Lucas Wolenczak, Chief Computer Analyst

Lucas graduated magna-cum-laude with a degree in Applied Principles of Artificial Intelligence from Stanford University. No one has broken his GPA record since.

Lucas was dumped aboard the seaQuest by his father, who thought the experience would be good for him. Lucas was the only teenager the boat. His father, with the help of Admiral Noyce, created an assignment for Lucas because he was too busy with his own work to watch him. A genius, he graduated from Stanford University at the age of 16.

Although his IQ was extremely high, Lucas was still a teenager, and ran into many teenager-related problems. He fell in and out of love many times during his tours on the ship. The two most important being Lt. Commander Hitchcock and Julianna, another genius that he met during his stay at Node 3. Captain Bridger became a stand-in father figure for him and gave him advice on many occasions.

Lucas was a very valuable member of the seaQuest, though at first, his cockiness made some others dislike him. He soon lost his cocky edge (although it never completely went away) and made many friends, the best of which was Darwin, the dolphin. During his first tour, Lucas finished development of and installed a dolphin-English translating program, allowing Darwin to speak.

Because of the sacrifices he made and excellent actions on the original seaQuest, he was promoted to Chief Computer Analyst, making him a full scientific personnel. This promotion allowed him access and a station on the bridge.