Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

(Early in the morning, a priest calls the citizens from the top of a minaret to come to church.)

(A prisoner screams in pain.)
Guard: Show them the courage of Allah!
(Guard2 speaks to two other prisoners.)
Guard: He says you stole the bread.
Peter of Dubois: It's a lie, I caught him stealing ours.
Guard: Cut off the infidels hand.
Robin of Locksley: No, I stole the bread!
Peter: That's not true.
Robin: They're not interested in the truth.
Peter: But he's lying!
Robin: You’re too weak, Peter. You would not live through it.
Guard: As you wish. Cut the other one's hand off as well.
(Yet another guard comes over and unchains Robin and Peter and takes them to where they will have one of their hands chopped off.)
Peter: I'm sorry. I'm sorry Robin. No no!
(One of the guards tries to hold one of Robin’s hands behind his back and force the other hand onto the chopping block. Robin shakes him off and places his hand on the block of his own free will.)
Robin: This is English courage.
(One of the choppers looks at him with a margin of respect as he places a rope around Robin’s wrist to hold it steady. Another chopper raises a steaming sword and prepares to cut of Robin’s hand. Just as the sword swings down Robin jerks the rope back and the first choppers hand gets cut off instead. Robin and Peter knock several guards out of the way and one falls into the fire.)
Peter: This was five years of hell!
Azeem: Behind you!!
(They attack the guards.)
Peter: Come on, Robin, for God's sake. Come on!
Prisoner: Robin, take us with you!
Azeem: You can not safe those people, Christian, but you can safe me!
Robin: I'm coming.
Azeem: Christian!!
(Robin quickly moves over to him.)
Robin: Why should I?
Azeem: For pity's sake. Mine is a sentence of death.
Peter: No Robin, he's a Moor, don't listen to him.
Azeem: Set me free, I will show you a way out!
Peter: Why should we?
Azeem: If you do not, we are all dead men!
Peter: For God's sake, Robin, they're coming!!
(Robin finally cuts the rope that binds Azeem’s hands.)
Robin: (to the other prisoners) I'm sorry.
Azeem: Hurry! This way.
(Azeem shows them the way into the sewers.)

(Street – Night)
(Azeem comes up out of a sewer grate. He helps Peter out. A guard on a nearby building happens to see them.)
Peter: Thanks, I misjudged you.
Azeem: (to Robin) You're fast with a sword my friend.
Robin: Five years I've waited for the smell of free air, that makes a man fast. (The guard shoots an arrow and it hits Peter in the chest. He falls to the ground.) Peter, Peter!
Peter: It's mortal, leave me! (He takes off a ring and places it in Robin’s hand.) Give this ring to my sister Marian. Swear you'll protect her for me.
Azeem: His wound is by the heart. We can not save him.
Peter: Swear it, Robin.
Robin: I swear it.
Azeem: They're coming!
Peter: Tell Marian I died a free Englishman.
Robin: Peter, Peter…
(Peter gets up and runs towards the approaching guards, engaging them in a fight so Robin and Azeem can escape.)
Peter: For England!!!
Azeem: Come my friend, make his sacrifice an act of honor. Come now.
(The run in the opposite direction from the guards.)

(Robin and Azeem hide in a back alley. Azeem notices some food nearby and offers some to Robin. They both begin to eat.)
Azeem: Why did you let me free, Christian?
Robin: Whatever blood is in your veins, no man deserves to die in there. (Some guards pass their hiding place, but they remain hidden.) Farewell, my friend, God'll speed your way.
Azeem: Our way lies together with the speed of Allah. You have saved my life, Christian. I will stay with you, until I've saved yours. That's my vow.
Robin: Thanks, but I go to England. I relieve you of your obligation.
Azeem: Only Allah can do that!
Robin: What if I say no?
Azeem: You have no choice. I'm Azeem Edin Bashir Al Bachrim. You may call me Azeem.
Robin: Robin of Locksley.

(Locksley Castle – Night)
(Lord Locksley is in his chamber composing a letter.)
Lord Locksley: Kind Sir, It's rumored that you fought in King Richard's crusade with my beloved son, Robin. I fear you are returned home to desperate times. When dark forces plot against our absent king. I'm anxious for words of my son. Were you present at his capture near Jerusalem? Do you know the name of the potentate who holds him? Does he still bear me ill will? A little news, please sir. I would give all that I own for his release.
(A servant bursts into the room followed my Lord Locksley’s man, Duncan.)
Duncan: Not now!
Servant: Help me, my Lord!
Duncan: You should have waited. I'm sorry you were disturbed, master.
Lord Locksley: Duncan, it's alright. Let him go.
Servant: They have taken my Gwen. My daughter…
Lord Locksley: Who has taken?

Servant: Men on horses, in masks. We tried to stop them, but…my son is dead. He's dead!

(Front Gate)
(Lord Locksley is on his horse preparing to go out.)
Duncan: Master, stay. There's an evil moon tonight.
Lord Locksley: Never fear, Duncan. The good will overcome. Trust in that.
(The gate opens and we see that there are men in white robes and masks standing in a large semi-circle about 75 feet from the gate.)
Servant: I'm sorry, my lord. I had no choice
(One man on a horse takes his mask off. It is the Sheriff of Nottingham.)
Lord Locksley: You!
Sheriff: Locksley.
Lord Locksley: The king will hear of this!
Sheriff: Join us.
Lord Locksley: Never!
Sheriff: Join us, or die!
(Lord Locksley draws his sword.)
Lord Locksley: For God and King Richard!
(The men in white robes rush his horse and drag him down.)

(Coast – Day)
(A little boat approaches the British coast, Robin and Azeem and some others are in it. Robin hops out of the boat and quickly runs to the shore. He falls to his knees and kisses the ground.)
Robin: Oh, thank you Lord. I'm home! I'm home!!!
Azeem: You are strange Christian.
Robin: Yes, but I'm free. And now I beg you to free yourself of your vow. Return with the boat. I know how it feels to be so far from your home and family.
Azeem: Because I love them so much, I cannot dishonor them.
Robin: I'd thought you'd say that.
(The other men in the boat proceed to attack Azeem. He easily stops and disarms them.)
Azeem: No one controls my destiny. Especially not one who attacks with down wind and stinks of garlic.
Robin: Come, Azeem. Our fighting days are done. By nightfall, we'll celebrate with my father. You'll understand of course, I had to try.
Azeem: I would have succeeded.

(Robin and Azeem are walking along on a stone wall.)
Robin: Why must you walk at the back of me?
Azeem: In your country, am I not the infidel? It's seem safer to appear as your slave, rather then your equal.
Robin: For an infidel, you have uncommon clarity of thinking. And you'll tell me nothing of yourself. For instance your name; Azeem, what doe sit mean?
Azeem: Great one.
Robin: Great one? Really? Did you give yourself this name? It was a joke! Azeem the great one! I'm home! Look! (They have passed by a tree growing next to the wall. Robin reaches up and pulls down a piece of the tree.) Mistletoe. Many maids lost their resolve to me thanks to this little plant.
Azeem: In my country we talk to our women, we do not drug them with plants.
Robin: What do you know of women?
Azeem: Where I come from, Christian, there are women of such beauty. That they can poses a mans mind so, that they would be willing to die for her.
Robin: Wait. Was that why you were to be executed? Because of a woman? That's it, isn't it? That's it!
Azeem: It is close to sunset.
Robin: Who was she? The Mullah's daughter? Another man's wife? What's her name?
Azeem: (looking around at the cloudy sky) Is there no sun in this cursed country? Which way is east?
Robin: Her name.
Azeem: East?!
Robin: Her name.
Azeem: (long pause) (pulls out a small prayer rug) Yasmina.
Robin: (points) That way!
Azeem: You are sure?
Robin: I would know blindfolded, I'm five miles from home. (Azeem kneels on the prayer rug and begins to pray.) Was she worth it?
Azeem: (pauses his prayer) Worth dying for.
(As Azeem goes back to praying Robin hears some dogs barking. He looks over the wall into the valley below and sees a young boy being chased by dogs and some soldiers.)

(The boy manages to get away from the dogs by climbing up into a tree. The dogs circle the tree while the soldiers holler up at the boy. Robin quietly makes his way down to the tree without anyone noticing.)
Soldier 1: You're dogsmeat, son, you know that?
Soldier 2: Get down here, you know what you've done. Down!
Guy: You're not playing by the rules, boy! Deer don't climb trees. Perhaps he thinks he's a game bird! Shall we teach him to fly?
Soldiers: Yeah!
Guy: Get him down!
Robin: Hold! I'm curious. What man or creature is so fearsome that it takes six men to attack it?
Guy: This is no affair of yours.
Robin: Or have we treed the Devil himself? Let me see, a small boy. A truly dangerous animal.
Guy: He killed one of the Sheriff of Nottingham's deer
Wulf: We were starving! We needed the meat!
Guy: I advice you to move on, pilgrim, this is the Sheriff's land…
Robin: Wrong, this is my land and my tree. So whatever's in it also belongs to me.
Guy: Might I have the pleasure of your name, before I have you run through?
Robin: Robin of Locksley.
Guy: Well, well, Locksley. Welcome home! Kill him!
(A fight ensues.)
Robin: Azeem, it's time to redeem that vow!
(Up the hill Azeem continues to pray.)
Guy: Release the hounds!!
Robin: Get up, Azeem! (He manages to knock out all of the soldiers until only he and Guy remain. He holds a sword to Guy’s throat.) Now, sir. If you'd be so kind to give me your name, before I run you through.
Guy: Guy of Gisborne, the Sheriff's cousin. The little bastard was poaching deer.
Robin: Poaching? Is it not a greater crime to starve a family?
Guy: Go on, Locksley, go on.
Robin: I've seen enough blood spilled to last two lifetimes. Now get off my land! And tell Nottingham what happens to scum when they pick on small children! And you! (to Azeem) you've traveled ten thousand miles to save my life and then leave me to be butchered?!
Azeem: I fulfil my vow's when I choose!
Robin: And that does not include prayer times or meal times or any time I'm outnumbered by six to one!
Azeem: You whine like a mule. You're still alive!
Robin: (to the boy in the tree) Have no fear, come down boy. (The boy climbs down.) Is it true boy, did you kill a deer?
Wulf: Hundreds of them!
(The boy smiles and runs off.)
Robin: You scared him.
Azeem: Interesting place this England!

(Nottingham Castle – Sheriff’s Chambers)
(Guy enters the Sheriff’s private rooms by climbing some stairs. The Sheriff is in his room with a whore.)
Guard: Hold on, sir! The Sheriff doesn't want to be disturbed!
Sheriff: Cousin. I trust you justify your intrusion with news of profound value?
Guy: I met a hooded man today who made me warn you not to harm his people.
(While Guy has been speaking the whore has tried to cover up a bit.)
Sheriff: Who told you to cover up? (to Guy) His name?
Guy: Robin of Locksley.
Sheriff: The prodigal son returns! He's a whelp. This girl could best him! (Some men enter with a statue of the Sheriff.) Put it there!
Guy: Well, this whelp, has bested four of my men.
Sheriff: Yes, well your men were probably drunk! Yet you survived, cousin!
Guy: I barely survived. He has a companion, a dark skinned foreigner with a dark face of Islam and a Saracens sword.
Sheriff: Yes yes, I'm sure it would take an army to match these rogues. Locksley must have visited his manor and find the home fire still burning!

(Locksley Castle – Night)
(Robin and Azeem have arrived at the ruins of Locksley Castle.)
Robin: Father?! Father?! Anyone here? Duncan? (He looks up and spots the remains of his father hanging in a cage.) No! No!! (He turns his face away.)
Azeem: Who is it?
Robin: It's my father. (They hear a noise and both draw swords.) Who's there, who's there?
(Duncan comes out of the shadows.)
Duncan: Master Robin, is that you?
Robin: Duncan?
Duncan: Oh, praise thy, I thought that God had abandoned us.
Robin: Duncan, my father!
Duncan: It's a miracle!
Robin: Why didn't you cut him down?
Duncan: Never thought to hear your voice again.
Robin: (shakes Duncan) Are you deaf?
Azeem: Easy!! Look at him!
(They look closer and see that Duncan has had his eyes removed.)
Duncan: I would have done it, if I could see.
Robin: Who did this to you, Duncan?
Duncan: Guy, Guy of Gisborn, with the Sheriff and his witch looking on.
Robin: Why?
Duncan: They said the Sheriff captured your father worshipping the devil. He has signed a confession before the bishop.
Robin: No, that's not possible!
Duncan: Nottingham declared all of Locksley's land forfeited.
Robin: Do you believe the charges?
Duncan: Not even when they took my eyes.

(Dawn – Just outside Locksley Castle)
(Robin, Azeem and Duncan are kneeling around Lord Locksley's grave.)
Azeem: We must go.
Duncan: He loved you 'till the end, young master. He never gave up hope of your return.
Robin: I should have been here. He called the crusades a foolish quest, he said it was vanity to force other men to our religion.
Duncan: You must leave now, head south to safety. Gisborne will surely seek revenge.
Robin: I hear you, Duncan. (to Azeem) You should go home. My world is turned upside down here. And I can not ask you to come where I'm going.
Azeem: Alone Christian, you'll only get yourself killed. Besides there's nothing left for me to go home to.
Robin: I will not rest until my father's revenged. I swear it by my own blood!

(Nottingham Castle – Mortianna’s Lair)
(The Sheriff enters a dank room. There is very little light and there are a few rats running along the floor.)
Sheriff: Mortianna? (he sees her and smiles) You called, madam? (Mortianna takes a large egg and cuts into it with a needle. Blood comes from the egg and drizzles onto a plate. She tosses the eggshell, then drops some runes onto the plate. She then picks up the plate and examines it.) What do you see?
Mortianna: The son of a dead man.
Sheriff: Locksley! Does he affect us?
Mortianna: He precedes the Lionheart.
Sheriff: If King Richard returns from the Crusades, that could prove a bit awkward. It will suffer the support of the barons. Soon?
Mortianna: Make haste!
Sheriff: But my plan, is it still intact?
(She spots a skull rune and tosses the plate away with a scream.)
Mortianna: Aaaahhhh!!!
Sheriff: What's wrong?
Mortianna: I've seen our deaths. The painted man, he horrors my dreams, with strange foreign markings.
Sheriff: Locksley's companion!
Mortianna: Kill him, kill them both!

(Dubois Castle – Day)
Azeem: What is this place?
Robin: Peter's home. It's nearly six years since we've left together. We'll find food and shelter here.
(Robin knocks on the door and a small window is opened in the door and a female servant pears out.)
Servant: No more beggars.
(She slams the window shut. Robin knocks on the door again until she opens it.)
Robin: Tell the lady of the house that Robin of Locksley is at the door.
Servant: Her ladyship is not here.
(She moves to shut the window again but Robin stops her.)
Robin: Is the child Marian at home then?
Servant: Maybe she is, maybe she isn't.
(She slams the window shut again.)
Azeem: The hospitality in this country is as warm as the weather
Robin: I'm leaving.
(The servant opens the door just as they are leaving.)
Servant: Leave your weapons. (Azeem begins to remove his sword so the servant addresses Robin.) Just you.

(Great Hall)
Servant: Wait here. (she points)
Robin: (points) Right here?

(Duncan and Azeem are seated just outside the door waiting for Robin.)
Duncan: Curse on Moors and Saracens. (Azeem looks at him.) If not for their ungodly ways, Master Robin would never have left. What kind of name is Azeem? Irish? Cornish?
(Azeem moves until he stands just in front of Duncan.)
Azeem: Moorish!
(Duncan gasps in fright.)

(Great Hall)
(As Robin looks around a Woman on the upper balcony begins to speak to him. She stands in the shadows.)
Woman: Who are you?
Robin: Robin of Locksley
Woman: You lie, Robin is dead. Step into the light. Turn around.
Robin: Am I to dance next? Who are you?
Woman: I'm the Maid Marian.
Robin: Well, then show yourself, child, for we knew each other well. (The woman steps forward into the light. She’s very plain.) The years have…been kind.
Woman: Thank you. With the king away, we must guard us from villainous outlaws, who would kidnap a relative of his.
Robin: Surely you can see that I'm not one of those.
Woman: Perhaps. Now, move yourself from his house.
Robin: I would my lady, but I've sworn to protect you.
Woman: Protect me? Robin of Locksley was nothing but a spoiled bully. (A masked guard comes up behind Robin and places a dagger against Robin's waist.) And besides as you can see, we have enough protection. (she walks away)
Robin: Marian, wait! You're truly courageous against an unarmed man.
(Robin and the guard begin to fight.)

(Duncan and Azeem hear Robin’s shout from inside. Azeem gets up and begins to bang on the door.)
Duncan: Point me towards danger, Azeem. I'm ready!

(Great Hall)
(The fight continues. Robin manages to get the guard pinned up against the wall. He spots a torch and forces the guards hand to the torch. The guard drops the dagger and gives a womanly shout. Robin pulls the mask of and we see it’s a beautiful woman. At that moment Azeem breaks the door in and when Robin looks over at him the woman knees him in the groin. He falls to the ground.)
Robin: Hello Marian.
(Lady Marian looks down in surprise.)

(Robin hands Marian the ring Peter gave him.)
Robin: His last thoughts were of you
Marian: (sadly) Oh Peter.
Robin: I'm sorry, Marian. I'm sorry.
Marian: How do I know you didn't abandon him to save your own skin?
Robin: No one feels his loss more then I.
Marian: Well, next time I go to London, I'll be sure to convey your condolences to my mother.
Robin: I would think, for your safety, that you would join her there.
Marian: No, I have no interest in life at court. All that gossip and occurring favor.
Robin: But you're alone here.
Marian: Hardly. These years have left us many in need. Well you and my brother were playing boy-hero Nottingham has plundered the shire.
Robin: I see you still have your lands.
Marian: Because I give them no excuse to take them. (She gets up.) As the kings cousin it's my station to look after these people until he's returned.
(She turns and heads quickly back to the castle.)
Robin: (catching up to her) Marian, Marian! My purpose in coming here, was not to hurt you. I swore. I swore to your brother that I would protect you.
Marian: You can not replace my brother.
Robin: I do not want to replace him. Marian, I've returned to my home to find it destroyed and my father murdered. And the only explanations for it are the ramblings of an old blind man.
Marian: All I remember of you is a spoilt bully who used to burn my hair as a child.
Robin: Please allow that years of war and prison may change a man.
Marian: Robin, whatever happened between you and your father, you mustn't believe...what they accused him of.
Robin: I don't.

(Azeem sits atop a wall looking out over the countryside. He puts together a sort of miniature telescope. When he looks through it he sees several of the Sheriff’s guards, headed by Guy, heading towards the castle.)
Azeem: Christian! (Robin joins him on the wall.) Look! (Robin looks through the telescope and is shocked to see Guy so closely. He quickly draws his sword. He then pulls the scope away from his eye and sees that Guy and the guards are still far off. Azeem quickly takes the scope back.) How did your uneducated kind ever take Jerusalem?
Robin: God knows.
Marian: What is it? (Robin and Azeem jump off the wall into some hay. Azeem quickly heads for Duncan and some horses while Robin goes to Marian’s side.) What is it?
Robin: It's Nottingham soldiers.
Marian: Coming here? Is this your protection?
Robin: I've killed some of the Sheriff's men.
Marian: Oh dear.
Robin: I fear I've placed you in danger.
Marian: I can take care of myself just go! (to Azeem who is sitting with Duncan on a beautiful horse) No that's my horse!
Azeem: A truly magnificent animal, my lady.
Marian: Go!
Robin: I said I've sworn to protect you.
Marian: And I say no more boyish gestures.
Robin: I'm not leaving.
Marian: Stop them! They're stealing my horses!
Robin: You're so kind, Marian.
(He gives Marian a swat on the bottom with his sword as he runs to join Azeem. He hops on a horse and he, Azeem and Duncan flee. Robin’s horse gets shot in the rump just as they are escaping. Moments later Guy and the rest of the guards arrive at the castle.)
Guy: Sheltering outlaws, Lady Marian?
Marian: They’re thieves, you imbecile!
Guy: I hope they didn't steal you virtue as well. A crown for the man who brings me Locksley's head, my lady!!

(The chase is on. Robin, Duncan, and Azeem have a good head start from the guards. They pause at the top of a hill. Robin pulls the arrow out of his horse’s rump.)
Robin: Have we lost them?
Azeem: No. My horse carries two and yours is lame. We can not outrun them.
Duncan: Leave me, master Robin, I slow your escape.
Robin: We can loose them in the forest.
Duncan: Sherwood Forrest is haunted, master.
Robin: Either we take our chances with the ghosts or become ghosts ourselves.
(They continue on to Sherwood.)

(Guy and his men are at the edge of the forest.)
Guy: Come on, damn you! There are only three of them.
Soldier: It's not the man we fear sir, it's the evil spirits.
Guy: Robin of the Hood!! Son of a devil worshipper!! Your father died a coward, cursing your name and squealing like a stuck pig!
(Deeper in the woods Robin, Azeem, and Duncan watch Guy and his men.)
Azeem: You will bring no justice to your father by dying today.

(Sherwood Forest)
(As the trio make their way through the forest they begin to hear strange sounds. They halt the horses and Azeem draws his sword.)
Duncan: Master Robin?
Robin: (spots the origin of the noise) There are your ghosts, Duncan. Windchimes. A child's toy put to good use. You scare easily, my painted Moor.
Azeem: This forest has eyes, I swear it.

(The trio finally stop as they reach a small river. It’s very wide.)
Azeem: In my dreams alone have I imagined such a place.
Robin: Then imagine a way to cross it. (He gets off his horse and tries to see if there is a way across. The water is not very deep.) There's hope!
(All of a sudden a rope is pulled up from the water and Robin falls in, getting drenched. A man in the nearby trees hollers at them.)
Will Scarlet: (sing-song) There was a rich man from Nottingham, who tried to cross the river. What a dope, he tripped over a rope. Now look at him shiver! (normal) Beg for mercy, rich boy!
Robin: I beg of no man.
(Several other woodsmen come out of the forest. They grab hold of the horses and hold Azeem at bay.)
Will: Well, this here is our river and each man that wishes to cross must pay a tax.
Robin: I'll pay no tax, as you can see I have nothing. Not even my sword.
(A rather tall man begins to walk towards Robin.)
John: Bollacks! Any man who travels with two servants and claims that he's got no bloody money, is even a fool or a liar.
Robin: Who are you?
John: John Little. Best man of the woods.
Robin: Well, best man. You lead this rabble?
John: Yes I do mate. And if you tosspots want to travel through Sherwood Forrest, it's gonna cost you…that gold medallion.
Robin: This is sacred to me.
John: It's sacred to us to, mate. That there will feed us for a bloody month.
Robin: You'll have to fight me for it.
John: Love to mate!
(John tosses Robin the wooden staff he was holding. Wulf runs up to him and hands him another and takes his cloak.)
Wulf: Be careful father, he won of twelve of the sheriff's men.
John: Is that so? I reckon I'm gonna enjoy this.
Robin: Hey! That’s your father?
(Wulf smiles and nods.)
(The fight beings. Things seem to be evenly matched. But John gets the upper hand and knocks Robin into deeper water.)
Will: He's drowning!
John: (standing over Robin as he looks for his medallion) Lost something? (Robin sees that John has the medallion.) Thanks for the taxes!
Will: Looks like the little rich boy is lost for words, eh?
Robin: (to Azeem) Any great ideas?
Azeem: Get up! Move faster!
Robin: Move faster, great idea.
(John is walking proudly away towards the riverbank when Robin comes up behind him.)
Will: Watch it, John!
(Robin knocks John down.)
Robin: We're not through yet!
John: Already, my old cocker. You want another good whacking? You should have one!
(They fight and are once again evenly matched.)
Robin: It seems like I've made it passed the gate, John Little. Or should I call you Little John?
Wulf: Hit him father! Whallop him!
(John gets in some good hits and Robin goes down.)
John: Swimming time again, old chump!
(He knocks Robin over a small waterfall into much deeper water. John climbs down and tries to locate Robin.)
Wulf: Where is he? Do you see him?
John: (turns around to answer Wulf) It's a bloody shame. He was a brave lad. (Robin pops up out of the water and knocks John in.) Help!!
Robin: Do you yield?
John: I can't bloody swim! Help!
Robin: Do you yield?
John: Yes!
Robin: Good, now put your feet down.
(John puts his feet down and the water is only thigh deep.)
John: I'll be buttered!
Robin: The medallion.
John: Give me your name first.
Robin: Robin of Locksley.
(Upon hearing this Will begins to glare at Robin.)
John: Well, Robin of Locksley, you've got balls of solid rock.

(Sherwood Camp – Night)
(The men are all seated around a fire and a jug of mead is being passed around.)
John: That's Max, the miller's son, Harold Brownwell and that stumpy one there is David of Doncaster, but the lads all call him Bull.
Robin: Because you're short?
Bull: No, because I'm so long!
Robin: No, Bull, save it, save it. Save it for the ladies.
John: Give the man some mead. (Robin takes a drink before passing it to the man next to him.) Now I made that myself.
(The man next to Robin passes the jug passed Azeem without offering him any.)
Robin: Is English hospitality changes so much in six years that a friend of mine is not welcome at this table.
Man: But he's a savage, sire!
Robin: That he is. But no more then you or I. And don't call me Sire.
(The man offers the jug to Azeem.)
Azeem: With regret I must decline. Allah forbids it.
John: You bloody lost me.
Robin: Why is it that so many of you are hiding.
John: Well, we are all outlaws. We have prices on ours heads. Even that young lad there. The blasted sheriff, he says we owe him taxes.
Robin: Well, your ghosts will only keep the sheriffs man at base so long.
Will: Well, they’ve worked so far. Do you have a better idea?
Robin: You can always fight back.
John: I reckon I must have cracked that noble our of yours. Well these are all good lads here. They have hearts of oath but they are farmers. It would be lambs to the laughter. They say the sheriff was raised by a witch.
Azeem: A witch?
Wulf: She knows every man's thoughts, you can see her eyes fur and she flies.
John: That's a load of codswallop, Wulf.
Will: What does a rich son of a devil worshipper care about a bunch of outlaw pheasants?
Duncan: My Lord was a kind and generous man. Who among you dare to believe…
Robin: My father was no devil worshipper. And I'll have words with any man who says otherwise. But he's right. I was a rich man's son. When I killed the sheriffs men, I became an outlaw like you.
Will: You are nothing like us. (He storms off.)
John: That there’s Will Scarlet. Take no notice of him, he's full of piss and wind. Come on lads, drink up. Don't talk about so much bloody rubbish. This here is the best that we simple men can expect. Here we're safe. Here we are kings!

(The men are waking up. Duncan wakes up with a groan.)
Robin: Too much mead, old friend?
Duncan: Forgive me, I oversleep.
Robin: No, no, rest yourself. What day is it, Duncan?
Duncan: Sunday, I think.
Robin: Do they still give alms to the poor at mass?
Duncan: That they do. These days the need for mercy is greater then ever.

(Nottingham – Cathedral)
(The Bishop is conducting Mass.)
Bishop: We beseech thy blessing Lord, on all thy people, but most especially on our noble Sheriff of Nottingham. (The Sheriff is looking over at Marian. She nudges Sarah to sit up more so that she is blocked from his view.) Grant him the wisdom to guide and protect our glorious city, grand him also the strength to bring to justice the lawless men, who would threaten it's safety and prosperity and the judgement to punish them. In your name, amen.
All: Amen.
Bishop: Go in peace.
(People begin to exit the church. As they pass the poor some of them hand out coins.)
Marian: Sarah?
Sarah: Yes. (She hands out some money to the poor.) That's all I have.
Woman: God bless ye, ma’am.

(Prayer Bench)
(Marian kneels to pray at a shrine lit by many candles. A beggar in a shabby, smelly robe comes to kneel beside her. Marian puts a hand to her nose because of the smell.)
Robin: Alms for a blind man, my lady? For one who cannot see your beauty. (She turns to look at him in surprise.) Hello!
Marian: What are you doing here?!
Robin: I'm searching my soul.
Marian: I do not wish to be seen with an outlaw.
Robin: You prefer the company of Nottingham?
Marian: There's a price on your head.
Robin: How much?
Marian: One hundred gold pieces.
Robin: Is that all? I'll have to annoy the good sheriff more. Soon it'll be a thousand.
Marian: For a thousand I'll turn you in myself. (frowns) Nottingham is mounting an army. He has every blacksmith in the county hold up in the castle making swords and armour.
Robin: What is he planning?
Marian: I don't know. There's no limit to the man's ambitions. Go!
Robin: Thank you.
(He begins to walk off.)
Marian: Quickly, go! Robin, do something for me.
(Robin pauses and turns back to her.)
Robin: What?
Marian: Take a bath!
Robin: Take a bath?
(She nods, and he bows in agreement.)

(Bishop’s Chambers)
(The Bishop is removing his ceremonial hat and jewelry. He hears the door open and glances over at Robin but does not recognize him because of his beggar clothing.)
Bishop: These are my private chambers, my son. I have priests who would hear your confession. (Robin sneaks up behind him and pinches him.) Ah! (The Bishop turns again and sees Robin’s face this time.) I see the boy I knew, in the man before me. Welcome home, Robin.
(He holds out his hand for Robin to kiss and Robin does so.)

(Hallway – Near the Prayer Bench)
(The Sheriff walks up to Lady Marian as she finishes her prayers.)
Sheriff: You shine like the sun, my lady. You have been meeting with Robin of Locksley. My cousin tells me he may have deprived you of some horses.
(The Sheriff begins to walk in the direction that Robin went so she tries to get him to go in another direction, but he won’t.)
Marian: Yes, a most disagreeable experience.
Sheriff: Yes, I know, and for inflicting that upon you form the walls by his own intestines.
Marian: I would like to see that my lord.
Sheriff: If you would bring your household within the city walls I could give your every need personal attention.
Marian: Well, thank you Lord but I'd rather stay in my family's home, for now.
Sheriff: Well then perhaps, you do me the honor of accepting a small token of my undying devotion to your safety.
(He pulls out a jeweled dagger and she gasps in surprise.)
Marian: My, King Richard would be deeply moved to hear from your concern for my welfare.
Sheriff: Yes, I'm afraid the King has many enemies, both abroad and at home. I fear for his safe return.
Marian: Oh, fear not, dear sheriff. (She takes the dagger.) He will return, and when he does he will wish to reward his faithful subjects.

(Bishop’s Chambers)
(Robin and the Bishop are seated.)
Bishop: I asked your father three times if he worshipped the dark one and his answer vexed me so grievously. He said he must meet God with a clear conscience.
Robin: You lie!
(Robin gets up to storm out. As he opens the door he sees the Sheriff about to enter. The Sheriff gives him a puzzled look.)
Bishop: On your souls do not shed blood in the house of God!!
(The Sheriff realizes who Robin is, so Robin grabs a dagger and slices the Sheriff’s left cheek before slamming the door shut.)
Sheriff: (from outside the door) In there you Bastard! (Robin looks quickly for an escape. Just as the guards burst through the door he cuts a rope tied to the chandelier and as the chandelier falls he’s pulled up to the ceiling where is a small nook he can use to escape.) Get him! Locksley, I'm gonna cut your heart out with a spoon!
Robin: Then it begins!

(Robin comes out of the church and runs over the back of four horses before jumping into the saddle of a white horse, which just happens to belong to the Sheriff. He takes off.)
Sheriff: Close the gate!!!
Soldier: Close the gate! He stole the sheriff's horse!
(As Robin passes a vendor he grabs a bag of bread. He makes it to the gate just as it is about to close. The gate shuts behind him as the Sheriff runs up. There are many people standing around waiting to see what the Sheriff is going to do.)
Sheriff: (to man) What are you looking at?
(He proceeds to hit the man before heading back to the church.)

(Sherwood Forest/Camp)
(Robin rides up on the Sheriff’s white horse. He hops down and begins to walk toward Duncan.)
Azeem: Water!
Robin: Thank you.
Azeem: For the animal. How can I protect you if I know not where you go?
Robin: You hardly raise a finger when you do know.
Azeem: I prefer to have the choice.
Will: Wonderful, you have stolen the sheriff's horse?
John: You stirred up a bloody hornets nest now!
Robin: Are you afraid, John?
John: Yeah, a little.
Robin: Well, so is the sheriff and today I gave him this thing he'll not forget.
Will: You fool, you've started a war!
Robin: We're already in war! (He hands Duncan a loaf of bread.) Duncan, bread. (to the others) And I say we strike back at the very man who takes our homes and hunts our children.
John: We? You're planning to join us then, mate?
Robin: No, to lead you!
(He walks off and Azeem follows him.)
Azeem: Christian, these are simple people, they are not warriors. Be careful you don't do this for your own purposes.
Robin: You forget yourself, Azeem, I do not ask for your company or council.

(Nottingham Castle – Sheriff’s Chambers – Night)
(The Sheriff is seated in a chair with a bloody towel hanging over his chest and shoulder. He’s waiting to have his cut stitched up. Guy stands nearby.)
Guy: Why a spoon, cousin? Why not an axe?
Sheriff: Because it's dull, you twit! It'll hurt more! Oh, I want this brigand found. Starve them out, slaughter their…no! Take their live stock. I want Locksley own people fighting to bring his head in.
Guy: Perhaps we could create a name for him. Sometime to drive fear in to the hearts of the populous, maybe "Locksley the Lethal", or "Wreaking Robin".
Sheriff: Whatever! I want him dead by the next fool moon, before the barons come back. (to the Scribe) Now sew! And keep the stitches small.

(Village – Day)
(Guy and some soldiers are ransacking the village looking for Robin. Guy speaks to a woman standing nearby.)
Guy: Where's your mate? The man they call Little?
Fanny: He died, last winter.
Guy: Burn it down!
Man: Leave us the sow, it'll feed us through the winter!
Guy: Ever heard of the Sherwood bandit?
Man: Robin of the Hood, yes sir!
Guy: Pray he's brought to us before winter.

(Sherwood Forest)
(The people from the village make their way into Sherwood looking for the men’s camp. There are men, women, and children who all look worn out and hurt. They are spotted and some of the men, and Wulf run to the new comers. Robin sits on a rather large fallen tree and polishes his bow. Azeem stands nearby.)
Bull: Over here!
Will: (to man) What's happened to you?
Man2: They've burned the village, all of it! Where is this Robin Hood?
Will: He's there! (points)
Man2: (picks up his son and shows Robin the large lash across the boy’s face) Look, look what they've done.
Azeem: If it's fame you seek, Christian, I think you have it. (walks off)
Will: (walking over) You brought this misery on us, Locksley.
Robin: This is Nottingham, trying to divide us.
Will: We are divided, rich boy. I'm not as blind as that old man over there. You're still trying to be lord of the manor. I heard today that the sheriff now values your neck at five hundred gold pieces. I say we take him in!
Robin: (smiles) Will, do you think that the sheriff will give everything back when I'm gone?
Will: They'll give us the reward and our pardons.
Robin: Wrong. He'll stretch your necks one by one.
Will: Well, what will you have us do? Fight men on horsebacks with rocks and our bare hands?
Robin: If it needs to be. But with the one true weapon that escapes you, Will. Courage.
(Robin turns his back to walk away. Will pulls out a dagger and prepares to throw it at Robin’s back.)
Wulf: Look out!
(Robin turns quickly and shoots an arrow through Will’s hand forcing him to drop the dagger. Will holds his hand in pain while Robin simply looks at him. Finally Will runs off.)
Robin: Thank you, Wulf. Do you wish to end this? Do you wish to go home? Then we must stop fighting amongst ourselves! And face that the price worth may be dear. But I for one would rather die and spend my life with hiding. The Sheriff calls us outlaws, but I say we are free! And one free man defending his home is more powerful then ten hired soldiers. The Crusades taught me that. I will make you no promises, safe one; that when you truly believe in your hearts that you're free then I say we can win!
Bull: But they've got armor!
Robin: They've got armor, Bull? Even this boy can be taught to find the chinks in every suit of armor.
Man: But we ain't got nothing to eat!
Robin: What do we need that the forest can not provide? We have food, wood for weapons. We'll find safety and solace in her trees.
Man: Yeah, but what about our kids? The sheriff has taken all they've got to.
Robin: Then, by God, we'll take it back!

(Sherwood Forest – Road)
(A carriage is making it’s way through Sherwood. As it passes over a spot in the road some boards move aside and Wulf comes up out of a hidden spot and places two hooks on the back of the carriage. Suddenly some of Robin’s men fire arrows at the carriage and the driver urges the horses to run. They do, but when the rope connected to the two hooks reaches it’s end the horses and driver keep going while the carriage comes to a full stop. Robin and his men come up and proceed to unload everything from the carriage.)
Baron1: What's the meaning of this?
(There is a young woman seated next to the Baron and Robin takes her hand and kisses it, while pulling a ring off her finger.)
Robin: My lady, a woman with your beauty has no need for such decorations.
(She smiles at him, smitten.)
Baron1: How dare you?!

(Small Church)
(Nottingham soldiers are taking everything out of the church as the priest protests.)
Priest: Please, please don't take that. Those belong to our Lord!
Soldier: And now they belong to my Lord, the Sheriff!! (Suddenly several arrows are fired in their general direction and Robin and his men come out of the woods. The soldiers note that they are surrounded.) Give it back!
Robin: Good, now tell the sheriff for every harm he does to these people, I'll visited back on him tenfold.

(Nottingham Castle – Mortianna’s Lair)
(The Sheriff paces around in absolute frustration as Mortianna watches.)
Mortianna: Something vexed thy?

(Sherwood Forest – Road)
(Another Baron is riding his horse through the forest flanked by two of his men. He comes to a tree and pauses as Robin lowers his legs so the Baron can see him seated on one of the branches.)
Baron2: What the devil?!
Robin: It's a hot day, my friend, to burden your horse with such a heavy purse.
(He uses his bow to lift the purse away from the Baron.)
Baron2: The sheriff will hear of this!
(Robin jumps to the ground with a grin.)
Robin: I truly hope so!
Wulf: Yeah!

(Fanny and some of the others are passing out food and money to the villagers.)
Man: Bread!
Fanny: Here you go, love. Buy yourself a new sow, Stephen!
Stephen: God blesses you, Fanny! And God blesses Robin Hood!

(Nottingham Castle – Sheriff’s Chambers)
Scribe: We reckon he has nicked three to four million in the last five months, Sire.
Sheriff: Go on, fine, raise the penalty on his head to 25.000 crowns. (takes a drink of wine)
Scribe: Begging your pardon, Sire. It won't do no good. How much you raise it.
Sheriff: Really, scribe, why is that?
Scribe: Because Sire, the poor, you see. He gives to them what he takes. So, well Sire…they love him!
Sheriff: Just a minute, Scribe. Robin Hood steals money from my pocket, forcing me to hurt the public and they love him for it?
Scribe: Yes!
(The Sheriff knocks a cup of wine over and it splashes all over the scribe.)
Sheriff: That's it then! Cancel the kitchen scraps for lepers and orphans. No more mercy full beheadings. (He opens the door.) And call of Christmas!

(The Sheriff and Scribe come down a staircase.)
Sheriff: The treasury is empty. All day and all night people plague my door waning about tax relief and safe passage through Sherwood Forrest. "We can not pay it, because the highwayman has taken it".
Scribe: It's the shortest route to London.
Sheriff: It's the only road to London, you little ferret!
(The Sheriff walks past his statue and notices that a scar has been added to the left cheek.)
Scribe: Sir Guy's patrol's have found nothing!
Sheriff: (He tries to get the scar on his statue to come off) No camp, nothing. This viper simply slivers into the forest. (to a nearby wench) You, my room 10.30, tonight. (to another wench) You, 10.45. And bring a friend! (walks off)

(Sherwood Forest – Road)
(A large number of soldiers are making their way through the wood. Amongst them are a large carriage and a wagon full of wine, being pulled by a Friar. The Friar is obviously drunk for he’s drinking and singing rather loudly.)
Friar Tuck: (singing) Let King Richard bless us all, With wine rewarding, But for us who stay at home, Here it will be boring, Play the music, dance today, Think not of tomorrow…
(Robin and his men are hidden in the woods and are watching from a slight distance.)
Robin: How many?
Azeem: Twenty
Robin: Twenty?!
Bull: How many?
Robin: Five! (the men around him chuckle) He can't count anyway!
Azeem: And they call me Barbarian.
(They move to get into position.)
Friar Tuck: With wine rewarding, But for us who stay at home, Here it will be boring, Play the music, dance today…
Guy: Friar! Silence. You'll find it much more difficult to sing with a sword in your gullet.
Friar Tuck: Yes, my Lord.
(They all turn to look as they see two woodsmen trying to move a large log. It’s Bull and another man.)
Stephen: Will you shut up, and help me move this stock.
Bull: This isn't a stock, this is a tree!
Stephen: Now will you shut up and start helping me!
Bull: I'm supposed to be meeting a girl.
(The man and Bull look up and see the soldiers. They take off running.)
Guy: The men in front, after me! The rest stay with the wagon!
(They head off going after the woodsmen.)
Friar Tuck: On to glory!
Guy: Bastards! Come on, find them!
(Bull and the Stephen manage to hide themselves under some ground colored coverings in the forest. The soldiers ride right past them.)
Friar Tuck: Oh…. (realizes he’s not supposed to sing so he has another drink)
(Some of the soldiers glance around uneasily. One looks towards what appears to be a wall of vines and tree limbs. The wall drops and they are attacked by Robin and his men. They knock out all of the soldiers.)
Robin: Yeah, yeah, yeah!
(The horses of the Friar’s wagon are startled and they shift forward causing him to hit his head and pass out. John hops on the wagon and takes the reigns.)
John: Welcome to Sherwood, friar!
(The soldiers are hidden under more ground colored coverings and the wall is put back up. So when Guy and the other soldiers return everyone is gone.)

(Elsewhere in the Forest)
(Robin and the men are going through the treasure they have just stolen. They crack a lock on a chest and open it to find it full of gold coins.)
Robin: This treasure had a purpose. We must find out what. (The Friar awakes with a groan. Robin walks over to his wagon.) Good morning, my reverent friend. You travel with poor company when you travel with Nottingham's soldiers.
All: Tax him!
(The Friar looks at them nervously.)
Robin: I'm Robin of Locksley. And my men are thirsty.
Friar Tuck: (smiles) Robin Hood! God blesses me! I mistook you for common thieves. Let me pass, Sir.
Robin: Surely the Lord has the charity to spare a few barrels for good Christian men.
All: Yeah!
Robin: We have much to celebrate
Friar Tuck: Well, if you wish to share in the good Lord's brew, you must pass me for it! (He kicks Robin in the face and grabs the reigns of the horses to make them go. He turns around as he’s driving away.) Confess, Robin Hood, that Friar Tuck is a braver and wiser man then thy are! (He is hit on the head by a tree branch and he falls to the ground.) The Lord giveth and he taketh away.
Robin: Do you yield?
Friar Tuck: (smiles) I'd rather roast in hell!
(Friar Tuck proceeds to try and bite Robin’s legs.)
Robin: Shoot him! Shoot him!

(The men have made their way back to camp with Friar Tuck pulling the wagon full of wine. Camp consists of many wood “houses” both on the ground and up in the trees. There are wooded walkways that connect the houses in the trees.)
Robin: Ho! I think the good friar has taken us far enough.
Stephen: Well done, friar!
Friar Tuck: (takes off the horse neck harness.) Thank you, Lord, for teaching me humility.
Robin: Well, Tuck.
Bull: Thanks, for the beer!
Robin: Are these not the meek of the earth? (Tuck looks around, surprised at what he sees.) We're in need of an honest men to minister them. What say you friar?
Friar Tuck: The Lord reveals himself in mysterious ways. I accept!
Robin: Good, you'll not regret it.
Friar Tuck: Aye, but you might!

(Nottingham Castle – Smithy – Night)
(There are many men working. They are making all kinds of swords.)
Guy: We were ambushed, cousin.
Sheriff: (holds up a sword) Spanish steel. Much stronger then our native blades. Any losses?
Guy: Some. The truth, all of them.
Sheriff: And the gold?
Guy: Taken.
Sheriff: Robin Hood?
Guy: They were woodsmen, cousin.
Sheriff: Robin Hood!
Guy: I tried, I tried.
Sheriff: (hugs him) Cousin, we must be strong. We can't allow an outlaw to make fools of us. (Drives the swords through Guy’s stomach) And I can't allow my lieutenant to fail me! (He pushes Guy of the sword and Guy falls to the ground.) Well, at least I didn't use a spoon! (to the Smithy) This is good steel!

(Sherwood Forest – Road – Day)
(Bull and Matt are hidden in the brush as Marian and Sarah approach on horses.)
Bull: You take the one on the left!
Matt: Which one is left? Which one are you taking?
Bull: You mean, which one am I taking? If you're taking the one on the left, I'm taking the one on the right.
Matt: Which one is the one on the right?
Bull: The one next to the one on the…We'll just jump out and grab them!
Matt: Now?
Bull: Now! (they jump out of the bushes) Hold! A donation if you please.
Marian: A donation? For what?
Matt: For passage through Sherwood.
Marian: Very well, come and get it. (She grabs Matt as he approaches her and holds a dagger to his throat just as Sarah kicks Bull full in the face.) You stupid scruff, how dare you attack us?!
Matt: It's my job, my lady.
Marian: Your job? And who's your employer?
Matt: Robin Hood!
Marian: I insist on seeing him at once!

(Marian is making her way down a hill towards a lake/waterfall with Sarah, Bull, and Matt behind her. She stops still halfway up the hill when she sees that Robin is bathing in the lake below.)
Bull: No, you do not go down there!
Sarah: You'll fall, my lady.
Bull: He's not expecting you!
Sarah: My lady's intrusion is simply treats his tracks .
Bull: Out of the way, you old tramp! You can't go down there! I told you not down there!
(Robin climbs out of the water and goes to get his clothes which are just behind a small waterfall. Marian smiles a small smile when she sees his bare rear.)
Sarah: Oh, what's that?
Bull: (to Marian) Cover your eyes!
Sarah: My lady, don't! (to Bull) You could have said.
Bull: (loudly) Robin!! (Robin, now wearing pants, turns to see them.) You've got visitors! No, don't look at me like that, it wasn't my fault. It was Matt's!
(The group make their way further down the hill as Robin jogs up to them, mostly clothed.)
Sarah: Carefully, it's slippy down there!
Robin: Hello.
Marian: (flustered) Well, what are you doing here?
Robin: Taking a lady's advice.
Marian: (smiles) Oh.
Robin: What happened to your eye, Bull?
Bull: We were set up by ten…twelve…fifteen large big lads!
Sarah: Oh, yeah?
Bull: Yeah.

(Sherwood Camp – Edge)
(Robin leads the group up a hill so that Marian and Sarah can see the full extent of the camp.)
Marian: You've been busy!
Robin: We have guests!
John: Bring them down!

(They pass by a water device that pulls water to the upper levels.)
Robin: It works, kind of.
Azeem: Of course it works!

(Practice Range)
(Wulf and several older men are practicing with the bow and arrow. Wulf shoots an arrow and hits the target dead center.)
Robin: That's good, Wulf. But can you do it amidst distraction? Can you make the shot when you must?
John: Show him, Wulf!
(Wulf prepares to fire another arrow at the target. Just as he is about to release Robin touches the back of his head and cause the arrow to miss the center of the target.)
Marian: Can you?
(Robin smiles and prepares to fire an arrow. The men all start yelling and making noise to distract him but it doesn’t work. Robin focus’s on the target but just as he is about to fire the arrow Marian lightly blows on his hair. The arrow goes wild and ends up hitting a basket of bread.)
Marian: Well done!
(The men all laugh, but Robin takes it in stride and chuckles himself.)

(Elsewhere in Camp)
(Robin is walking Marian through camp once again. They pass by Friar Tuck who is giving a lecture on grain.)
Friar Tuck: This is grain, which any fool can eat. But for which the Lord intended a more divine meaning of consumption. Let us give praise to our maker and glory to his bounty, by learning about…beer.

(Money TreeHouse)
(Marian and Robin are alone inside one of the treehouses. It is filled with the money that Robin and his men stole from this rich when they tried to pass through Sherwood.)
Marian: Did you bring me here to brag?
Robin: This is blood money, Marian. It's intended to bribe King Richard's enemy's to unite them against him. We intercepted it.
Marian: But who would…?
Robin: Nottingham!
Marian: No! Nottingham would not dare challenge the king!
Robin: Well, the King is not in England to be challenged, is he? While he's away he may loose his country. You thought…you thought I was keeping it all, didn't you? (She smiles.) Didn't you?
Marian: Here. (pulls out the dagger she got from the Sheriff) A contribution to your cause.
Robin: (makes no move to take it) Keep it.
Marian: No, this dagger would fetch such a great price!
Robin: Keep it.
Marian: Oh no, it's not dear to me! I mean, well…it's not. I'm saying everything wrong. (Sets the dagger down on the shelf) Cheers! (She walks out of the room and Robin puts the dagger in his boot.)(from outside) How do I get down?
(Robin exits the room and we see they are very high up in the trees. Marian is about to climb down a steep ladder.)
Robin: Wait, wait! We don't go that way anymore.
Marian: I'm happy to hear that.
(Robin leads her over to a rope that has a place to put your feet.)
Robin: Grab on! (He lowers them out of the “tree house”.) We have a rule here, you know. Once someone has seen the way to our camp, that person can not leave. There are too many lives at stake.
(They finally make it to the ground.)
Marian: That's why Sarah and I asked to be blindfolded.
Robin: Oh. Well, perhaps you might join us for dinner?
Marian: Perhaps.

(Camp – Night)
(Azeem sits outside a hut working on something. A little girl walks up to him and looks at him curiously.)
Azeem: Salaam, little one.
Girl: Did God paint you?
Azeem: Did God paint me? (laughs) For certain.
Girl: Why?
Azeem: Because Allah loves wondrous variety.

(Marian and Robin sit just outside a treehouse watching the others as they gather by the bonfire below.)
Marian: How is it that a once arrogant young nobleman, has found contentment living rough with the salt of the earth?
Robin: I've seen knights in armor panic at the first hint of battle. And I've seen the loneliest, unarmed squire pull a spear from his own body, to defend a dying horse. Nobility is not a birthright, it's defined by ones actions.
Marian: It's interesting to hear you say that.
Robin: I didn't. My father did.
Marian: Did the holy quest raise your hatred of him?
Robin: I don't know. All I know was that our last words spoken in this world were spoken in anger. I was lost after my mother died. My father too and for a short time he found comfort in the arms of another woman. I thought he was betraying my mother's memory. For the love of a twelve years old boy who would never forgive him. Anyway, who says I'm content? I've my plans for the future.
Marian: No?! A grander scheme than this?
Robin: No, a simpler one. A home, a
Marian: Men speak conveniently of love when it's serves their purpose. And when it doesn't it's a burden to them. Robin of the Hood, Prince of thieves. Is he capable of love?
(They simply look at each other for a moment. Below there is a commotion as Wulf runs up to his father.)
Wulf: Father! Father! Mother, she's dying!
(Marian and Robin head down to see what they can do to help.)

(Fanny is in hard labor and moans with pain. Azeem examines her.)
Azeem: Fanny, your baby has not turned! It can not be born without help.
Friar Tuck: He's a devil's seed. Don't listen to him, he will kill her!
Azeem: If you do not listen to me, she will certainly die, and the child.
Fanny: No!
Robin: The good friar has done all he can. I suggest you let the Moor try.
John: So be it!
Friar Tuck: And it'll be on your head, I warned you! (storms out.)
Azeem: Marian, get me a needle, thread and water. Hurry!
Marian: Yes! Come with me! Come, John!
(Marian goes to get the needed items and takes John with her.)
Robin: What are you going to do?
Azeem: I've seen this many times. With horses.
Robin: With horses?
(Marian returns and she has a bite block for Fanny. She places the block in Fanny’s mouth.)
Marian: Bite down! Bite down, yes!
Azeem: Help me.
Marian: Spread your arms.
Azeem: (to Fanny) It will be alright.

(Friar Tuck is seated just outside the door while John paces.)
Friar Tuck: I tell you, John, the barbarian is killing her!
Fanny: (from inside) No!!!
(John tries to go back inside but Wulf tries to stop him.)
Wulf: No, father!!
John: Get out of the way, boy!
(Suddenly a baby’s cry is heard.)

(Marian holds the new baby in her arms. She and Robin share a smile, then she hands the baby to Fanny.)
Marian: Your son, my lady! There you are.
Robin: (to Azeem) You truly are a great one.

(Outside – Later)
(John comes out with the baby wrapped warmly. He holds the little one up so others can see.)
John: My son! Look at this little baby, isn't he wonderful?
(He heads off with the baby as Azeem comes out of the hut. Friar Tuck walks up to him.)
Friar Tuck: Today the Lord has taught me a fine lesson. Although I may think I'm godly, I know I'm not worldly. (holds out his hand for Azeem to take, which he doe not.) Please. (Azeem takes his hand and they shake.) Now come my Barbarian friend! For you and I open a barrel together, to do our best to save each others souls.
Azeem: Alas, I'm not permitted.
Friar Tuck: Fine then, you'll talk. I'll drink.
(They walk off as Marian comes out of the hut. She smiles and laughs as a line of people dance by her, including Sarah. Will walks up to her with a flower.)
Will: May I have this dance?
(He holds out the flower and she takes it. Robin walks up to them.)
Robin: This lady is spoken for.
(Robin takes her hand and he and Marian join the line of dancers. Will walks off with a scowl.)

(Lake – Dawn)
(It is quite foggy as Robin leads Marian and some others towards the lake at dawn.)
Marian: Why this way?
Robin: So you can not find the way back, when you're forced by others to tell the way. It was good to see you again, Marian.
Marian: (smiles) It was good to be seen.
Robin: I have two favors to ask of you.
Marian: One?
Robin: (quietly) Take Duncan with you. I fear for his health for what lies ahead. (louder as Duncan passes) Besides I grew tired of his bellyaching.
Duncan: You wish me to leave, master Robin?
Robin: (walks with Duncan over to the waters edge) Old friend, listen to me. Can you bring Lady Marian safely home? I fear for her safety.
Duncan: Of course, Sire!
Robin: Good. Bull?!
(Bull comes over to help Duncan into the waiting boat.)
Marian: And two?
Robin: Yes, two. You're King Richard's cousin. You can give word to him of Nottingham's plans. He would believe you.
Marian: If the sheriff found out, I could loose al that I have.
Robin: That’s true. But will you do it for your king?
Marian: No. (Robin looks at her in surprise.) I'll do it for you!
(She quickly kisses him before getting in the boat with the others. He watches as they sail away.)

(Duncan turns to Marian as they sail away.)
Duncan: He fancies you, my Lady. (She looks at him in surprise.) I'm blind, but some things I can still see.

(Nottingham – Mortianna’s Lair)
Sheriff: In ten days time the barons are coming. Robin Hood has stolen what I was to pay for their alliance. I'm surrounded by fools, who do not realise my obligations! Tell me, Mortianna. Am I thwarted?
(Mortianna pulls over a nearby plate. She makes a cut on her arm so that some of her blood drips on the plate. She then spits onto the plate. She mixes the blood and spit with a fingernail. She then tells the Sheriff what she sees.)
Mortianna: Recruit the beasts that share our God.
Sheriff: Animals?
Mortianna: From the North.
Sheriff: Celts? They drink the blood of their dead.
Mortianna: Yoke their strength.
Sheriff: Hired lugs! (smiles) Ah, brilliant!
Mortianna: Put thine own issue on the thrown?
Sheriff: A child? How?
Mortianna: Lay with Royal blood.
Sheriff: (smiles evilly) Who?

(Dubois Castle)
(Marian forges a note for King Richard and seals it.)

(Nottingham – Cathedral)
(Marian hands the note over to the Bishop.)
Marian: It's a personal matter, My Lord. But one of vital importance.
Bishop: I understand, my dear lady. (motions to a nearby man) This is my most trusted emissary.
Marian: Yes, he must travel to France immediately and put that directly into the hands of the King. And him alone! My lady in waiting will accompany you.
(Sarah steps forward.)
Bishop: My dear, I could not vouch for her safety. The journey is froth with danger!
Marian: Yes, I appreciate your concern, My lord. But Sarah is an accomplished rider and I insist that she goes along. Bishop: As you wish.

(Forest – Road)
(The emissary stops and leans forward on his horse feeling the horses leg. Sarah rides up and stops beside him.)
Sarah: What is wrong?
Emissary: The horse is quivering his foreleg.
(Sarah leans down to examine the leg and the emissary hits her on the head with a club. She falls to the ground, unconscious.)

(Dubois Castle – Night)
(Marian is doing some needlework when she hears a sound. She pauses and gets up to investigate, dagger in hand.)
Marian: Duncan, is that you? Hello? Rebecca? (a cat jumps at her) Oh, Nicodemus. Find mice!
(She turns to go back to her needlework and is grabbed by a Nottingham soldier. He throws her down on the table and leans over her.)
Soldier: I've never seen the breasts of a noble woman.
(She throws some soot into his eyes and escapes outside before another soldier catches her. She looks and sees that her other servants are captured as well.)
Servant: My God! My Lady, we couldn't hold them!
Soldier2: Someone wants a word with you.
(Duncan hides in the shadows as Marian is taken away.)
Marian: NO!
(Duncan makes his way to the stables. He manages to find a horse.)
Duncan: Easy! Easy. Tonight I need your eyes, old friend.
(He manages to get on the horse and he heads off to find Robin. Nottingham soldiers watch him as he leaves.)

(Sherwood Forest Camp – Dawn)
(Some of the men are standing around when a warning arrow is shot from the tress. Another warning arrow follows it. They run to see who’s approaching when they see that it’s Duncan.)
Bull: Robin! Someone's coming! (pause) All is well! It's Duncan!
Robin: Duncan! Duncan, what happened?
(Robin helps Duncan from the horse. Duncan is very weak.)
Duncan: I found you, Robin. Thank God, I did it. Nottingham's men attacked us.
Robin: Marian?
Duncan: They took her.
(Several more warning arrows are fired as something else is spotted on the hill.)
John: What is it?
Bull: Over there, look!
Man: On the hills!!
(They see an army of men and women on the hill. They are dressed in primitive battle gear, mostly furs of sorts. Their faces are covered with war paint and they are waving around their swords.)
Man2: Celts! God help us!
Azeem: Allah, be merciful!
Bull: (yelling) To the trees!!! To the trees!
(Everyone begins running back into camp to climb into the trees. As Robin passes by Will he pauses.)
Will: The old fool let them straight to us.
Sheriff: (on the hill) Get me prisoners!
(The battle is on as the Celts head down into the forest camp. Robin manages to take down several Celts with his bow and arrow. He heads back to the camp. Everyone stops when they see Nottingham soldiers raise their bows that are loaded with flaming arrows. The arrows are shot into the camp and things start to burn.)
Robin: My God!!
Woman: Robin, save us!
Azeem: (helping others to safety) Hurry, hurry!!
Man: Save yourselves!
Bull: We've got to get out of here, Robin! Come!
(Friar Tuck herds some of the children to safety.)
Friar Tuck: This way, my lambs. Come on!
(Wulf is using his bow and arrow to take down Nottingham soldiers and Celts. He is spotted and when he goes to run away he’s caught.)
Soldier: Got you!
Soldier2: Hold, or I'll fire!
(Robin has made his way up into the trees and to the “money tree house”. He begins tossing the money down onto the ground.)
Celt: It's gold! Gold!
(Elsewhere in the trees John sees that Fanny and the baby are trapped by fire.)
John: Fanny?? Fanny??
Fanny: John!
John: Fanny!!
(Robin hears this from where he is and goes to see what’s wrong.)
Fanny: Go, flee John, save yourself!
John: No, Fanny! I won't leave you!
Fanny: Go on, John!
John: Never!
Fanny: Oh, John!
(Robin takes a deep breath and then launches himself at a nearby rope that’s hanging between where he is and where Fanny is. He catches the rope and swings to where she is.)
Robin: John, you'll have to catch her!
(Robin ties the rope around Fanny who cradles the baby. He swings her over to John who catches her hand as soon as she’s close enough.)
John: Come on! I've got you girl!
(They get Fanny untied and swing the rope back over to Robin.)
Fanny: Quick, quick!!
John: Robin, come on!!
Robin: Go on, don't wait for me! John, go!
(John and Fanny head for safety. Robin tries to swing to safety. But the rope has burned and it snaps in between the trees. Robin falls to the ground and his cross lands in a pile of hay.)

(Nottingham – Chapel – Day)
(Marian is praying.)
Bishop: Corpus Christi.
Marian: Amen.
Sheriff: My Lady Marian.
Marian: By what right do you keep me prisoner?
Sheriff: You misunderstand my intentions. You've been brought here for your own protection.
Marian: Protection from who?
Sheriff: From yourself! It seems you've been consorting with outlaws.
Marian: Where do you hear such lies?
(The Sheriff holds out her note to the King.)
Sheriff: By your own hand, my Lady.
(Marian turns to look at the Bishop.)
Bishop: I'm sorry, my child. I feared you would be lead astray.
Sheriff: Come. (He leads her outside where she sees the men captured from Robin’s camp.) It's over! Today I return justice to this land. I shall have to hang the real leaders of course, but I would like to be generous and give you the lives of the woodsman and their families. The children! And of course of your traitorous lady in waiting, as a wedding gift.
Marian: And just who am I supposed to marry?
Bishop: Search your heart, my child. Why not a union with the house of Nottingham, and heal the wounds in our land.
Marian: There's only one man who can heal the wounds of this land. Robin Hood.
(The Sheriff holds out Robin’s cross. She can see that it’s been burned. Marian takes it from him.)
Sheriff: I'm truly sorry, my lady. He wasted his life. (Marian, in tears, runs back into the chapel.) How many more lives would you waste? (In the chapel the children are being led in. The Sheriff goes and kneels before a little girl.) What a beautiful, child. So young, so alive, so unaware of how precarious life can be. I had a very sad childhood, I'll tell you about it sometime. I never knew my parents. It's amazing I'm sane. Marian, our bonding would allow these children to grow up as my allies. You understand I can't allow them to grow up as my enemy's.
Marian: I have no choice.
Sheriff: That's true.

(Sherwood Camp)
(The survivors are looking for others. They all stop when they see a silhouette standing against the light.)
Azeem: Look! Christian!

(Nottingham – Dungeon – Night)
(Will, Wulf, and the others are either chained or tied up. Will is hanging upside down. The Sheriff enters, somewhat irate.)
Sheriff: Now I have heard that Robin Hood may still be alive. Either tell me where he may be hiding, or you'll be hanged and well find him anyway and we'll do the same thing to him.
Will: I'd love to kill him for you.
Wulf: Will, no!
Sheriff: So he's alive then.
Will: I'm not really sure.
Sheriff: Then why would I need you?
Will: Because, my Lord, if he is alive, I could get close to him. I'm one of his men, he would never suspect me.
Wulf: He knows you always hated him, traitor!
Will & Sheriff: Shut up!
Will: He's a trusting fool. He'll believe me and if he doesn't he'll kill me. And you have lost nothing.
Sheriff: If you fail I will personally remove your lying tongue.

(Sherwood Camp – Day)
(Robin and Azeem lay Duncan down on the ground. Others around them are burying the people they lost in the battle.)
Robin: My pride brought us to this.
Azeem: No. It was you who gave pride to these people.
Robin: I was a fool. I was a fool to let him leave. I believed I planned it all so perfectly.
Azeem: I once heard a wise man say “There are no perfect men in this world. Only perfect intentions.”
Robin: You're an honour to your country, Azeem. You fought better then twenty English knights. (He looks up and spots Will.) Will!! I thought that you were taken?
Will: I was.
Robin: How did you escape?
(Suddenly John comes running up. He grabs Will and drags him to the ground and proceeds to beat on him.)
John: Traitor! I'll break your skinny neck! You can't escape!
Fanny: Where are the others?
John: Get a rope! Where's my son?
Fanny: Leave him!
(Will’s shirt rides up and they see that he’s been severely whipped.)
John: Bugger me!
Robin: Let him speak.
Will: I bring a message from Nottingham. Our men are to be hanged in the square at high noon tomorrow. The boy too. Ten men in all. The hangings are part of the celebration for the Sheriff's marriage.
Bull: Marriage? To whom?
Will: Lady Marian.
Friar Tuck: He takes a bride of Royal blood.
John: And with King Richard away, he'll be after the bloody thrown!
Robin: You were to use this news to get close to me and then kill me, right Will? What are your intentions?
Will: Well, that depends on you, Locksley. I never trusted you, that's no secret. But what I want to know is, are you going to finish what you've started? I want to know if he's gonna split and run like the spoilt little rich boy I always took him for.
Robin: Did I wrong you in another life, Will Scarlet? Were does this intolerable hatred for me come from?
Will: Knowing that our father loved you more then me.
Robin: Our father?
Will: I'm your brother, Robin of Locksley. (Robin grabs him and shoves him back.) I'm the son of the woman who replaced your died mother for a time. It's your anger that drove them apart.
Robin: You lie!
Will: It's not a lie! You ruined my life! I have more reason to hate you then anyone. But I found myself daring to believe you. What I want to know brother, will you stay with us and finish what you've started?
Robin: I have a brother? I have a brother! So I'll stand with you, side by side. Until the end.
Bull: Until the end!
John: We are all bloody in!
Friar Tuck: Damn Buggers!
Robin: We finish this.

(Time Lapse)
(Robin, Will, Bull, and John are gathered around a small replica of Nottingham. Azeem and Friar Tuck sit a little further off. Azeem is mixing something in a bowl and a small fire burns in front of him. He tosses something into the fire and there is an explosion.)
Bull: (yells) What was that?
Friar Tuck: Truly you are a wizard!
Azeem: The mystery is in the black powder.
(The others all focus their attention on Robin.)
Robin: Bull, your position's by the gate to cut of reinforcements. (points to the replica) John, You'll sit on this wall to protect our escape. I'll conceal myself here, below the scaffold, to cut our men loose at the signal.
Will: No, I'll do that. You can cover us with your bow.
Robin: It's too dangerous Will.
Will: So’s your aim.
(The others chuckle.)
Robin: Whatever Azeem is concocting, we must each be in place for it. Now, our success depends on total concert. There will be only six men…
Fanny: (walking up and picking up a sword) Seven!
John: What are you doing, woman. Where are the little ones?
Fanny: They’re safe. They’re with me mother.
John: Are you bleeding cracked girl, you could get hurt!
Fanny: I've given birth to eight baby's. Don’t you talk to me about getting hurt, you big ox! Anyway, I'm not just gonna sit here and let one of them die, am I?!
John: You should be bloody well minding the other seven! Tell her, Rob!
Robin: Fanny, you'll take position here.
(Points to a spot on the wall. They all get up and get ready to head out.)

(Nottingham – Main Gate)
(Soldiers are checking everyone that comes through the gate for weapons. Friar Tuck rides up in a wagon that appears to be full of wine barrels. Azeem sits next to him, all wrapped up in bandages so his face is not visible.)
Solider: No blades, no bows! Leave your weapons here! No blades, no bows! No blades! What do you've got there,
father? Friar Tuck: The Lord's finest brew for the good Sheriff's fighting men! A mighty kick, huh?!
(The soldier allows him to pass.)

(Bull is dressed as a Celt and as he walks to his position others give him a wide berth.)
Bull: What do you want?!
Man: Watch out, he's a Celt! Horrible!

(Outside the Castle Wall)
(John walks by with what looks like a load of firewood. As he passes a certain point a rope drops down from the top of the wall. Fanny pops up.)
Fanny: (whispering) John! John!!
(John hears her and turns around. She motions for him to use the rope.)

(Main Gate)
(Robin is approaching, dressed as a beggar. He notices some horse poop on the ground. He kneels down and rubs the poop on his clothing. He then heads for the gate. As he passes a soldier the soldier grabs him.)
Soldier: He you, do I know you?
Robin: Please Sir, don't hurt me.
Soldier: Oh, my God! U stink!
Robin: Pardon me, Sir. Pardon my blindness. I'm always falling…
Soldier: Get out of here!
Robin: Thank you for noticing me, Sir!

(Main Wall)
(Fanny has pulled the “firewood” up and now John is climbing the outside of the wall. Fanny pulls 2 swords out of the “firewood” and drops them into the courtyard below. Right as they land in the dirt (handle up), Bull and Will walk by and get them.)

(Courtyard – Scaffold)
(Friar Tuck and Azeem are placing a barrel by the scaffold when they are approached by a solider.)
Azeem: Be careful, Friar!
Soldier: What are you doing?
Friar Tuck: Ah, distributing libations for the celebration of the Sheriff's naturals. Why is there something to miss?
Soldier: Yeah, you are! Come on, get this stuff out of here!
Friar Tuck: Caesar has spoken, my leprous friend. Let's get our offerings and depart. Is thing your finger?
Soldier: Leper? What? Come on, get this cart out of here!
Friar Tuck: He leaves bits and pieces and all over England.

(Main Wall)
(Fanny is now seated on a small walkway looking into the courtyard. The “firewood” sits behind her, leaning against the wall.)
Soldier: What are you doing here?
Fanny: I’m doing no harm, dearie. I likes a good hanging, I do.
Soldier: What's in this bundle?
Fanny: Ah, that's firewood! (John comes over the wall, grabs the soldier and tosses him over the wall.) Hello, my lover!

Friar Tuck: Make way for the Lords work! Make way for the Lords work. A simple benedictary for these poor bastards. God, perceive them in thy mercy and show them your love, that they so richly deserve, although they are sinners.
(A young boy passes by Will, brushes the cape aside and sees the sword. He moves to take it, but Will catches him.)
Will: There’s nothing there but trouble, boy!
(The boy runs off. Robin makes his way into the courtyard. He goes over to where John and Fanny are hidden and gets some arrows from them. He goes to his designated spot, shrugs out of his beggar clothing and pulls his bow out of the walking stick he was using.)
(On a landing the Sheriff and Marian come out. Marian is dressed very finely and wears Robin’s cross. The Sheriff notices it.)
Sheriff: That's a little inappropriate, don't you think?
Marian: No more then your wedding present.
Sheriff: Bring them out!
Soldier: Make way!
(The prisoners are brought out. Wulf is among them. As he passes through the crowd to the scaffold he sees Will and proceeds to attack him.)
Wulf: Traitor! Kill him!
(Some soldiers stop the attack.)
Sheriff: What's going on? Bring him here!
Wulf: Kill him!
(Soldiers come forward holding Will by the arms.)
Sheriff: Oh, the turncoat. Did you succeed?
Will: Well, I found his layer but he was already dead.
Sheriff: Are you sure? You saw Hood's body?
Will: No, I saw a grave.
Soldier: (holds up a sword) We found this on him.
(Will shrugs.)
Sheriff: String him up with the others!
Will: Let me go!
John: (quietly) Now Robin!
(Robin motions for him to keep quiet. Robin then motions for Azeem to hit the barrel on the scaffold with a fire tipped arrow. Azeem lights the arrow and prepares to fire it. The executioner has moved Will to the end of the scaffold but there is not a noose there.)
Will: My Lord, it appears there's no more room. I'm afraid that I respectfully decline!
Executioner: Come on, down! Down! (He proceeds to tie Will down to the barrel left there by Azeem. Azeem sees this and blows out his arrow.) There's always room for one more!
(The executioner look to the Sheriff for permission to begin. The Sheriff nods and the executioner starts with Wulf. He kicks the stool out from under him and Wulf begins to choke as the rope tightens around his neck. Robin fires an arrow to try and cut the rope but he only nicks it. He runs to get a closer shot as John moves into the crowd to try and save his son.)
Fanny: My child!!
John: My Boy!!!
(Robin gets a perfect shot and fires another arrow. The arrow cuts the rope and Wulf falls to the ground. Everyone turns to see who did it.)
Sheriff: Locksley!
Marian: Robin!!!!!!
(Azeem fires a fire arrow at a nearby barrel causing it to explode. Everyone runs for cover.)
John: Bull!
(The executioner pushes the stools out from under the remaining men. They all begin to choke. John rams his shoulder against one of the posts holding the scaffold up and pushes it towards a nearby wall. The scaffold tilts allowing the mens feet to touch the ground.)
Sheriff: Get the troops in here! Now, what are you waiting for. Get on with it!
John: Wulf!
Wulf: Father!
Fanny: Oh, thank God!
(John cuts the ropes for the rest of the men.)
John: Come on, fight your way free!
Robin: This way, to the wall!
Baron: Sheriff, is this your idea of control?
Sheriff: Shut up, you twit! Come with me!
(He grabs Marian’s arm and drags her off.)
Marian: Robin!!!
Robin: Marian! Marian!
(The mass of people are making their way to a great hole in the castle wall. Azeem stands on a walkway just above this hole.)
Azeem: English! English! I'm Azeem Edin Bashir Al Bachrim! I'm not one of you, but I fight. I fight with Robin Hood! I fight against the tyrant who holds you under his boot! If you want to be free men, then you must fight! Join us now! Join Robin Hood!
Bull: Freedom!
(The people begin to head back to the main castle. They hit the gate just as it is closing. Robin can see Marian being dragged away through the gate.)
Marian: Robin! Help!
(Robin looks up at the height of the wall. He looks around and sees a catapult.)
Robin: John!!

(The Sheriff drags Marian up some stairs.)
Sheriff: Close the gate! And guard it with your life1 Bring the bishop to my chapel!

(John, Will, and some others have moved the catapult into position. Robin and Azeem get on.)
Azeem: Is she worth it?
Robin: Worth dying for? Will!
(Will hits the lever and Robin and Azeem are launched over the wall. They land in a large pile of hay.)
Will: Fuck me, he cleared it!
Robin: Marian!

(Marian is dragged into the Sheriff’s chapel where she sees Mortianna’s stuff layed out on the alter. She turns and is face to face with Mortianna.)
Mortianna: We're doomed!
Bishop: It's rebellion, my Lord. We must escape!
Sheriff: Mary us!
Marian: I will never marry you!
(Mortianna slaps her.)
Sheriff: That's my wife, crone.
Marian: Go away!
Mortianna: She's ripe! She'll give us a son! You must take her now!
Sheriff: I will not take her until we are properly wed. For once in my life I will have something pure. Will you stop interfering!
Bishop: It's madness to delay.
Mortianna: Marry them or face me!

(Robin and Azeem are fighting their way into the castle. Robin pauses to look at the statue of the Sheriff. Robin comes across the Scribe. He pins him to the wall and holds a sword to his throat.)
Robin: Marian! Marian! Where is she? The lady Marian?
Scribe: Up the stairs, that way! (points)

(Hallway – Outside Chapel)
Robin: Marian!

(The Sheriff is undressing Marian as she fights him.)
Marian: Robin???!!!
Sheriff: Get on with it!

(Hallway – Outside Chapel)
(Robin and Azeem are pounding on the door to get it to open. They both stop and look at each other.)
Both: The statue!

Bishop: Do you, George, the Sheriff of Nottingham, take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife. To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer and poorer?
Sheriff: Yes, yes, come on!
Mortianna: Make haste!
Bishop: Do you, Marian of the House of Dubois, take this man to be your lawful wedded husband?
Marian: No!
(The Sheriff covers her mouth with his hand.)
Sheriff: But of course she does!
(He pulls Marian to the ground and continues to undress her.)
Mortianna: Good luck!

(Hallway – Outside Chapel)
(Robin and Azeem are attacking the door with the statue. The statues head falls off.)
Robin: Marian!
Azeem: Damned English oak!
Marian: Robin, Robin!
Robin: I'll try another way.
(He runs off. Azeem picks up the head and continues to pound on the door.)

Sheriff: I can't do this with all that racket!
Marian: (to the Bishop) How could you! How could you!

(Hallway – Outside Chapel)
(Azeem is attacked by Mortianna. She rushes him with a spear and stabs him in the leg.)
Mortianna: Aahhh!! The painted man!
Azeem: The witch!
Mortianna: I didn't know! I didn't know it was you! Please, please, Sire. Have pity. Don't harm an old woman.
(She pulls the spear out of his leg and prepares to attack him again. But Azeem gets the upper hand and she ends up running into the spear herself. She wanders off.)

(Marian is now down to only her under-dress and her boots.)
Marian: You may take this body, but it will not be me! It will not be me!
(Outside Azeem has begun pounding on the door again.)
Sheriff: Not again!
Bishop: I now pronounce you husband and wife, in the name of the father, the son and the Holy Ghost.
(As the Sheriff prepares to…consummate the marriage, Robin bursts through the window and slides to a stop just beside them.)
Marian: (with relief) Robin.
Sheriff: Do you mind, Locksley? We've just been married! (Robin pulls his sword. The Sheriff gets up and tosses Marian to the side. He then picks up his own sword. Recognize this? It belonged to your father. Appropriate, don't you think, that I now use it to send you to meet him?
Robin: I shall never fear of my father's sword.
Sheriff: Really? (He quickly swings up and cuts Robin on his chin. He then motions to the scar on his cheek.) And now we're even!
(The fight is on.)
Marian: Robin!
(Robin swings as the Sheriff falls against a pew and cuts off a bit of his hair. Robin holds the hair up with the tip of his sword.)
Robin: If I must, I'll take you a piece of a time!
Sheriff: I do the only taking today.
(He grabs Marian and forces her into a kiss. Marian grabs a nearby candle and throws the hot wax on him. The fight continues.)

(Bishop’s Chambers)
(The Bishop is pouring money into a bungs of bags. Friar Tucks walks in on him doing this.)
Friar Tuck: So, you sold your soul to Satan, your grace. (The Bishop turns as Tuck walks until he is almost nose to nose with him.) You accused innocent man of witchcraft and let them die.
Bishop: But brother friar. You would not strike a fellow man of the cloth.
Friar Tuck: (smiles) No, I wouldn't. In fact, I'll help you pack for your journey! You have to take a lot of gold to help you on your way. (He piles some bags of gold into the Bishop’s arms.) You are a very rich men. And that, and that. (Holds up a smaller bag.) Now here's thirty pieces of silver to pay the devil on your way to hell!
(He pushes the Bishop out the window where he falls to his death.)

(The fight is still going on between the Sheriff and Robin. The Sheriff manages to knock Robin’s sword out of his hand and get him backed into a corner on a window ledge.)
Marian: Robin!
(The Sheriff prepares to plunge his sword into Robin.)
Sheriff: Get ready!
Marian: (running forward) No!
(Robin pulls out the small dagger he hid in his boot and stabs the Sheriff in the heart. Marian stops in relief. The Sheriff drops the sword and staggers to another window where he lays down and dies. Robin picks up his father’s sword.)
Robin: For you, father.
(He turns to Marian and they begin to make their way towards each other when Mortianna comes out from behind the alter. She rushes at Robin with a sword. At that moment Azeem kicks open the door and throws his sword at her. It hits her right in the stomach and the force throws her back. She lands on top of the Sheriff where she dies. Robin turns to Azeem.)
Azeem: I have fulfilled my vow.
(He turns and limps out the door. Robin and Marian finally reach each other. They kneel in front of each other. Each touching all over to make sure the other is okay.)
Marian: You came for me. You’re alive!
Robin: I would die for you!
(They share a passionate kiss.)

(Sherwood Forest – Camp)
(Robin and Marian are getting married. Everyone is dressed in their finest clothing.)
Friar Tuck: With the power vested in me, of God's holy church, I say let any man who has reason why these two should not be joined, let him speak now or forever hold his peace. Then I now pronounce you…
King Richard: Hold, I speak!
All: It's the King!
(Everyone except for Marian and Azeem get to their knees. Azeem looks around at everyone in surprise.)
Marian: Richard!
King Richard: I will not allow this wedding to proceed…
Robin: My lord…
King Richard: Unless, I'm allowed to give the bride away! (The others laugh and stand up.) You look radiant, cousin.
(He gives Marian a kiss on both cheeks.)
Marian: Oh, Richard.
Robin: I'm deeply honored, your majesty.
King Richard: It is I who is honored, Lord Locksley. Thanks to you I still have the thrown. Friar, proceed!
Friar Tuck: Now where was I…oh…Husband and wife? You may kiss the bride.
Robin: I know that.
(He and Marian kiss. Everyone cheers. Will and Azeem hug. Some doves are released and they fly off. Marian and Robin continue to kiss. Friar Tuck leans in.)
Friar Tuck: Now, get out of it! We're wasting good celebration time!
(He laughs. Marian and Robin smile and each other and kiss again.)