baby in it.)
Kiaya: (smiling but sad) We've never been apart. (Willow turns to face her.) I miss you already.
Willow: Don't worry, Kiaya. I'll be fine. And I'll be back before you know it.
Kiaya: Well...remember to keep her warm. And here... (she presses a braid of cut hair into his hand) this'll bring you luck.
(Willow looks down at the braid for a moment and then back up at Kiaya. He reaches up and touches a loose strand of her hair that has come loose from the kerchief she was wearing. They kiss.)
High Aldwin: Good brave people! The outer world is no place for a Nelwyn. Give the baby to the first Daikini you see, then hurry home. (he bends down and picks up a rock) Tuatha! Lokawthrok! Tuatha! (He tosses the rock into the air and it turns into a bird.) Go in the direction the bird is flying!
Burglekutt: It's going back to the village!
High Aldwin: Ignore the bird! Follow the river.
Vohnkar: Move out!
(The band takes off for places unknown.)

(We see shots of the group going over a mountain and past a beautiful waterfall.)

(The baby has begun to cry.)
Willow: (stopping) Hold on, Meegosh.
Meegosh: What's wrong?
Willow: (calling to the others) We have to stop!
Vohnkar: Stop? Why?
Willow: The baby's sick.
(Meegosh helps Willow take off the basket. Burglekutt marches over to the two of them.)
Burglekutt: She's not sick! Let me see. (He takes the baby, and she immediately throws up in his face.) Blecchh!! (spits) Take her, take her! Ah! Take her off me! Ah!
(The soldiers laugh while Willow takes the baby back.)
Willow: (to Meegosh) She'll be fine once she gets some rest.
(One of the soldiers wipes off Burglekutt’s face with a cloth.)
Burglekutt: Ah! Ah! Clean me up! Ah!

(Nockmaar Castle – Throne Room)
(Sorsha stands before her mother wearing armor.)
Bavmorda: I didn't ask you to bring me a dead nursemaid. Sorsha, you're useless!
Sorsha: I'm backtracking the nursemaid's trail. I'll find where she hid the baby.
(The doors behind her open and a man walks in wearing a skull mask.)
Bavmorda: Ah, General Kael, at last!
Kael: My queen! I have destroyed the castle at Galladoorn!
Bavmorda: Well done. But now I have another task for you. Help my daughter find that tiny, helpless baby that continues somehow to elude her!
Kael: (lifting up his mask) The baby of the prophecy? The one that will destroy you?
Bavmorda: I need that baby alive. I must perform the ritual that will exile the child's spirit into oblivion. Find her!
Sorsha: I don't need his help, Mother!
Bavmorda: You'll do as I say, child.
(Sorsha puts her helmet back on with a bit of resentment. Kael smiles and follows her out of the room. One of the Druids approaches the Queen.)
Druid: I read the signs. One day, I fear, your daughter will betray you.
Bavmorda: I trust her loyalty more than I trust yours.

(Our little Nelwyn caravan are taking a break. Suddenly the sounds of Death Dogs can be heard in the distance. The sound of horses coming closer can also be heard.)
Vohnkar: Move! (the group heads for cover) Into the bush! Come on, move! Come on!
(The group hides in some bushes as a Death Dog passes right in front of them. They watch as two Nockmaar soldiers meet up with a third.)
Nockmaar Soldier1: The Nelwyns have got the baby! We searched the village, but a group of them are on their own somewhere.
Nockmaar Soldier2: They couldn't have gone far!
Nockmaar Soldier1: Widen the search and report to Sorsha.
(The soldiers ride off in different directions and the Death Dogs follow them. The Nelwyns shakily get to their feet.)
Vohnkar: Come. We'll keep to the woods.
(They continue on their journey. They pass by a beautiful mountain range, relax around a campfire at night, use a large fallen tree to cross a deep gorge.)

(The Daikini Crossroads)
Vohnkar: That's it! It's the crossroads!
(It’s not a very nice place. They wind blows and you could hear a pin drop. There is no one around. Off to the side we can see two cages hanging off the ground on a scaffold. As the group gets closer Willow sees that one of the cages holds a Daikini skeleton. They slowly begin to make camp for the night.)
Vohnkar: Keep this fire high. We don't know what's out there.
(Willow is holding the baby when a strange sound startles the entire group.)
Meegosh: What was that?!
Vohnkar: Get the spears!
(There are more strange sounds. The group shifts around nervously, looking for the origin of the sounds. Willow backs up towards the hanging cages. Suddenly a hand grabs him from behind and lifts him off the ground. He cries out in fear. Suddenly he is face to face with a very dirty and dangerous looking Daikini.)
Madmartigan: Give me some water, peck, or you die.
(Vohnkar and the other warriors form a line in front of Meegosh and the baby.)
Madmartigan: You understand? Water.
Willow: (half choked) Yeah.
(He drops Willow, and Willow rolls to his feet and runs back to the group.)
Madmartigan: Hurry up!
(Once he’s safely behind the warriors, Willow stops and looks back at the man in the cage.)
Madmartigan: Get me some water, you measly little pecks!
Burglekutt: It's a Daikini. We're in luck.
Willow: (outraged) We can't give her to him!
Meegosh: Somebody put him there for a reason!
Burglekutt: Ufgood, we gotta get rid of her. Those soldiers are after us.
Meegosh: Ssshh! He's looking right at us.
(They all turn and see Madmartigan grinning at them.)
Vohnkar: We gotta give that baby to somebody.
Madmartigan: I'm somebody. Let me out of here; I'll take care of the baby.
(He makes kissing sounds at the baby and she gives him a skeptical look.)
Burglekutt: I trust him completely.
Willow: But he tried to strangle me!
Burglekutt: I wanna go home!
Willow: No, Burglekutt! We should wait.
Burglekutt: Are you challenging my authority?
Willow: As far as this baby's concerned, yes.
Madmartigan: Don't listen to him, Burglekutt.
Burglekutt: Fine. You stay here alone. But we're going!
Madmartigan: That's a bad idea. Very bad. Dangerous out there.
Burglekutt: Get the gear, men.
Willow: Vohnkar...
Burglekutt: It's not his decision!
Willow: (pointing his finger in Burglekutt's face) Burglekutt! You're troll dung!
Madmartigan: Don't let him talk to you that way, Burglekutt.
Burglekutt: (grabbing Willow's collar) Listen here, runt. While you're wasting your time here, your fields aren't getting planted. Think about it!
Willow: (pointing again) Burglekutt, I'm gonna...
Burglekutt: You're gonna what?
(Willow has no answer and Burglekutt laughs in his face.)
Willow: Someday, Burglekutt! Someday!
Burglekutt: Vohnkar, let's go!
Vohnkar: Meegosh, are you coming?
Meegosh: (looking scared) I'm staying.
Burglekutt: Ahh, come on men.
(He and the warriors head out.)
Madmartigan: Burglekutt, let me out of here. I'll take care of the baby, I swear. Just let me out of here, please! Vohnkar, let me borrow that spear just for a minute. Get...well, at least give me some water! Burglekutt, don't leave me alone with these two! Oooh!
(Madmartigan throws himself down in frustration as they leave without helping him. Willow and Meegosh stay close to the fire and the baby.)
Meegosh: What do we do now, Willow?
Madmartigan: Well, that was really stupid, peck.
Willow: Don't call me a peck.
Madmartigan: Oh, I'm sorry... peck... peck... peck peck peck peck peck!
Willow: You be careful! (pulls out an acorn) I am a powerful sorcerer. See this acorn? I'll throw it at you and turn you to stone.
Madmartigan: (mocking) Ooh...I'm really scared. No! Don't! Don't! There's a...a peck here with an acorn pointed at me!
(Willow pauses for a moment and then puts the acorn back in his pocket.)
Willow: Aww, I wouldn't want to waste it.
Madmartigan: Peck peck peck peck peck peck peck peck PECK!

(The baby is sleeping in the papoose. Willow and Meegosh are asleep by the side of the road. Suddenly a single horseman rides by waking everyone up.)
Meegosh: (gasps) What was that?
Madmartigan: (while cleaning his teeth) Morning, boys. Rough night last night, wasn't it? (Meegosh nods.) I don't think I introduced myself yesterday. My name is Madmartigan. And you are, uh.... (he sticks his hand out of the bars for a handshake.)
(Meegosh walks towards him with a smile, but is stopped by Willow.)
Willow: No, Meegosh! Don't go near him, he's dangerous.
Madmartigan: I am not.
(They hear the sound of another horse.)
Willow: Good!
(He hurries over to the roads and waves his arms back and forth to get the attention of the horseman riding towards them.)
Willow: Stop! Wait!
(The horseman doesn’t even blink and keeps on riding. Willow jumps out of the way to avoid being run over. Madmartigan grins at Willow as the horseman disappears into the distance.)
Willow: What's going on?
Madmartigan: Smells like a battle.
(Willow gets to his feet and gives Madmartigan a condescending look.)
Willow: I suppose you're a warrior.
Madmartigan: I am the greatest swordsman that ever lived.
(Willow rolls his eyes and then goes to get a drink of water.)
Madmartigan: Say, uh... could I have some of that water? (Willow gives him a look and then takes a drink. Madmartigan watches this and then promptly begins to fake cry.)
Madmartigan: (sobbing) I don't know why I try. (Willow begins walking towards him with the cup.) I guess I am gonna die here. Who cares?
Willow: (offering the water cup) Here.
Madmartigan: Thanks, friend.
(He grabs for the cup, but Willow backs up distracted by a sound on the road.)
Willow: What's that?
Madmartigan: (straining to reach the cup) I'd say... two or three hundred horses... five or six wagons... and about a thousand fools.
(Willow watches as the army approaches and then continues on by the camp. He tosses the cup to Madmartigan and then runs over to the baby.)
Madmartigan: Thank you.
Willow: Come on, Meegosh.
(Madmartigan isn’t quick enough and he drops the cup. He begins licking the water off his fingers. Willow picks up the baby and walks closer to the road.)
Willow: It's gonna be all right, little bobbin. Everything's gonna be all right. (to solider) Excuse me, sir?
Soldier: Out of the way, peck!
Willow: (to another horseman) Uh, pardon me? Uhh...
(Willow exchanges a glance with Meegosh as the whole army ignores them. A horseman rides up and stops beside Madmartigan’s cage.)
Willow: (to Airk) Excuse me, sir. (Airk looks down at him) We found one of your babies in our village. Will you please take care of her?
Airk: (takes of helmet) We're going into battle, little ones. Find a woman to take care of her.
Madmartigan: They thought you were a woman, Airk!
Airk: (turns to see who spoke) Well... ha ha ha! Madmartigan! What'd you do this time?
Madmartigan: Nothing you wouldn't have done in my place.
Airk: I always knew you'd end up in a crow's cage.
Madmartigan: Well, at least I'm not down there herding sheep. What are you doing this far north?
Airk: The Nockmaar army destroyed Galladoorn.
Madmartigan: (sobered) The castle?
Airk: Bavmorda's troops are crushing everything in sight.
Madmartigan: Come on, let me out of here, Airk. Give me a sword. I'll win this war for you.
Airk: Madmartigan. I still serve Galladoorn. You serve no one. Remember? Sit in your coffin and rot. (he rears his horse and rides off.)
Madmartigan: Wait, Airk! You need me! I'll be around long after you're dead! When I get out of here I'm gonna cut your head off and stick it on a pig pole!
(Madmartigan sits back down in his cage. Willow watches sadly as the army passes them by.)
Willow: I miss Kiaya and the bobbins.
Meegosh: We're running out of food.
Madmartigan: Nobody's gonna take care of that baby. You know why? Nobody cares. (sees that they are listening) Except me. You want to go back to your families. I want out of this cage. Let me take care of that baby, I'll look after her like she was my own.
Meegosh: I believe he would, Willow.
Willow: He doesn't know anything about babies.
Madmartigan: Right, but I know a lot of women who do. If I had somebody in my life... a little daughter, perhaps... I might have a reason to go on living. You can't leave me in here to die. Not when all I want to do is protect her.
(Willow is still doubtful since the words aren’t really sincere. Madmartigan suddenly falls out of the cage as Meegosh breaks the chain on the cage with a stick. Madmartigan quickly gets up and picks up Meegosh, swirling him around with happiness.)
Madmartigan: I... feel... BETTER! You've done the right thing! WOO!
Meegosh: (struggling to escape) All right! Okay! All right! All right! All right!
Willow: You've gotta promise to feed her!
Madmartigan: Come to Daddy, little darlin'!
Willow: And keep her clean!
Madmartigan: Absolutely! (He takes the baby from Willow and spins her around.) Wheee! (She doesn’t seem to like this very much.) She likes me.
Willow: Here are her changing rags and her milk bladder.
Madmartigan: Any milk in there?
Willow: (indignant) It's for her!
Madmartigan: I wouldn't steal from a baby. (He kneels down and Meegosh hangs the papoose over his shoulder.) You worry too much, peck.
Meegosh: It's Willow.
Madmartigan: I mean Willow. Now listen boys... Willow. You've done the right thing. Now I want you to get home, and bring your crop in. (He claps Willow on the shoulder.)
(Willow leans down and kisses the baby.)
Willow: Goodbye, little one.
(He gives Madmartigan a look and then Madmartigan straightens up and walks off with the baby.)
Willow: (calling out) Please take good care of her!
Madmartigan: (turning around and waving) I give you my word of honor!

(Willow and Meegosh are walking quickly towards home.)
Willow: Meegosh, slow down!
Meegosh: Oh, come on! If we hurry we can be home by tomorrow morning. We'll be heroes!
Willow: You really think so?
Meegosh: Sure. (pretending to be a villager) Look! There's Willow and Meegosh! The heroes have come home!
Willow: Welcome back, boys. You deserve medals!
Meegosh: Yeah!
Willow: Yeah! (They both laugh, but then he sobers.) Meegosh... did we do the right thing?
Meegosh: Absolutely. There's nothing to worry about.
(Willow looks unconvinced. Suddenly the silence is broken by the sound of a baby crying. They both look up and see an eagle with a brownie on it’s back flying towards them with the baby, still in the papoose, in the eagle’s talons.)
Franjean: (to the bird) Heeyaah!! (to the world) Ha ha! I stole the baby! I stole the baby! Ha ha ha ha ha! Heeyaah!!
Willow: (ducking to avoid the eagle) That's my baby! Stop! Wait! Come back!
Franjean: Flap, you stupid bird! Flap! Ha ha!
(Willow runs after them. He pauses next to a tree to catch his breath and jerks back with alarm as a tiny arrow lands on the tree trunk right next to his hand. Another arrow hits him in the arm.)
Willow: (pulling out the arrow) Oww!
Meegosh: Brownies! Let's get outta here!
(A whole army of Brownies continue to fire arrows at Willow and Meegosh.)
Willow: Come on, Meegosh!
Meegosh: Oww!
(They run through the forest.)
Willow: We'll outrun 'em!
(Both Willow and Meegosh cry out in fear as they fall into a pit of some kind. The Brownies laugh in victory.)

(Willow is awakened by water being throne on his face.)
Rool: Hey, ugly! Wake up!
(Willow looks at him in surprise but then quickly realizes that he and Meegosh are tied up and lying on the ground. A glance around tells us that they are surrounded by Brownies. They both struggle against their ropes.)
Rool: (to the other brownies) All right, all right, stand your ground. These are our prisoners! Good. Come on!
Willow: Meegosh! Where's the baby?
(A strange light moves across the sky.)
Cherlindrea: Bring the Nelwyns to me.
Franjean: (jumping on Willow's chest) All right! You heard her.
Willow: What's going on?
Franjean: Shut up or I'll break your nose! You are mine to toy with. (to the other brownies) Forward!
(The Brownies begin dragging the Nelwyns towards Cherlindrea.)
Willow: Where... where did you get that baby?
Franjean: I stole it from a stupid Daikini! (he laughs)
Cherlindrea: Franjean, release the Nelwyns. And stop pestering them!
Franjean: (almost inaudible) Uh-oh.
(Franjean quickly jumps off Willow’s chest as the other Brownies cut the ropes. Finally free, Willow jumps up and raises his arms and snarls. The Brownies run for cover. The strange light continues to move across the sky.)
Cherlindrea: Welcome to my kingdom.
(A tiny fairy flies up to Willow and kisses him on the nose. She then flies away. The light and mist come together and form the Fairy Queen. Willow and Meegosh watch, completely stunned.)
Cherlindrea: I am so happy to meet you, Willow Ufgood.
Willow: How do you know my name?
Cherlindrea: Elora Danan told me. Elora? (she floats over to where Elora is lying on a blanket.) Elora, Willow's here.
Willow: But she's just a baby!
Cherlindrea: She's very special. My brownies have been searching for her ever since we heard she was born. Elora Danan has chosen you to be her guardian.
(She levitates the baby into Willow’s arms.)
Willow: (stunned) Me?
Cherlindrea: Yes. She likes you! And Elora Danan knows that you have the courage to help us. Take my wand to the sorceress Fin Raziel. She will guide you and Elora Danan to the kingdom of Tir Asleen, where a good king and queen will look after her.
Willow: You need a warrior for a job like this. I'm a nobody! (Elora laughs.) Elora, you don't want me! Tell her. I'm short, even for a Nelwyn!
(Cherlindrea vanishes. Everyone else looks around in confusion.)
Willow: Hello?
(Cherlindrea reappears, but this time she has grown enormous.)
Cherlindrea: (stern) Elora Danan must survive. She must fulfill her destiny and bring about the downfall of Queen Bavmorda, whose powers are growing like an evil plague. Unless she is stopped, Bavmorda will control the lives of your village... your children... everyone. All creatures of good heart need your help, Willow. The choice is yours.
(She vanishes.)

(Willow walks over to where Meegosh is sleeping. He carries Cherlindrea’s wand. He taps Meegosh on the shoulder.)
Willow: Hey. Meegosh. Wake up. (Meegosh wakes up.) It's time to go home.
Meegosh: Home? (He joyfully gets up.)
Willow: Listen, Meegosh. Tell Kiaya I love her, and I think of her every day.
Meegosh: (shocked) Willow...
Willow: And tell her I'm not gonna let anything happen to the baby.
Meegosh: Are you sure you know what you're doing?
Willow: I hope so. (He hands a bag of supplies to Meegosh.)
Meegosh: Listen. Be careful.
(They hug good-bye.)

(Willow walks through the forest with the baby on his back and the want in his hand. Franjean and Rool are leading the way.)
Rool: I know the way, Franjean.
Franjean: You always think you know the way. I am the leader!
Willow: How long will it take to find this Raziel?
Franjean: Not long.
Rool: She's been exiled to an island just over those hills.
Willow: She's what?!
Rool: Exiled. By the evil Queen... Bavmorda! (he laughs)
Franjean: Rool, you fool, he does not need to know everything!
Rool: I didn't tell him everything.
Franjean: You told him enough!
Rool: What did I say?
Willow: (interrupting) Wait a minute!
Franjean: You mentioned the island, you mentioned the queen!
(The brownies tumble off the end of a log.)
Rool: So?
Willow: (gesturing with both hands and the wand) What do you mean? What are you saying, mysterious island?
(The Brownies flinch and duck away from the wand.)
Franjean: Don't play with that wand! Cherlindrea told you, it holds vast powers. Only a great sorcerer can use it, not a stupid peck like you.
(Rool chuckles. Franjean point in a direction and begins to walk that way.)
Franjean: This way!
Rool: No no no I don't think so.
Franjean: (changing direction) All right then, this way.
Rool: No no. (pointing) This way!
Franjean: This way?!
Rool: (in Franjean's face) That's what I said! (begins walking in the direction that he indicated)
(Franjean hesitates a moment and then points after Rool.)
Franjean: This way!
Willow: Are you sure you know where you're going?
Franjean: Of course. With us as your guides no harm will befall you!

(All three off them are soaking wet. They are trudging through a downpour. Willow comes to a tavern of sorts with Daikini’s unloading some kegs in the front. Franjean pops out from the papoose.)
Franjean: We are not going in there!
Willow: But Elora needs fresh milk. And we're drenched!
Franjean: You are not in command here, shorty. I am! You hear me? Whooaaa!
(Franjean falls back into the papoose as Willow starts toward the tavern.)

(The Tavern)
(Many Daikini’s are gathered inside. Music plays in the background, and this appears to be a rough crowd. All the people in the place give Willow a hostile look as he quietly makes his way over to the bar.)
Willow: Excuse me? Excuse me, could you spare some milk for this poor hungry baby?
Barmaid: (pelting him with cabbage leaves) Get outta here, peck!
Customer: Get outta here, or we'll cook you!
(Willow quickly walks away and finds a quiet spot near the stairs. He begins to tend to the baby. The Brownies pop out of the papoose and Rool spots a very pretty girl.)
Rool: Oooh, look at her. I could use a love potion on her! Franjean, hey! Give me that dust of broken heart! Come on!
(He grabs a pouch hanging from Franjean’s neck and they fight over it.)
Franjean: It's very dangerous! It belongs to the fairies!
(Franjean manages to win the fight, but Rool actually gets some of the dust spilled on him in the process. Franjean falls into Willows pouch, while Rool falls to the floor.)
Willow: Hey, quiet! Wanna get us killed?
(Rool gets to his feet with a sneeze and wipes his eyes.)
Franjean: Ah, Rool. Always playing with those fairy love potions.
(A cat walks up and Rool gazes at it with loving eyes.)
Rool: Oh...you are so beautiful! Your eyes...your whiskers...I have to kiss you! (He moves towards the cat with open arms.)
Franjean: Rool! That dust of broken heart.
(But before Rool can reach the cat it hisses at him. Startled, Rool makes a high leap onto one of the steps but then he falls into a barrel of liquid. He grabs the side of the barrel, but he realizes what he’s fallen into.)
Rool: Beer! (He falls back into the liquid.)
(A few of the tavern patrons get a little rowdy and move a little closer to Willow’s hiding place.)
Franjean: (ducking down into Willow's pouch) These people are crazy. This could be bad!
(Willow picks up the baby just as one of the patrons comes crashing down next to him. Willow jumps backwards and crashes through the wall. He lands on the floor in another side room where a woman is running around frantically trying to find articles of clothing for the other person in the room.)
Woman: Hurry! Hurry! My husband's coming. If he catches you here he'll kill us both!
Madmartigan: (wearing a pink dress) How do I look?
Woman: Cover your face!
Willow: (to Madmartigan) Not you?!
Madmartigan: (to Willow) Where the hell did you come from?
Willow: I knew I shouldn't have trusted you!
Franjean: (to Madmartigan) Don't I know you? I stole the baby from you, Daikini - while you were taking a peepee!
Woman: (to Madmartigan) Cover your face!
(He wraps a scarf around his head.)
Madmartigan: (to Willow) You are crawling with brownies.
Woman: Aahh! I hate brownies!
(Franjean makes faces at her. The door bursts open and Willow is knocked aside. A somewhat large and angry man storms into the room.)
Llug: Where is he?!
Woman: Hello, dear.
Llug: Where?!
Woman: There's nobody here but me and, uh, my, uh...
Llug: I'll kill him!
Woman: Uhhh, my cousin, Hilda.
Willow: Hilda?!
Llug: Oooh, Hilda!
Woman: Hilda, this is my husband, Llug.
Madmartigan: (in a high voice) Mmm, big husband. How do you do?
(Llug approaches Madmartigan, who backs up against the wall. Llug smiles lecherously.)
Llug: Hilda, oooh! (grabs at "Hilda's" ample bosom) Come on, girl, don't be shy!
(Madmartigan slaps Llug’s hand away. He then moves over and picks up Elora.)
Willow: Hey! Give her back!
Madmartigan: (high voice) Pecks make such terrible nursemaids.
Willow: Nursemaid?!
Madmartigan: (high voice) They get too excited!
(Willow tries to get Elora back, but Madmartigan knocks him down. Rool chooses this moment to wander into the room. It’s obvious that he’s drunk.)
Rool: Excuse me! Are we having a party? (He laughs and then dries to dodge as Willow grabs at him.) Hey! Hey hey!
(Llug finally manages to corner Madmartigan.)
Madmartigan: (high voice) Stop.
(Willow holds Rool up for a moment.)
Rool: Come on, fight like a man!
(Willow drops Rool into his pouch.)
Llug: Wanna breeeed?
Madmartigan: (high voice) Tempting, but...no!
(Madmartigan ducks out of reach, but Llug continues to follow him.)
Madmartigan: (high voice) Thank you. I have to leave.
Woman: Bye, Hilda!
(As Madmartigan reaches the door it bursts open and some Nockmaar soldiers enter the room.)
Nockmaar Soldier: Take them out!
(The soldiers drag everyone into the main room.)
Soldiers: Right. Come along, peck! Move along! Gather 'em all with the babies!
Sorsha: (to one of the tavern patrons) That baby over there. Let me see its arm. (she inspects it) That's not the one.
(Willow watches with apprehension as she approaches Madmartigan next.)
Sorsha: You! Are you the mother of that child?
Madmartigan: (high voice) Yes, yes I am.
Sorsha: Lemme see it.
Willow: No! Don't let her!
Sorsha: (Kicks Willow out of the way and then turns back to Madmartigan.) I gave you an order, woman!
(She reaches for the baby, but Madmartigan shoves her away. Suddenly Madmartigan finds himself at the dangerous end of a couple of swords. Sorsha slams her sword into the floor and removes her helmet.)
Madmartigan: (so startled he almost forgets the high voice) You're... beautiful...
Sorsha: And you're very strong.
Madmartigan: (almost high voice) Thank you.
Sorsha: You're no woman! (yanks his scarf off)
Woman: (pleading) Now, honey...
Llug: (outraged) Not a woman?!
Woman: Take it easy...
Madmartigan: (in his own voice) Gentlemen...
Llug: (louder) Not a woman?!
Madmartigan:...meet Llug!
(Madmartigan ducks out of the way as Llug lunges at him so Llug manages to hit the Nockmaar soldiers instead. Madmartigan takes off running.)
Sorsha: After them!
(Willow heads after Madmartigan and manages to trip a soldier in the process.)
Willow: Outta my way!
Sorsha: To the horses!
(Upstairs Madmartigan makes his way out to the balcony. He hits one of the men who are unloading the beer. He then grabs the rope and manages to swing himself down to the wagon below. He places the baby safely under the seat, and urges the horses on. Willow is still on the balcony.)
Willow: Madmartigan! Madmartigan, wait!
(As the wagon races off Willow has no choice but to make a jump for it.)

(Willow and lands hard in the back of the wagon. Rool and Franjean fall out of his pouch. )
Llug: (running behind the wagon) He's not a woman!!
(Several Nockmaar soldiers make chase. Meanwhile, Willow is struggling to keep his balance in the racing wagon.)
Willow: Madmartigan, stop!!!
(Madmartigan ignores him and keeps going, so Willow makes his way over to where Elora is and tries to shelter her. Franjean meanwhile tries to keep his balance given the motion of the wagon and some loose apples rolling around.)
Franjean: Rool! Rool!
(Three Nockmaar soldiers on horseback catch up to the wagon.)
Madmartigan: (to his horses) Hyaah!!
(Madmartigan starts to pull apples from out of his dress.)
Willow: Madmartigan, I'm warning you!
(Madmartigan tosses an apple over his shoulder and it hits Willow on the head.)
Willow: Ow!
(One of the Nockmaar soldiers comes abreast of the wagon. Franjean looks through a gap in the wagon at him.)
Franjean: Prepare to die!
(The soldier jumps onto the back of the wagon. Madmartigan hops out of the drivers seat and into the back of the wagon to fight the soldier. He picks up a shovel and uses it to k nock the soldier out of the wagon. But another soldier hops into the wagon and knocks the shovel out of his hand. Madmartigan and the second soldier fight to get a hold of the soldier’s sword.)
Willow: Madmartigan, stop!!
(Neither Madmartigan nor the soldier pay any attention to him. Willow decides to try and recapture the reins for the horses as Rool vomits over the side of the wagon. But before Willow can get his hands on the reins they slip out of reach. Willow spots a log in the middle of the road just before the wagon hits it. Willow is knocked out of the wagon and onto the pole between the horses. Rool is thrown out of the wagon as well and hangs on for dear life on the side of the wagon.)
Rool: Franjean! Help me!
(The back wheel of the wagon suddenly breaks, but the wagon does not stop going.)
Franjean: (looking around) Rool!
Rool: Help!!
Franjean: Rool! Rool! (finally locating him) Rool, what are you doing?
Rool: Help me!
(Willow frantically tries to reach the reins as Franjean pulls Rool to safety.)
Franjean: Come on.
Rool: Pull me in!
Franjean: I am!
(Willow finally manages to grab the reins and he crawls back into the drivers seat. Madmartigan and the soldier are still fighting in the back of the wagon. Another soldier hops into the back of the wagon, narrowly missing Rool. Willow confronts the new soldier with a wooden mallet. The new soldier lunges for Willow with his sword, but he misses. Willow hits him in the crotch with the mallet, and then in the head. A low branch from a tree knocks the man out of the wagon. The other back wheel falls apart as Willow knocks himself out with the mallet as he falls. Madmartigan falls out of the back of the wagon, but he manages to grab onto a piece of rope. The soldier that he was fighting with falls out as well, but manages to grab onto Madmartigan. They continue the fight as they both try and get back into the wagon. Franjean and Rool make their way over to the remaining beer kegs that are in the wagon.)
Franjean: Rool, this isn't funny. Help me cut the rope!
(Both Brownies cut at the rope until it breaks. The kegs roll off the back of the wagon and knock the soldier off of Madmartigan. Madmartigan is now able to climb back into the wagon while Franjean and Rool celebrate. But the Nockmaar soldiers have arrived. Madmartigan grabs a wood pole to fend off the soldiers mace. Willow finally wakes up.)
Madmartigan: Willow, stay down!
(Willow ignores him and reaches back and gets the reins. Madmartigan succeeds in knocking the soldiers weapon away and it falls into the wagon.)
Willow: Whoa! Whoa!
(The wagon comes to a stop and the chariot shoots past them. Madmartigan sits down next to Willow as the chariot makes a u-turn.)
Madmartigan: Have you gone crazy?
Willow: You can't chase around with Elora like this! We're getting off!
Madmartigan: (to the horses) Hyaah! Hyaah!
(Madmartigan flicks the reins and the horses take off as Willow is thrown to the back of the wagon. Madmartigan picks up the dropped mace and swings it over his head as they race towards the chariot. The chariot swerves to avoid a collision and Madmartigan throws the mace at them, knocking one of them out of the chariot. The chariot then hits a bush and falls over, making the other soldier fall out. The horses pulling the chariot keep running. Willow and Madmartigan watch the horses run away.)

Madmartigan: (to his horses) Whoa! Whoa!
(The wagon comes to a stop and Rool tumbles out of the back and into the road.)
Franjean: Oh, Rool!
Madmartigan: Now we stop, peck!
(Madmartigan hops of the wagon as Franjean helps Rool to his feet.)
Rool: Stupid Daikini. Ask him to stop the wagon.
(Willow gets out of the wagon carrying Elora.)
Willow: Madmartigan, you never, ever drive that fast with an infant!
Madmartigan: (in disbelief) I just saved that infant's life!
(With a slap of his hand he sends the horses running down the road. Then Madmartigan drags Willow to the wooded area beside the road.)
Franjean: (to Rool) Gather your wits. Come on!
Rool: Don't worry about me, I'm fine!
Madmartigan: Come on.
(In the distance the sound of horses can be heard, and they are getting closer. Our group hides in a ditch.)
Madmartigan: Down!
(But Rool is still standing in the middle of the road.)
Rool: Oh, where am I? Oh...
Franjean: Rool, you fool, get out of the road!
(The horses pass right over Rool. After they are gone Madmartigan gets up and starts walking away.)
Rool: (almost inaudible) Ah, Franjean...
Madmartigan: You'd better clear out, Willow, before those troops come back.
Rool: (almost inaudible) Ah, my head!
Willow: (not moving) We don't need him, Elora.
(Elora begins to cry and Willow looks a little worried.)

(In a nearby field Madmartigan continues on his way, but Willow comes running up behind him.)
Willow: Madmartigan, wait!
Madmartigan: Go home, Willow. It's a dangerous world.
Willow: Yeah, and that's why we need your help.
Madmartigan: My help? Ha! What do you need my help for? You're a sorcerer.
Willow: You're a great warrior. And a swordsman. And you're ten times bigger than I am, stupid!
Madmartigan: (throwing down a piece of his ‘dress’) Are you trying to make my life more difficult than it already is?
(Just then Death Dogs can be heard and Willow and Madmartigan throw themselves to the ground. Franjean and Rool come running up.)
Franjean: Hurry! Big dogs!
Willow: Look, I'm sorry I got angry. We wouldn't have escaped without you. (looks away toward the sound of the dogs.)
(Madmartigan takes that moment to look at Elora and gently touch her hand. She smiles up at him. Willow turns back and Madmartigan quickly acts like he wasn’t doing anything.)
Madmartigan: (getting up) Well, don't expect me to help you again.
Franjean: Good! Then we go that way, to the lake!
(He points in the direction that they need to go, but Rool taps him on the shoulder and points in a different direction.)
Rool: That way.
(Franjean slams the butt of his spear onto the ground in frustration.)
Franjean: You are drunk. And when you are drunk you forget that I am in charge.
Rool:...you are in charge. Fine. Then which way do we go?
(After a moment they both point in the direction that Rool indicated.)
Franjean & Rool: That way!
(Willow looks at Madmartigan who throws his hands up in frustration.)
Madmartigan: Oh, no! That's the way I'm going. All right, all right, you can follow me as far as the lake. But that's it. You're not going south, are you?
Willow: No, no. Just as far as the lake.
Madmartigan: Good. (to the brownies) Mumbo! Jumbo! I am hungry. Go get me some eggs or something.
Franjean: We are not afraid of you!
Madmartigan: Now!
(Franjean and Rool run away.)

(Nockmaar Castle – Throne Room)
(Kael approaches the Queen and kneels before her.)
Bavmorda: Kael. Have you found the child?
Kael: The search goes on, my queen.
Bavmorda: Why, with my powers, with the strength of my great army, can you not find one little child?
Kael: We look even now. It won't be long.
Bavmorda: (slapping his face) Find the child, find the child! Time is running out.

(Madmartigan and Willow have now made camp. It’s night now. Madmartigan has tucked his skirt into his boots so it now looks as if he is wearing pink pants.)
Willow: (whispering to Elora) Good night.
Madmartigan: She is kind of cute... when she's quiet.
Willow: She's really a princess.
Madmartigan: Really? And you're a great sorcerer. And I'm the king of Cashmere. Go to sleep, Willow. (lies down)
Willow: Good night, Madmartigan.
(Franjean and Rool are asleep beside the fire.)
Rool: Rats! Big rats! (he flings his arms about in his sleep and manages to hit Franjean) Rats!
Franjean: (waking up) Huh? Uh? Rats?! Ra... (more awake now) Rool, you and that stupid rat dream. Huh!
(Franjean rolls over and goes back to sleep. It seems that now everyone is asleep except for Willow. He picks up Cherlindrea’s wand and waves it around a bit.)
Willow: Tuatha...locktwaar... tuatha WAHAA!!
(A blast of energy throws him up into the air. The sound of his shout wakes up Madmartigan.)
Madmartigan: Hmmh? Willow? Willow... (He looks around and then spots Willow on the branch of a tree about 10 feet off the ground.) Oh, there you are.
Willow: Madmartigan!
Madmartigan: (yawning) Night, Willow.
(Madmartigan goes back to sleep and Willow looks down at the wand in his hand with a mix of horror and awe.)

(Our hero’s make their way through the mountains.)
Rool: This way! This way!

(Madmartigan holds Elora as he sits next to the rushing water. Willow walks up to them to see what Madmartigan is doing.)
Willow: What are you doing?
Madmartigan: I found some blackroot. She loves it!
Willow: Blackroot?! I am the father of two children, and you never, ever give a baby blackroot!
Madmartigan: Well my mother raised us on blackroot. It's good for you. Puts hair on your chest, doesn't it, Sticks?
Willow: Her name is not Sticks. She's Elora Danan, the future empress of Tir Asleen, and the last thing she's gonna want is a hairy chest! (He grabs the blackroot and tosses it into the water.)
Madmartigan: (to Elora) Did you see what he did? He stole our blackroot! I'll get some more, don't worry about it.

(The Lake)
(The group looks out at a small island that sits in the center of the lake.)
Rool: There it is! The island!
Willow: We made it.
Franjean: We have led you to the island of the sorceress Fin Raziel. We'll get a boat in that village.
Rool: A big boat! (laughs)

(The Village)
(They all look around, but the village is deserted.)
Madmartigan: Well, looks like I got you here.
Franjean: You?!
Rool: What did you do? All you did was hang around and eat our egg. Ah?
Willow: I found a boat, we're all set!
Madmartigan: Good. Take these two lizards out and drown 'em.
Franjean: Lizards? Who are you calling lizards?
Rool: Your mother was a lizard!
(Madmartigan ignores them and kneels down in front of Elora.)
Madmartigan: Goodbye, Sticks. (He glances over at Willow who is preparing a boat.) If you really are a princess, take care of him. (He gets up and begins to walk away.)
Willow: Madmartigan!
Madmartigan: (stops and turns back) What?
Willow: Thanks.
(Madmartigan smiles and waves before turning and continuing on his way. As he passes by Franjean and Rool he kicks some dirt at them. They react with anger and irritation.)
Rool: Keep walking, hero!
Franjean: Don't even turn around!
(Willow and the Brownies go over to where he has put Elora.)
Willow: It's all right, Elora. Go to sleep. Nobody'll find you here. I'll be back with Fin Raziel very soon.
Franjean: We will guard her with our meager lives.

(The Boat)
(Willow slowly makes his way out to the island.)

(The Island)
(Willow looks around, but it appears to be a deserted place.)
Willow: Raziel! Fin Raziel! I have to talk to you, please. Raziel! (silence) She's not here.
(He turns and heads back to the boat, but a strange cry makes him stop. He looks and spots a strange creature sitting in a tree. It seems to be like a possum, but not really. It’s smaller and has a longer snout.)
Raziel: Get back! Who are you? Who are you?
Willow: I'm Willow Ufgood.
Raziel: What are you doing here?
Willow: I've come to find the great sorceress, Fin Raziel.
Raziel: That's me. I'm Raziel.
Willow: This can't be right!
Raziel: One of Bavmorda's spells transformed me. Believe me, it could have been worse!
Willow: Well... (pulls out the wand) This wand is for you. It's from Cherlindrea.
Raziel: Then the prophecy is true. The princess has been born! Take me to her.

(The Village)
(Willow now sits holding Elora while Raziel sits on his shoulder.)
Raziel: It is Elora Danan! Isn't she beautiful? Oooh, isn't she beautiful?
Rool: That's Raziel?!
Franjean: I don't know. I expected something more grand, less, uh...
Rool: Fuzzy.
Franjean: Fuzzy.
Raziel: (to Willow) You must use the wand. Turn me back into my human form.
Willow: What do I do?
Raziel: You mean you're not a sorcerer?
Willow: Yes! Sorta... I'm a farmer.
(Franjean and Rool throw down their spears in disgust.)
Willow: But I do know a few tricks.
Raziel: Tricks? Cherlindrea sent you?! You must learn real magic.
(Outside the hut they hear the sound of horses.)
Rool: Horses.
Franjean: Horses!
Raziel: Take her. Hurry, hurry!
(All of them try to make a run for it, but there’s no time. A small band of Nockmaar soldiers ride into the village and cut them off. Madmartigan is with t hem, but his wrists are tied and his clothing is in shreds.)
Franjean: I knew he was a traitor!
Madmartigan: Sorry about this, peck.
Nockmaar Soldier: Keep your mouth shut! (he hits Madmartigan, knocking him off the horse) I told you we'd find them without your help.
(Willow tries to make a run for it but another soldier grabs him.)
Nockmaar Soldier: Gimme that baby!
Willow: No! (The soldier manages to grab the baby.) Give her back!
(Another soldier grabs Raziel.)
Raziel: Aah, get your dukes off me!
(Sorsha rides up and examines the baby. She spots the mark on Elora’s arm.)
Sorsha: This is the one we're looking for. We must take it back to Nockmaar.
(The soldier who grabbed Raziel stuffs her into a burlap sack. Sorsha looks down at Madmartigan who is still lying on the ground.)
Sorsha: Lose your skirt?
Madmartigan: (gets up and walks over to her) Still got what counts.
Sorsha: Not for long. (She kicks him in the face and then rides away.) Bring him!
(One of the soldiers grabs Madmartigan.)
Nockmaar Soldier: Over here!
(Another soldier drags Willow over to the horses and they all ride off. The Brownies run after them for a short distance before coming to a halt.)
Rool: We'll never keep up with those horses!
Franjean: Then we will have to track them.
Rool: That would take forever. Besides, even if we find them, they'll catch us, stick us in cages, torture us and finally devour us.
Franjean: Are you suggesting we go home?
Rool: Naw... This is more fun!
Franjean: All right. Fine then. Come on!
(They take off after the horses.)

(The caravan of soldiers that captured Madmartigan and Willow marches along. One of the soldiers awkwardly carries Elora. Elora it seems is not at all happy with this because she is crying her little head off. Raziel is now in a cage hanging from the back of a wagon. Willow and Madmartigan are chained to this same wagon by the necks and they walk behind it. Madmartigan is now wearing proper clothes, a black shirt and black pants.)
Willow: I'm worried about Elora. She doesn't sound good.
Raziel: Hurry! Practice the chant I taught you!
Willow: Tanna... luatha... oh, I can't remember the middle part!
Raziel: Locktwarr! That's the word that pleads for change.
Willow: Locktwarr...
(Sorsha rides up to them and Madmartigan quickly moves over Willow so that he stands beside her.)
Willow: (to Sorsha) Elora's cold and hungry. She knows me. Please, let me take care of her.
Sorsha: I don't need help from a peck. (Willow looks away and she turns to Madmartigan) What are you staring at?
Madmartigan: Your leg. I'd like to break it.
Sorsha: You might find that difficult, slave, while I'm up here and you're down there. (She rides ahead.)
Madmartigan: I hate that woman.

(The Mountains)
(Now the caravan has reached the mountains. There is snow all around. As they continue on their way Willow falls to the ground and doesn’t have enough energy to pick himself up. Madmartigan quickly comes over and places Willow on his shoulders. Kael rides out to meet the caravan and Sorsha rides up to him. She shows him the baby.)
Sorsha: I found it, Kael! That should make my mother happy.
Willow: What are they gonna do to her?
(Madmartigan has no idea, but it doesn’t look good.)

(The camp has now settled down for the night. Soldiers and Death Dogs patrol. Willow and Madmartigan have now been placed in a large cage. Well, it’s large for Willow, but Madmartigan has no choice but to sit down. Raziel is hanging nearby. Willow, it seems, is making a potion. He uses the wands to mix the potion in a small bowl.)
Willow: Hither... wolha... bairn... deru... bordak... bellanockt!
Madmartigan: That's magic? Smells terrible.
Willow: It's the life spark. Forms after...
Madmartigan: (interrupting) Well it stinks! This whole thing stinks.
Raziel: Ignore him, Willow. He's a fool.
Madmartigan: If only I had a sword! Haaa.... (acts as if he had a sword)
Willow: If only you'd quit talking about it!
Raziel: Willow, you must transform me to my human self.
Willow: But Raziel, I'm not ready yet!
Raziel: You'd better be. Get me down!
(Madmartigan reaches up with a long pole and knocks her cage to the ground. It opens up and she crawls into their cage. During this Madmartigan manages to bang his head against the bars.)
Madmartigan: (clutching his head) Oww! Uhh... (to Willow) Why don't you help me get out of here instead of chattering with that muskrat?
Raziel: Muskrat? When I change back to my former self I will crush this army and take Elora Danan to Tir Asleen, where she will be safe. (she takes this moment to bit into Willow’s finger)
Willow: Owww! Whadja bite me for?!
Raziel: You need three drops of your blood to put in the potion.
Willow: Well, you could have warned me.
Raziel: For beginners there's some pain, but don't let anything break your concentration.
(Willow stands up and with the wand in his hand begins to chant.)
Willow: Hither greenan bairn claideblunanockt.
(Franjean and Rool finally arrive in the camp.)
Franjean: Hello, everybody! We have arrived.
Rool: You are saved!
Willow: Shh!
Raziel: Don't interrupt.
Willow: Hither greenan bairn claideb lunanockt. Hither greenan bairn claideb lunanockt.
Madmartigan: What are you gonna look like if this works?
Raziel: Don't interrupt.
Madmartigan: Sorry.
Willow: Hither greenan bairn claideb lunanockt.
(The wand begins to glow.)
Raziel: I am a young, beautiful woman.
Madmartigan: Concentrate, Willow.
Willow: Hither greenan bairn claideblunanockt. Hither greenan bairn claideblunanockt.
Raziel: (making odd noises) Is it really me?
Willow: Hither greenan bairn claideblunanockt.
(Raziel curls up into a ball and begins to sprout feathers.)
Willow: Hither greenan bairn claideb…ahhh...!
(Willow falls back in pain and drops the wand. Madmartigan catches him as he cradles his wrist in pain.)
Madmartigan: You all right? Nice try, Willow.
(They both look over and see that Raziel has been changed into a crow.)
Raziel: Farmers! Cherlindrea sends me farmers!
Franjean: Ew! The Nelwyn really butchered that one.
Willow: I'm sorry, Raziel.
Franjean: You want out?
Rool: Easy! We can pick a lock. Come on!
(They pull out Franjean’s spear and go to work on the lock.)
Rool: No. No no, let me!
Franjean: I know what I'm doing. It's my spear, leave it alone.
Madmartigan: Let me do it. Out of the way, rodents.
(He takes ahold of the spear and begins working the lock himself.)
Franjean: Take your hand off that! You leave that alone, you stupid fat Daikini! (he whacks Madmartigan on the nose with the pouch of fairy dust. Madmartigan jerks back.).
Madmartigan: Ow!
Rool: Ha ha ha ha ha! Dust of broken heart! Ha ha ha ha hee hee.
(Madmartigan makes like he’s going to hurt them, but then he stops and gets a dreamy look in his eyes. Rool and Franjean open the lock.)
Franjean: You are free!
Willow: Come on, Madmartigan. Let's get Elora Danan out of here.
Madmartigan: (grinning like an idiot) Yeah... that'd be fun.
Willow: Come on.
(They make their way across the camp and stop by a tent.)
Willow: (to Madmartigan) Are you all right?
Madmartigan: Yeah. (flops down in the snow) I feel... good.
Rool: The dust of broken heart.
Franjean: Umm...
Willow: (to Madmartigan) Come on.

(Sorsha’s Tent)
Rool: Let me see!
Franjean: Let ME see!
Rool: You always see!
Willow: (peeking into the tent) There's Elora, right there on those furs.
Rool: Hey, wait.
Franjean: Leave this to us, it's too dangerous for you.
Madmartigan: Only one of us should go in there. I've got experience in this sort of thing. I know what I'm doing.
(Willow nods and Madmartigan crawls into the tent. He slowly makes his way over to the baby. He glances at Sorsha to make sure she’s still asleep and the looks back to the baby. But suddenly his gaze is drawn back to Sorsha. He changes directions and makes his way over to her.)
Franjean & Rool: Uh-oh.
Willow: (quietly) No! No!
Madmartigan: (quietly to Sorsha) I love you.
Willow: (louder) Madmartigan, what are you doing? Get the baby! Go!
(Madmartigan turns and goes over to Elora, but then changes his direction once again and goes back over to where Sorsha lies asleep. He places his hands over his heart.)
Madmartigan: Oh, Sorsha.
(Willow slaps his hand to his head in frustration and the Brownies follow suit.)
Madmartigan: Wake from this hateful sleep.
(While Madmartigan is preoccupied Willow makes his way into the tent.)
Madmartigan: It deprives me of your beauty - the beauty of your eyes!
(Suddenly Sorsha whips out a dagger and aims it directly at Madmartigan’s crotch.)
Sorsha: One move, jackass, and you really will be a woman.
(She gets up and pushes him away from her.)
Madmartigan: You are my sun, my moon, my starlit sky. Without you, I dwell in darkness. I love you.
Sorsha: What are you doing here?
Madmartigan: Your power has enchanted me, I stand helpless against it. Come to me now. Tonight, let me worship you in my arms.
Sorsha: Get away from me!
Madmartigan: I love you!
Sorsha: Stop saying that!
Madmartigan: How can I stop the beating of my heart? It pounds like never before.
Sorsha: Aye, with fear.
Madmartigan: Ah, with love.
Sorsha: I can stop it. (places the dagger next to his throat) I'll kill you.
Madmartigan: Death next to love is a trivial thing. (He looks down at her hand that rests on his chest.) Your touch is worth a hundred thousand deaths.
(Sorsha slowly lowers the dagger. As they move in closer to one another, Kael barges in carrying Willow by the scruff of his shirt. Willow is carrying Elora.)
Kael: What goes on here?
(He drops Willow on a pile of furs. Sorsha looks at Elora’s empty bed and then she turns to Madmartigan in anger.)
Sorsha: Deceiver!
(She lunges at Madmartigan but he kicks the dagger out of her hand. Kael and the rest of the soldiers draw their swords.)
Kael: Stop him!
(Madmartigan grabs Sorsha’s sword and slices the tents center pole in half. The tent begins to collapse. He grabs Sorsha and kisses her as the tent falls around them.)

(Willow crawls out of the tent with Elora while Madmartigan then slices a hole in the tent with the sword. Willow watches in awe as Madmartigan fights off several Nockmaar soldiers.)
Willow: You ARE great!
(Madmartigan gives his sword a little flip and smiles at Willow, but then he promptly slips and falls. Quite a few more soldiers head in their direction.)
Madmartigan: Get on that shield!
(Willow spots the shield and runs over to it. He then sits himself on it as Madmartigan fights off the other soldiers. Madmartigan is just about to hop onto the shield with Willow when Sorsha comes out of the remains of her tent.)
Madmartigan: Sorsha!
(He takes a step toward her, but halts when Kael emerges from the tent.)
Kael: After them!
(Madmartigan quickly gets on the shield behind Willow and pushes to get the shield to move. They begin their adventure down the mountain.)
Nockmaar Soldier: They're getting away!
(We see several amazing shots of our hero’s racing down the mountain at high speeds on the back of the shield.)

(Nockmaar Camp)
(Franjean and Rool struggle to get out of the collapsed tent.)
Franjean: Where are you, Rool?
Rool: Where are you?
Franjean: I don't know.
(They finally get out into the sun.)
Franjean: Oh no, where did everybody go?
Rool: Maybe it was something we said.
(Kael and his men race after Willow and Madmartigan who are still on a wild ride down the mountain.)

(Both the men cry out in fear, but Elora is having a grand old time. The shield hits a small cliff and goes airborne for a moment, but in that time Madmartigan falls off the shield and begins to roll down the mountain. Willow and Elora manage to stay on the shield which quickly makes it’s way into a small village.)

(They slide through the village and slide right into a hut that has the door open. There is a loud crash. Willow, who is unhurt, checks on Elora who gives a huge yawn. He walks to the open door and looks out. His eyes widen as he sees Madmartigan heading towards them.)
Willow: Madmartigan!
(Madmartigan is now covered with many layers of ice and has become a human snowball. Only his feet stick out. The snowball is heading directly for Willow’s hut. Willow quickly shuts the door. We hear the sound of the impact and some snow flies through the window and hits Willow on the face. Willow opens the door and goes to check on Madmartigan who is struggling out of the remaining snowball as the villagers watch in amazement.)
Willow: Madmartigan!
Madmartigan: (holding his head) What the hell happened up there?
Willow: You started spouting poetry.
Madmartigan: Poetry?
Willow: Yeah. "I love you Sorsha, I worship you Sorsha." You almost got us killed! (kicks some snow at Madmartigan)
Madmartigan: "I love you Sorsha?" I don't love her - she kicked me in the face! I hate her! Don't I?
Raziel: (flying up) Kael! Kael!
Village Lookout: (pointing up the mountain) Nockmaar soldiers!
Villager: Hide, get the children! Come on!
(The villagers scatter in panic.)
Villager2: C'mon, hide, get the children!
Madmartigan: They're after us. We need a place to hide.
Villager2: Come on, follow me, quick! Come on, move!
(The villager leads them away as the Nockmaar soldiers enter the village.)

(Willow and Madmartigan are taken to a cellar. There are several other men there hiding. Suddenly a hand grabs Madmartigan’s shoulder. It’s Airk.).
Airk: I knew you'd get out of that rat trap.
(Madmartigan smiles, and then slams Airk against the wall.)
Madmartigan: You left me to die, Airk.
Airk: I probably saved your life. We were slaughtered and I lost a lot of good...
Galladoorn Soldier: Shhh, quiet!
(In the house above Sorsha kicks open the door and enters. She looks around.)
Kael: (os) Tear this village apart! Look everywhere! Find the child!
(One of the soldiers kicks over a table with a crash. Frightened, Elora cries out and continues to cry. While Willow frantically tries to quiet the baby, Raziel flies through the hut, cawing loudly to distract and mislead Sorsha. When Elora stops crying Raziel flies away, but Sorsha watches her go with suspicion. Madmartigan watches her with interest through the spaces between the floorboards.)

(Kael and his soldiers are still terrorizing the villagers.)
Kael: Tell Sorsha I search the north bank.
Nockmaar Soldier: Yes, general.
(Kael rides off with several soldiers.)

(The Hut)
(Sorsha looks down and kicks away an animal fur and discovers the trapdoor into the cellar. All the men that were near the stairway back away into the shadows.)
Galladoorn Soldier: (to Willow, who's struggling to keep Elora quiet) Shhh, quiet!
(Sorsha opens the trap door and heads down into the cellar. Airk nudges Madmartigan and gives him a dagger. Madmartigan grips it as they wait for Sorsha to come closer. As soon as she’s within reach Madmartigan grabs her wrist and jerks her off the steps while placing the dagger at her throat.)
Nockmaar Soldier: (one of several coming down the steps) Sorsha!
Madmartigan: Back. Back!
(The soldiers back up. Madmartigan, still using Sorsha as a shield, leads the way back up into the hut.)
Madmartigan: Back.
Airk: (to Willow) Keep the baby quiet.
Willow: (without flinching) She needs to be changed.
Madmartigan: (looking out the window at the violence outside) Nockmaar scum.
Sorsha: (struggling) You'll never defeat us. Give up the baby!
Madmartigan: Shut up!
(Willow sets Elora down next to the fireplace and begins to change her.)
Airk: What does Bavmorda want with this baby anyway?
Willow: She's a princess. We're taking her to Tir Asleen.
Airk: Tir Asleen? Even if you could find it, peck, she's right - you'd never get past the Nockmaar army.
Willow: There's an even bigger army at Tir Asleen, if we can just get there.
Airk: (to Madmartigan) I've lost more than half my army fighting Bavmorda. Now you and this peck are gonna take her on? You always told me you served no one, Madmartigan. Since when are you a crusader? (to Willow) He's not gonna help you, peck. He's a worthless thief.
Madmartigan: I'm not a thief, Airk.
Willow: (to Airk) He's not a thief. (to Madmartigan) Are you?
(Madmartigan ponders his answer, then he stands up and drags Sorsha with him.)
Madmartigan: I serve the Nelwyn, Airk. (Willow smiles.) Wanna come with us?
Airk: You'll never make it, Madmartigan.
Madmartigan: Then once again we say goodbye.

(Madmartigan forces Sorsha outside, followed by Willow with Elora. Madmartigan and Sorsha mount one of the horses. Willow vaults himself and Elora onto the other one. Suddenly Sorsha cries out.)
Sorsha: Over here!
Nockmaar Soldier: Sorsha!
(Many of the soldiers advance on the horses.)
Madmartigan: (with the dagger still to Sorsha’s throat) Weapons down or she's dead.
(They all throw down their swords.)
Willow: (to his horse) Hyaah, hyaah!
(The four of them ride out of the village and immediately the soldiers grab their swords.)
Nockmaar Soldier: Get to the horses, after them!
(But they are not able to as Airk and his men choose this moment to come charging out of hiding. The villagers join in the attack. Raziel flies after Willow and Madmartigan as Airk pauses a moment to watch them ride away.)

(Mountain Pass)
(It’s no longer snowy here. Willow and Elora ride just ahead of Madmartigan and Sorsha.)
Raziel: This way! This way! As the crow flies, you fools!
Sorsha: You're holding me too tight!
Madmartigan: Well, I don't want you to get away.
Sorsha: Why? Because I'm your sun, your moon, your starlit sky?
Madmartigan: Get your hair out of my face or I'll chop it off. (pause) Did I really... did I really say those things last night in your tent?
Sorsha: You said you loved me.
Madmartigan: I don't remember that.
Sorsha: You lied to me.
Madmartigan: No, I... I just wasn't myself last night.
Sorsha: I suppose my power enchanted you and you were helpless against it.
Madmartigan: Sort of.
Sorsha: Then what?
Madmartigan: It went away.
Sorsha: (getting angry) Went away?! "I dwell in darkness without you," and it went away?!
Madmartigan: Yeah.
(She elbows him in the stomach and then hops off the horse and takes off running. Madmartigan stumbles off the horse and goes after her. He tackles her and knocks her to the ground.)
Willow: (to his horse) Whoa.
(Madmartigan and Sorsha don’t move. They just gaze into each other’s eyes.)
Raziel: Hurry! Kael's coming. War!
(Madmartigan pulls Sorsha to her feet and begins dragging her back to the horse.)
Willow: Madmartigan, come on! Now!
(Sorsha manages to get free and runs off. Once again Madmartigan goes to follow her.)
Willow: Madmartigan, come on!
(Madmartigan stops.)
Raziel: They're coming. Away!
Willow: (to his horse) Go on, hyaah!
(Madmartigan turns back to his horse and climbs on. Sorsha turns back and she and Madmartigan share a look. Then she turns and runs off. Madmartigan follows after Willow.)
Madmartigan: Haah!

(Another Trail)
Kael: (spurring his horse) This way!

(Tir Asleen)
(Outside the castle Willow and Madmartigan race towards the bridge.)
Raziel: Tir Asleen! At last, Tir Asleen!
(The group enters the castle and bring their horses to a halt. They all look around.)
Madmartigan: (shouting) Hello? Hello! Hello!
(No one is here. Bavmorda has turned all the people into blocks of ice.)
Madmartigan: Why did I listen to you, peck? (mockingly) "Everything'll be all right once we get to Tir Asleen." The only army around here is the one that's about to ride across this valley and wipe us out!
Willow: But Cherlindrea said we'd be safe here!
Madmartigan: Safe?! Look at these people! This place is cursed, peck. It's falling apart. Open your eyes. And it... (he stops speaking as he steps in some troll dung.) Trolls. (He kicks some of the dung off his shoe.)
Willow: (horrified) I hate trolls!
Raziel: This is the work of Bavmorda.
(Madmartigan wanders off to look around.)
Raziel: Willow, the wand! Turn me back into my human form.
Willow: Are you sure?

(Madmartigan enters with a very irritated look on his face. His irritation quickly turns to delight when he spots the weapons stored here. He picks up a sword and swings it around.)
Madmartigan: Good.
(He turns around and spots a wonderful suit of armor.)

Raziel: Hurry, Willow. Transform me.
Willow: I can't do it. I'm just not a sorcerer.
Raziel: But you can be! Speak, and be one with the words.
(Willow points the wand at Raziel and begins to chant.)
Willow: Avalorium... greenan... luatha...
(Willow happens to glance up at the sound of horses heading towards the castle.)
Raziel: No, Willow, you're losing me!
Willow: Madmartigan, Kael's coming!
Raziel: Willow-w-w, you i-i-idiot!
(Raziel has now been turned into a goat.)
Willow: (as she runs away) Raziel?!
(Madmartigan comes out into the courtyard. He’s now wearing the suit of armor.)
Madmartigan: Willow, arm that catapult up there!
(Willow goes to do as he’s instructed. Madmartigan goes over to the open gate and begins to close it. It’s not easy work however, and he must use all his strength and use the stone wall as a prop. He just manages to get the gate closed, just as the Nockmaar soldiers arrive. He laughs at them through the gate.)
Raziel: Good work, Madma-a-artigan.
Madmartigan: What the hell happened to you?

Kael: Assault! Sorsha, battering ram!

(Madmartigan rolls a barrel onto a narrow causeway.)

(Sorsha rides up to a tall tree and points to it with her sword.)
Sorsha: Cut it down!

(Willow arms the catapult as Madmartigan drags some metal objects across the yard.)

(Sorsha supervises the soldier who is chopping down the tree.)
Sorsha: Faster!

(Willow, who is now on the upper level of the courtyard, looks out the window in time to see the new battering ram.)

Kael: Forward! Break it down!
(The soldiers hit the gate with the battering ram. It doesn’t open, but it’s obvious that it’s not gonna take very many hits before the gate gives way.)

(Courtyard – Upper Level)
(Willow runs across a wooden bridge. There is a troll on the wall just above him, but he doen’st see it. When he reaches the other doorway he finds it locked.)

Kael: (supervising the battering ram operation) Again! Again!

(Courtyard – Upper Level)
(Willow sets Elora down in a little nook. He goes to try the door again when the troll drops down on him.)
Raziel: (from ground level) Willow, use the wand on that troll!
(Willow pulls out the wand and zaps the troll.)
Willow: Bellanockt!
(Willow pulls back as the troll falls down. The troll curls up into a ball and begins smoking. The skin is stripped away, and what remains is just a bloody mess. Two heads begin to emerge from the mass.)
Willow: Eww!
(He kicks the remains of the troll into a small pond of water, which immediately begins to bubble.)

(The gate is finally giving way.)
Kael: Break it down! Forward!

(The whole of the army rushes into Tir Asleen. However, Madmartigan is ready for them. He shoots a few of the men in front with two crossbows that he holds. He stands up and begins to wave his sword about. But, behind him the ‘dragon’ rises up out of the pond. The Nockmaar soldiers freeze and then haul butt out of castle. Madmartigan watches them run away with a grin. But then he hears a sound behind him and he turns to see what it is. He spots the two-headed monstrosity and is dumbfounded. He then regains his wits and runs out after the Nockmaar soldiers. The dragon shoots a spear of fire after him. Just outside the gates everyone comes to a halt. They are all looking at the dragon in fear, then they realize that Madmartigan is standing in the middle of them.)
Kael: Get him!
(Madmartigan runs back into the castle with the army just behind him. The battle begins. Willow, on the upper level, tries to escape from the dragon, but the dragon torches one end of the bridge and he’s trapped.)
Sorsha: (to her soldiers) The other side!
(As the battle continues, it’s obvious that the Nockmaar soldiers aren’t very concerned with Madmartigan. They are more concerned with killing the dragon. The dragon, in turn, is unaffected by the arrows that hit it, and it continues to munch on Nockmaar soldiers.)
Kael: Destroy the beast! Find the baby!
(Raziel butts one of the soldiers off the ramparts.)
Raziel: Ba-a-ah! Take tha-a-at!
(Willow is confronted by another troll, and this time he tries to use one of his magic acorns on it. But it slips from his fingers, and it turns one of the wooden boards on the bridge to stone. The troll discovers Elora and Willow pokes it in the butt with a flaming stick. He runs past the troll, but the boards break underneath him. He grabs the legs of the troll as he falls, and then they both find themselves hanging under the bridge. Willow uses the troll to climb to a safe spot under the bridge, and just as he’s out of harm’s way the dragon notices the troll and grabs him for lunch. While all of this is going on, Sorsha stops to watch Madmartigan fighting. Madmartigan notices several trolls closing in on Willow.)
Madmartigan: Willow!
(As Sorsha watches, Madmartigan climbs up to the catapult. He manages to kill some soldiers while he’s at it.)
Willow: Madmartigan, help!
(Madmartigan launches himself from the catapult.)
Madmartigan: Willoooowww!!
(He hits the castle wall, hard, and falls down beside Willow, onto a troll.)
Willow: Hit him, Madmartigan!
(The troll growls at Madmartigan, and Madmartigan growls back even louder. The troll cringes and Madmartigan kicks it off the bridge.)
Madmartigan: (handing Willow a sword) Here.
(He takes a deep breathe and jumps onto one of the dragon’s heads. The one head shakes to get Madmartigan off, but it doesn’t work. Suddenly the door that Willow has been trying to get through opens and two Nockmaar soldiers walk onto the bridge. They spot Elora.)
Nockmaar Soldier: The baby!
(They move to attack Willow, but he rushes them with the sword from Madmartigan and drives them back into the castle. They all fall into a heap just inside the door. At that moment, Kael rides into the room. Just outside the room, Madmartigan is still doing his best to kill the dragon. As Sorsha watches he plunges his sword through the dragons head and then falls to the ground. With her sword in hand, she walks up to him. He backs up a little, but she pulls him to his feet and kisses him. The wounded head of the dragon whips around trying to disengage the sword, but it doesn’t work and the head explodes. The other head falls to the ground and the dragon dies. Suddenly the Calvary arrives.)
Nockmaar Soldier: Airks' army! Get Kael!
(Out in the valley Airk and his men are racing towards Tir Asleen.)
Nockmaar Soldier: Airk's army!

(Franjean and Rool pop out of Airk’s saddlebag.)
Franjean: We are here!
Rool: You are rescued!
Franjean & Rool: Chaaarge!

(Kael rides toward the gate, carrying Elora. He stops for a moment when he sees Sorsha and Madmartigan fighting back to back against Nockmaar soldiers. He takes note of this and then rides towards Airk’s army.)
Kael: No mercy!

(Kael practically races through Airk’s army. He doesn’t even pause as he makes his way towards Nockmaar.)

(Willow comes out into the courtyard dragging the sword with blood running down the side of his face.)
Willow: Elora!
Madmartigan: Willow!
(He and Sorsha run over to Willow, but before they can reach him he falls to the ground.)
Willow: (sobbing) Elora's gone!
Madmartigan: Willow...
Willow: They've taken her. There were too many of them.
Madmartigan: Willow, can you ride?
(Willow looks up at him.)
Madmartigan: Let's ride.
(Willow braces himself, then nods in agreement.)

Kael: I have the child!
(He races across the drawbridge, which closes behind him. Just a few moments later Madmartigan and Sorsha arrive. Madmartigan shouts up at the gate in frustration. The rest of Airk’s army, and Airk himself arrive.)
Airk: We need towers and a battering ram. Break out the tents. Make camp!
(In Airk’s saddlebag, Rool gestures with his sword and hits Franjean in the face.)
Rool: Make camp! Ah ha ha ha ha ha hee ha!!
Airk: We'll assault at first light.

(Throne Room)
(Bavmorda looks over Elora with a smile.)
Bavmorda: Where's Sorsha?
Kael: She has turned against us, your highness.
Bavmorda: (enraged) Turned against me?! (storming out of the room) Prepare for the ritual!

(Bavmorda reaches the wall of the castle and looks out onto the army that waits just outside.)
Bavmorda: (laughs) This is not an army. (laughs some more)
Raziel: Willow, quick! Hide!
(Raziel hustles him into a tent. The rest of the army look up at Bavmorda with unease.)

Raziel: Use the shelter chant. Protect yourself!
Willow: Why?
Raziel: Just do it!
(Willow falls to his knees and raises the wand.)

Madmartigan: (to Bavmorda) We've come for Elora Danan.
Bavmorda: You dare to challenge me? You're not warriors - you're pigs!
(Madmartigan suddenly doubles over in pain. Bavmorda begins her spell. Madmartigan’s face contorts as he become a pig.)
Bavmorda: (gesturing) You're all pigs!
(The rest of the army begins to turn into the pigs, even Franjean and Rool.)
Bavmorda: Pigs... (snorts)

(Willow continues to use the shelter chant.)
Willow: Avagdu... luatha... bairno fhaeferan...

(The rest of the army continues to change into pigs while Bavmorda watches with glee.)
Bavmorda: Sorshaaa!
Sorsha: (untouched by the spell) Mother, no!
(Bavmorda is stunned at her daughter’s defiance. She recovers quickly and gestures at Sorsha.)
Bavmorda: Kothon!
(Sorsha falls over and begins to transform.)

Willow: Avagdu... luatha... bairno fhaeferan... Avagdu... luatha... bairno fhaeferan...

(Castle Tower)
(The druids bind Elora so she can’t move. Bavmorda enters the room.)
Bavmorda: Begin the ritual. This baby will not destroy me.
(One of the druids lights a candle as Bavmorda changes her robe. She calls up to the sky.)
Bavmorda: Come thunder! Come lightning! Touch this altar with your powers.
(The elements do as she commands. One druid strikes a gong as another carries Elora to the alter.)

(Rebel Camp)
(Willow walks out of the tent and sees that the entire army has been turned into pigs. He runs back inside the tent and throws himself down to the ground in front of Raziel.)
Willow: We've come all this way and now Elora Danan's gonna die!
Raziel: No, we can still defeat Bavmorda.
Willow: She's too powerful, Raziel.
Raziel: Transform me, and I will destroy her.
(She walks up to Willow, who gets to his feet and raises the wand.)
Willow: (gesturing with the wand) Elements of eternity, above and below. Balance of essence, fire beget snow. (He closes his eyes and aims the wand at Raziel.)
Willow: Locktwarr danalora, luatha danu, tuatha tuatha, chroax danu...
Raziel: (at the same time) Willow... believe in the words... concentrate.... (she turns into an ostrich)
Willow: Locktwarr danalora, luatha danu, tuatha tuatha, chroax danu... Locktwarr danalora...
Raziel: (at the same time) (squeals)... Oh no! (more squealing)
Willow: Locktwarr danalora, luatha danu, tuatha tuatha, chroax danu...
Raziel: (at the same time) (she transforms into a turtle) Willow, don't give up! Willooowww!
Willow: (straining harder and harder) Locktwarr danalora, luatha danu, tuatha tuatha, chroax danu... Locktwarr danalora, luatha danu, tuatha tuatha, chroax danu... Aahh!
Raziel: (at the same time) Oh, Willow!
(She transforms into a magnificent tiger, and then she becomes human. Willow, with his eyes still shut, falls down and drops the wand. Raziel raises her hands and looks at them in shock. She didn’t realize so much time had passed. Willow opens his eyes and sees her.)
Willow: Raziel.
(Willow walks over and covers her with a blanket.)
Raziel: Has it been so long?
Willow: I'm sorry.
Raziel: (turning serious) Willow, we have work to do. Give me the wand. (he does) We must undo Bavmorda's sorcery. Let them in, now.
(Willow opens the tent flap and one of the pigs comes in. Raziel points the wand at it.)
Raziel: Luathagain snoox, foluafamu...

(Castle Tower)
(Elora is still screaming on the alter. Bavmorda cuts off a lock of her hair and drops it into a bowl of blood. A druid takes this bowl and pours it into an even larger bowl of blood.)
Bavmorda: Black fires forever kindled within, let the second rite begin!

(Rebel Camp)
(Several soldiers hurry towards Raziel’s tent.)
Soldier: (whispering) Quick, inside!
(Inside the tent a meeting is taking place.)
Airk: That won't breach the wall. We can't get inside.
Sorsha: Elora Danan will die....
Raziel:...unless we save her.
Soldier: Bavmorda's too powerful!
Raziel: No! She cannot transform you again, my spell is protecting this camp!
Madmartigan: But can your magic get us inside the fortress?
(Raziel shakes her head ‘no’.)
Airk: We can't do it.
Willow: (pushing his way forward) Wait! Back home in my village, we have a lot of gophers.
Madmartigan: Willow, this is war, not agriculture.
Willow: I know, I know. But I have an idea how to get inside the castle.
(All the soldiers lean in close to hear his idea.)

(Castle Tower)
(The ritual continues as Bavmorda dips her hands into the blood and raises them over her head.)
Bavmorda: Och vath bordak steerah, och vath bordak steerah, och vath bordak steerah, och vath bordak steerah!

(Rebel Camp)
Airk: Come on, Madmartigan. You and I are soldiers, you know the peck's plan'll never work.
(Madmartigan looks a little worried.)
Raziel: If the baby dies, all hope for the future is lost. I'm going to fight.
Willow: Me too.
(Madmartigan and Sorsha exchange a glance. They are both going in.)
Madmartigan: All right, we've gotta decide who's gonna go and who's gonna stay.

(The remains of the Rebel camp are littered across the ground. The only people left are Willow and Raziel. They stand before the castle, not moving. Several soldiers on the wall watch them. Willow holds a staff in one hand, and a small drum sits beside him on the ground.)
Willow: Raziel...
Raziel: Willow. All these years I have waited to face Bavmorda. It is you that has made this possible. Whatever happens, I shall always admire you. (Willow reaches down and touches the braid of Kiaya’s hair.) Your children will come to remember this day.
(Kael joins the soldiers on the wall and they look down at Willow and Raziel.)
Raziel: We call upon you to surrender!
Willow: We are all-powerful sorcerers. Give us the baby, or we will destroy you!
(All of the soldiers laugh at their gall.)
Kael: Kill them!
(The drawbridge lowers and several soldiers ride out on horses. Willow shifts the staff that he’s holding as if he’s going to defend himself.)
Raziel: Patience, Willow.
Willow: (to himself) Courage, Willow.
(As the soldiers get closer Willow suddenly raises the staff an strikes the drum twice, shouting as he does so.)
Willow: Yaa-ah! Yaa-ah!
(Suddenly Airk’s army rises up from holes in the ground that were covered by tarps. They are all on horses an they charge the Nockmaar soldiers.)
Nockmaar Soldier: Back to the castle!
(The Nockmaar soldiers haul butt back to the castle, but Airk’s army is in hot pursuit. The soldiers thunder into the courtyard.)

(Castle Tower)
(A druid strikes the gong, while the other two walk around the alter with lit candles.)
Bavmorda: (addressing the opening in the ceiling) Ocht veth nockkthirth bordak! Exile the child to the thirteenth night!

(Sorsha leads Willow and Raziel towards the tower.)
Sorsha: This way!
(As they make their way to the tower the battle around them continues. Several Nockmaar soldiers have formed a circle. The ones on the outside of the circle have shields to protect them. The ones on the inside are shooting arrows at the rebels. Airk takes charge of this situation by pouring a vat of boiling liquid on the circle of men. They all scatter in pain.)

(Tower Stairs)
(Sorsha, Willow, and Raziel slowly approach the door to the tower chamber. They can hear Bavmorda chanting and Elora crying. Willow suddenly stops, afraid.)
Raziel: It's all right, Willow. You don't have to go.
Bavmorda: (os) Light the thirteenth candle!
(Sorsha and Raziel continue on while Willow stays where he is.)

(Tower Chamber)
(Raziel throws the door open and a fierce wind blows out all the candles. Bavmorda appears to have aged quite a bit since she began this ritual.)
Bavmorda: Raziel.
Sorsha: (stepping forward) Mother! I...
Bavmorda: Traitor child. I must despise you now.
(She nods her head at her druids who proceed to attach Sorsha. Sorsha doesn’t even blink and all three of the druids go down quickly.)
Sorsha: (approaching Bavmorda) I won't let you kill that child.
Bavmorda: Away! Avaggdu! Strockt!
(Bavmorda gestures with her hand and Sorsha is lifted off the ground. She drops her sword and is turned toward the door that they came through. Spikes suddenly appear on the wall and Sorsha is set toward it. Raziel throws out her hand and Sorsha stops in midair. Bavmorda lowers her hand and Sorsha falls to the ground, unconscious.)
Bavmorda: Your powers have gained in strength, Raziel.
Raziel: I have Cherlindrea's wand, Bavmorda. Elora Danan will be queen!

(The battle continues, and it’s hard to say who’s winning. Franjean and Rool throw several spears at the Nockmaar soldiers. Kael and Airk finally meet in combat.)
Kael: Now you die!
Airk: (charging) Yaaaaahhhh!

(Tower Chamber)
(Bavmorda and Raziel continue to fight each other with spells. Bavmorda shoots a ball of fire at Raziel and engulfs her in flames. Raziel then shoots a blast of ice at Bavmorda and turns her to into a block of ice. They both escape the spells. One of the blasts of energy causes a stone pillar to fall and trap Raziel. Bavmorda gets up and makes her way over to the wand. But Raziel uses her magic to call the wand to her and aims it at Bavmorda just as Bavmorda reaches her. Raziel sends Bavmorda flying up into the rafters and slams her up against the wall.)
Raziel: Cly...cly... clymain! Lunanockt!
(Bavmorda falls to the floor and doesn’t move. Raziel uses this time to free herself from the stones. She slowly makes her way over to Bavmorda. Raziel lifts a piece of material away from Bavmorda’s face and Bavmorda comes quickly to life and grabs for the wand. Blasts of energy shoot all across the room as they both wrestle for the want. Willow slowly makes his way into the room and over to Elora. As he passes by a metal stand, it gets hit by a blast of energy and it comes to life. It moves towards him and Willow makes a run for it, but it keeps coming after him.)

(The fight between Airk and Kael continues, and it’s obvious that Kael is the better fighter in this match. Airk pulls a dagger to increase his odds, but Kael twists the dagger back towards Airk and stabs it into him. Airk spits in Kael’s face, but Kael just hits the dagger deeper into his and kicks Airk to the ground. Airk rolls down a hill. Madmartigan spots him.)
Madmartigan: Airk! (runs over to Airk) Airk...
Airk: Win this war for me.
(Airk dies with a groan of pain. Madmartigan is really and truly pissed! He takes Airk’s sword and goes after Kael, killing several Nockmaar soldiers in the process. He reaches Kael and they fight. Once again the odds seem to be in Kael’s favor. Madmartigan falls back, bleeding from his arm, and holding Airk’s broken sword.)
Kael: Die!
(Madmartigan runs into a hut of sorts to escape Kael until he can get another sword. He manages to find a sword and the battle continues. Madmartigan swings around and breaks Kael’s skull mask. He goes to finish the job, but he hears a scream from the tower and heads up the steps, fighting all the way. Kael watches him go and then gets up and goes after him. Their battle continues.)

(Tower Chamber)
(Bavmorda and Raziel continue their battle. Willow has now found an iron trident and uses it to trip the metal stand as it comes after him. The stand falls to the ground and Willow then uses the trident to push the stand out the window.)

(Courtyard – Upper Level)
(Madmartigan manages to stab Kael, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect. Kael grabs Madmartigan’s throat and begins to choke him. Madmartigan drives the sword deeper into Kael’s stomach and Kael releases him. But Kael will not go quietly. Madmartigan spots another sword lying on the ground and he tilts the sword up and impales Kael on it. He then tosses Kael off the bridge. Kael lies motionless on the ground.)

(Tower Chamber)
(Willow slowly makes his way over to the alter as Bavmorda chokes Raziel into unconsciousness. Bavmorda stands up and turns to the alter, but it’s empty. She turns and sees Willow running towards the door with Elora in his arms.)
Bavmorda: Huh??? Beeairn! (She waves her hand and the door slams shut.) Bring back that child, peck. (Willow turns around to face her.) Who are you?
Willow: I'm Willow Ufgood. (He pauses, then remembers the acorns in his pouch.) I am a great sorcerer. (Bavmorda chuckles.) Greater than Raziel. Greater than you, even. I am the greatest sorcerer!
(He throws an acorn at her and Bavmorda catches it. She stops laughing as her hand and arm turn to stone. She grips the stone arm and focuses all her magic on that arm. After a moment the hand and arm return to normal. Willow now looks a little worried. Bavmorda shakes the dust of the acorn from her hand.)
Bavmorda: Is that the extent of your powers, little one? (Willow runs behind some stones and hides.) Now you will watch me draw upon the power of the universe to send that child into the netherworld. Now place it on the altar!
(Willow takes a step toward the alter, and then stops.)
Willow: No!
Bavmorda: No?
Willow: You stupid hag! With my magic, I'll send her into the... into a...
Bavmorda: Ha ha ha! You're no sorcerer!
Willow: ...into a realm where evil cannot touch her!
Bavmorda: Impossible! There's no such place!
Willow: Helgafel swath ben helgafel, bairn off danu famuwa... Helgafel swath ben helgafel...
Bavmorda: (speaking over Willow's chant) You're a fool. I shall destroy you and the child with you.
(She begins her spell, but her words are not as loud as Willow’s chant.)
Willow:...bairn off danu famuwa... Goodbye, Elora.
Bavmorda: Ooh hee butstee! (Cherlindrea’s wand flies into her hand.)
Willow: Helgafel!
(He waves his clock and Elora disappears. Bavmorda gasps in shock. Willow cries out in pain and falls to the floor clutching his wrist. Raziel finally wakes up.)
Bavmorda: Impossible!
(She takes a step towards him but she knocks over the bowls of blood and they spill all over her. The wand begins to glow as she raises it to destroy Willow.)
Bavmorda: You...
(She never finishes because at that moment lightening strikes from the hole in the ceiling and hits the wand. The ritual is completing itself only it’s not Elora that the magic is taking, it’s Bavmorda. Slowly she is absorbed into the cloud of smoke and blood, and the cloud is drawn out of the hole in the ceiling. Sorsha sits up as Willow shakes his head in relief. Madmartigan bursts in the door and looks around. Realizing that the danger has passed he helps Sorsha to her feet and they kiss.)
Raziel: Willow! Where's the baby??
(Willow goes behind some stones and comes out with Elora.)
Willow: It was just my old disappearing pig trick.
Raziel: (laughing) Oh ho ho ho, well done!

(Tir Asleen)
(The castle now looks like it’s supposed to. Great banners hang from the castle walls and all the people are alive. Willow is preparing to go home and everyone has come to see him off. Both Madmartigan and Sorsha have become citizens of this city, and it looks as though they are in charge.)
Raziel: (hands him a book) Willow Ufgood, receive this book of magic. You are on your way to becoming a great sorcerer.
(Willow opens the book and looks at a few of the pages with pleasure.)
Rool: Willow the sorcerer!
Franjean: You make us proud!
(Willow grins at them. Sorsha kneels down next to him with Elora in her arms. If one didn’t know better it would look like she was Elora’s mother as they both have the bright red hair. Willow lightly touches Elora’s cheek.)
Willow: Goodbye, Elora Danan.
(He leans down and kisses her on the cheek. She gurgles as he pulls back. Madmartigan lifts Willow onto a beautiful white pony that is just right for Nelwyns. They shake hands and then Madmartigan smacks the pony on the rump and it takes off. Sorsha watches her new husband with love in her eyes.)
Franjean: Goodbye, Willow!
Rool: Farewell!
(Rool takes off his rat hat and waves it at Willow. Franjean happens to look over and is startled by the site of Rool’s bald head. All the people of Tir Asleen wave good-bye to Willow.)

(Nelwyn Valley)
(Willow rides into the village and is immediately spotted by one of the villagers.)
Man: Willow! Willow! Willow's back! Willow's back!
Villagers: Willow! Willow's home!
(The whole village gathers around him as he rides into the center of town.)
Meegosh: (coming out of his hut) Willow!
Willow: (grinning) Hey, Meegosh!
(Willow brings the pony to a halt. The High Aldwin walks up and takes Willow’s hand, grinning with pride. Willow pulls an apple out of his pouch and throws it up into the air. It turns into a bird.)
Child: It's a bird, he made a bird!
(Willow grins as the bird craps on Burglekutt’s face. On the outskirts of the village Kiaya, Mims, and Ranon walk slowly into the center of town.)
Willow: (spotting his wife) Kiaya! (He hops off the pony and runs toward her.)
Kiaya: Willow??
Willow: Kiaya!
Kiaya: Willow! Willow! (She runs towards him.)
Willow: Kiaya!
(They meet and embrace. The children run up to their father.)
Mims & Ranon: Dada! Dada! I missed you!
Willow: (hugging them) Oh, I missed you too!
(Willow stands up and greets all his other friends as the number of villagers grows. The camera pulls back and we see the whole of the Nelwyn Valley.)