(Ocean Floor)
Ford: Uh huh, there it is again.
(seaQuest, Sea Deck)
Bridger: There's what, Commander?
(Ocean Floor)
Ford: Dark. Vast deposits of dark down here, Captain.
(seaQuest, Sea Deck)
Bridger: Are you sure you're not hallucinating?
(Ocean Floor)
Ford: How long have I been down here?
(seaQuest, Sea Deck)
Smith: Thirty hours. We have enough data. We could bring him up.
Lucas: Can't we wait until he starts hallucinating?
Smith: It's not in his personality.
(Ocean Floor)
Ford: Thank you Doctor.
(seaQuest, Sea Deck)
Bridger: That's not necessarily a compliment.
(Ocean Floor)
(Ford sees a great light flash on the floor of the ocean)
Ford: Whoa!
(seaQuest, Sea Deck)
Smith: His heart rate jumped dramatically.
Bridger: Jonathan, I think it's time to come up. Jonathan?
(Ford sees the ghost of an ancient soldier form over a spot on the ocean floor)
Smith: You know his pulse rate is off the charts, I am going to bring him up.
(Ocean Floor)
Ford: No! Wait!
(Ford picks up something off the ocean floor and Bridger and Smith can see it on the monitor.)
(seaQuest, Sea Deck)
Bridger: O'Neil, I think we have a potential bomb threat. Let's go to condition amber.
( It is revealed that is an ancient helmet.)
Smith: It's clear.


(Bomb Chamber)Bridger: You saw a flash of light?
Ford: Yes, sir.
Wendi: In the form of a giant warrior.
Ford: Stay out of my head, doctor.
Wendi: Well it's hard to do when your thoughts are screaming.
Bridger: A warrior?
Ford: A flash of light, reflected by some floating debris suggested something like that, yes.
Bridger: Where did the light come from?
Ford: I don't know.
(Ford lifts the helmet and a mummified skull falls out. They are all surprised and Dagwood jumps back.)
Wendi: Dagwood, fill the tank and get it submerged before it degrades. Captain, will you hold it steady? Radio carbon testing will date it. It looks like Egyptian mummification, maybe 2000 BC.
(Wendi gets a snipping of the wrapping to run tests on.)
Bridger: We've got a Greek helmet that must be what, 500 BC. Now we've got an Egyptian head in a Greek helmet. That's 1500 years apart.

(Ocean Floor)
Brody: Miguel? Miguel? Ortiz!
(seaQuest, Bridge)
Ortiz: Yes, Lieutenant.
(Ocean Floor)
Brody: Keep those things away from me. I feel like you're hurling bean balls, or something.
(seaQuest, Bridge)
Ortiz: WSKRS are precision instruments. They would never hurt you. See, I can get within inches.
(Ocean Floor)
Brody: I think you're ready for my refresher course in survival tactics huh, Ortiz?
(seaQuest, Bridge)
Ortiz: WSKRS aren't picking up anything else, Lieutenant. You can wrap up the hunt.
Brody: Wonderful. I was hoping to find a femur or something.

(Ward Room)
O'Neil: Nope. No, it's not Greek. It looks like Greek, but it's not Greek. It's not Egyptian or Phonecian, either. You know, Ortiz knows about mythology, he might be able to help.
Ford: Ortiz is overseeing the excavation.
O'Neil: There's Prubian markings, Mayan symbols, but it's not Prubian or Mayan. There it is.
Ford: What?
O'Neil: Repetition. The basis for deciphering language.
Bridger: How big do you think the man was who wore this helmet?
(He tries the helmet on and pokes himself on the top of the head)
Bridger: Ow! What are all these holes?
Ford: Ventilation, you think?
O'Neil: Sir, these symbols were created after the helmet was forged. So this isn't just a warriors helmet. It's also a journal.

(O'Neil voice over)
(We see a very tall black man staring at a sinking island. He begins to carve the symbols onto his war helmet.)
O'Neil: My name is Tukalian. The son and keeper of our dead king Casios, and soul survivor of…Atlantis.
Bridger: Atlantis? Are you sure?
O'Neil: Yes, sir.
Bridger: Set a course for the Hatteras Abyssal Plain.
Ford: That's 2000 miles away.
Bridger: Don't you think I know that? If O'Neil is right every fortune hunter with a pick ax and a dive helmet will be swarming these waters. Better conceal our coordinates too.

(Sea Deck)
(Wendi is studying the skull. Bridger walks in)
Wendi: Radio carbon testing dates the skull to 10,000 BC.
Bridger: We're gonna lock this head and the hand in the Hypobaric Chamber and black out the windows. This is now a classified event. Take the sword and put in the Ward Room. Post a guard. Don't let anyone in there without O'Neil's say so.
Brody: O'Neil?
Bridger: That a problem?
Brody: No sir.
Wendi: Captain, I can't study these in the Hypobaric Chamber.
Bridger: Well they've waited 12,000 years to be found. You can wait a few days to test them. (off her look) We must control what we find.
(He leaves and she follows.)

(Hallway outside Maglev)
Wendi: Captain. What did we find that requires all this secrecy?
Bridger: Atlantis.
Wendi: Atlantis?
Bridger: Is there an echo in here?
(They enter the Maglev)
Wendi: There's no need to be so snide.
Bridger: Don't patronize me.
Wendi: What's the matter with you?
Bridger: The minute I notify the UEO that we have any evidence of a lost continent, this whole thing is going to turn into a photo op for political dolts everywhere. What we found belongs to history, to mankind, not politicians.
Wendi: Well if we found Atlantis that will change history.
Bridger: Oh, yes. And then we'll have more to deal with then politicians. That's why we have to watch our P's and Q's.
(The Maglev stops and Bridger gets off.)
Wendi: Watch your diet Captain. I think you're getting to much sugar.

(Bridgers Room)
Bridger: Get me Secretary McGath on a secure transmission.
(McGath appears on the video phone)
McGath: Nathan, are you all right?
Bridger: Yes. seaQuest had found physical evidence of the lost continent of Atlantis.
McGath: Are you serious?
Bridger: Have you ever known me to be anything else? The ship's logs will carry the particulars.
(He ends the call.)

Ford: Course set for Hatteras.
Henderson: On our way, sir. Cruise speed.
Ford: Okay, descend two thermals.
(Ford sees an apparition of the warrior on the bridge and he panics. Everyone watches him carefully.)
Ortiz: Are you all right?
Ford: (looks around) I'm fine. Carry on people. (He gets up and gestures to Ortiz) O'Neil says you know a lot about mythology.
Ortiz: No, just Plato's stories. Critious.
Ford: Why Critious?
Ortiz: Refers to Atlantis. I've read everything ever written on Atlantis.
Ford: Okay. O'Neil needs you in the Ward Room.
Ortiz: Yes, sir. (he leaves)
(Ford looks up and sees a vision of the captains chain on fire.)
Ford: Fire! (He grabs the fire extinguisher to put the fire out) I saw a fire in the chair. I did! Did anybody see the fire?
Dagwood: There was a fire in the chair.
Ford: You saw it too?
Dagwood: No. But there must have been because you saw it.
Ford: Thanks Dagwood.
Dagwood: I will clean the Captain's chair.
(Bridger enters)
Bridger: What's in my chair?
Ford: I thought it was on fire, sir. I am seeing things, Captain. I should be relieved of duty.
Bridger: Can't anyone on this boat be responsible for their own actions. You want to be relieved, relieve yourself. You're a Commander. Don't come whining to me. I'm not running a boat for victims. Pull yourself together man.
(Bridger goes over to his chair, and Ford leaves the Bridge)
Brody: What's going on?
Lucas: I don't know. The Commander's freaking out. I don't know what's wrong with the Captain. Who's gonna run this boat if they can't?
Brody: Who's gonna tell them they can't?


(East of Hatteras Abyssal Plain)
Bridger: Lucas!
Lucas: Yeah?
Bridger: Why aren't you in uniform?
Lucas: I'm a civilian, captain.
Bridger: If you're gonna be on the bridge you better be in uniform.
Lucas: Yeah, but…
Bridger: But what?
(PAL sounds)
Crewman: (on PAL) Sir, the UEO executive launch will be docking in five minutes.
Bridger: Swell. Break out the party hats and the drinks.
Brody: Sir, that's Secretary General McGath. Aren't you going to meet him?
Bridger: Meet him yourself. I'm running a submarine here. And take him with you. (Gestures to Lucas) I don't want to see him on the bridge without a uniform.

(Ford's Room)
(Ford sits at his desk holding a gun. When the warrior appears again he points the gun at it.)
Ford: What do you want from me? What?! (The warrior disappears, and Ford lowers the gun.) I'm going insane.

(Ward Room)
(Brody walks in)
Brody: How much longer?
O'Neil: Well, I don't know. It's a lost alphabet, Jim. It's gonna take some time.
Brody: McGath is arriving and Ford and the Captain are exhibiting aberrant behavior.
O'Neil: The captain just wants to protect his find from gold diggers.
Ortiz: And Ford just spent 30 hours in the DSL. You were in it. Wouldn't 30 hours in that thing make you a little weird?
Brody: No, this is beyond weird. I don't think either one of them is fit to command.
O'Neil: That's a serious charge, Lieutenant.
Brody: I know. (leaves)
Ortiz: Everyone's on edge around here.
O'Neil: Yeah. Hey, you better be careful with that thing. Bridger got a pretty good sting putting it on.
Ortiz: What are all these holes?
O'Neil: Ventilation maybe. Come on Tukalian. Your penmanship sucks.
Ortiz: Tukalian?
O'Neil: The guy who inscribed the helmet.
Ortiz: In Greek mythology Tukalian was like Noah. He built an Ark to survive the flood sent by Zeus.
O'Neil: Flood?
Ortiz: Uh huh.
O'Neil: Rain. That's it. That's the word.
Ortiz: What word?
O'Neil: The one I couldn't get passed. Okay, some of these symbols are just letters. And some of them are hieroglyphs. A single symbol representing a whole word. I was stuck on rain. So, this passage reads: Five days of rain. If the stars return I will mark my helmet to guide me home, and curse the living flesh of the heathen who follows the path to rob our graves.
Ortiz: Ow! (takes the helmet off)
O'Neil: Told you.
Ortiz: You didn't tell me there was a curse.
O'Neil: I just found out about it myself.
Ortiz: There's a map on the helmet.
O'Neil: Where? I don't see one.
Ortiz: You just said he marked his way back to his lands on the helmet.
O'Neil: Yeah, but maybe he didn't have time.
(Miguel picks up the sword and starts moving around the table. He takes a few swings then slices right through the center of the table knocking Tim right out of his chair. The guard runs in but Miguel decks him and walks out with the sword.)
O'Neil: Miguel!

(Docking Bay)
Brody: Secretary McGath.
McGath: Lieutenant. Where's Captain Bridger?
Brody: He's busy.
McGath: Uh, this is Froeb Ernst, UEO Antiquities. This is Lieutenant James Brody.
Ernst: Lieutenant.
Brody: Hello.
McGath: We can't wait to see the artifact.
Brody: Uh, could you please excuse us. Sir, the Captain and Commander Ford are behaving erratically. I believe we have a serious situation.
McGath: Let's get Froeb to the artifacts. Then I'll talk with Nathan.
Brody: Right this way.

(Ortiz comes around a corner and Piccolo sees him with the sword.)
Piccolo: Hey Ortiz. Wadda ya got there? A Cuban kitchen knife?(Ortiz comes after him with the sword.) I was just joking man.
(He takes off with Ortiz in hot pursuit. They run past Brody, Froeb, and McGath, knocking them into the wall.)
Brody: Ortiz!

(Sea Deck)
Lucas: You gotta do something.
Wendi: I can't relieve the Captain of duty. Being obnoxious is not a medical disability.
Lucas: I've never seen him like this before.
Wendi: It's a man thing. Sometimes you men need to growl and make noise.
Lucas: Can't you just read his mind and make sure he's all right?
Wendi: I've read his mind. Today he's a gorilla, tomorrow he'll be a pussycat.
(Tony runs in and jumps into the moon pool and swims off. Ortiz runs in right behind him. He sees Wendi and Lucas and threatens them with the sword.)
Lucas: Whoa.
(Brody runs in)
Brody: Put it down, Miguel.
(Miguel runs for it)
Brody: (into PAL) General alert. Sensor ChiefOrtiz is armed and dangerous. Security capture and detain.
Bridger: (on screen) Explanation Lieutenant.
Brody: Ortiz took a sword. He's threatening crew with it.
Bridger: (OS) I know that. I refer to your equivocating. (on speaker) Mr. Ortiz, if you do not surrender you will be shot on site. (to Brody) You got that Lieutenant?
McGath: Nathan.
Bridger: (OS) Welcome aboard Mr. Secretary.
McGath: Don't you think a shoot on site order might be a little severe.
Bridger: (OS) Well he attacked a security officer. If he doesn't surrender, shoot him. (signs off)
Lucas: That goes way beyond gorilla, doesn't it?
Wendi: Definitely beyond gorilla.
Ernst: I need to see the artifacts.
Brody: Sir, you should relieve him of command.
McGath: I'm not ready for the last order on his service record to read: "Relieved of command by the Secretary General of the UEO". Shouldn't you be dealing with Ortiz?
Brody: Yes, sir. (leaves)
McGath: You could order Bridger down temporarily, and it wouldn't become part of his permanent record.
Wendi: I don't have a reason.
McGath: You have suspicious behavior.
Ernst: Ah, I need to see the helmet.
McGath: Lucas, will you show us to the Ward Room?
Lucas: Yeah.
McGath: You have to decide what's best for your boat, Doctor.

(Ford's Room)
Ford: Who is it?
Wendi: Wendi Smith.
Ford: Go away doctor.
Wendi: I can't do that Commander. (he opens the door) Thanks.
Ford: I'm relieving myself of duty and requesting a psychiatric evaluation. I suppose you have to sign off on that?
Wendi:You don't need an evaluation.
Ford: I'm seeing ghosts.
Wendi: Spirits. More than one?
Ford: No. And one fire.
Wendi: Well the fire might be a traumatic experience from the spirits life. That doesn't mean you're going crazy. Do you believe in the soul? That the essence of who you are can exist independent of your physical self?
Ford: Yes.
Wendi: Then isn't it possible if the soul is tormented by something unfinished, that part of it might cling to the physical world until whatever is unfinished is resolved?
Ford: For 12,000 years?
Wendi: Well you can't put a clock on eternity.
Ford: Why am I the only one who sees it?
Wendi: Maybe you're the only one that needs to. What I do know is that seaQuest needs you to be in control of your faculties.
Ford: How can I be in control of my faculties when I see things no one else sees?
Wendi: I hear things no one else hears. I live with it. I even use it. If you accept a reality unique to yourself, and keep it in it's place, you can run seaQuest.
Ford: This is incredible. A psychiatrist is telling me it's okay to stay on duty as long as you keep your imaginary friend in it's place.
Wendi: I'm telling you we have bigger problems. Bridger and Ortiz are lashing out at everyone.
Ford: How long before I start lashing out doctor? It may just be a matter of time.
Wendi: Whatever is affecting them isn't affecting you. They're consumed by their problems. You're completely aware of your problems, but you're dealing with it. You have the capacity to run seaQuest. Captain Bridger doesn't.
Ford: McGath is aboard.
Wendi: Oh.
Ford: Oh what?
Wendi: I think you're afraid to lead.
Ford: I'm not afraid to lead.
Wendi: Then do it.

Bridger: Weapons. When was your last diagnostic? Don't look at the screen. You're supposed to know it. Change places with Navigation.
Henderson: But, sir…
Bridger: But what? Take Weapons. This is a last man bridge. That means the last man on the bridge should be able to captain the boat. (Piccolo climes out of the pool on the bridge, soaking wet) Well, Piccolo, you take Communications. Platform positions, one seat to the left. Move. Move! Oh, come on seaman. What's it going to be? The chair or the brig? You see the trouble with you people is that you operate soley out of the tiny sphere of your own expertise. Without any regard to the function of the rest of the boat. Well this boat is a living, breathing organism, that stretches out 1000 feet behind us. And how we inhabit that organism depends solely on how you use your facilities to work all of its systems. I gave you a direct order. (Slaps Piccolo.)
(Piccolo moves to strike him back but Ford stops him.)
Ford: No Tony. No. Per UEO Article 18, I am relieving you of command.
Bridger: The hell you are.
Ford: Grab him.
(Two guards grab Bridger and escort him off the bridge)
Ford: Henderson, take the column.
(As they are about to get into the Maglev, the warrior appears again.)
Ford: (to warrior) Not now. (Climbes into the Maglev)

(Med Bay)
Bridger: There was nothing on the scan was there? There's nothing wrong with me.
Wendi: No.
Bridger: I've got a headache. Apparently that's enough to embarrass me in front of my crew.
McGath: Calm down Nathan.
Bridger: Calm down! Ha. And you stood there watching. (to Wendi) And you, you were the knife, twisting, twisting.
McGath: You're not yourself.
Bridger: Who's self am I? (with a look at Jonathan) His? He's hallucinating. All of this is going into my report. All you mutinous weasels are going into my report. Now you let me out! Let me out!
(Wendi sedates him)
Wendi: Sorry Nathan.

(Ward Room)
Ernst: You don't know that this hieroglyph says rain. For all you know it could say strudel.
O'Neil: You think this says "Five days of strudel"?
Ernst: I don't know if it says five days rain or strudel.
(Ford and McGath enter)
O'Neil: Yes you do.
Ernst: I do not.
O'Neil: Why are you denying it?
McGath: Gentleman.
Ernst: I want this helmet taken to an institute where an objective academic researcher can examine it.
O'Neil: I'm objective.
Ernst: You're trying to prove Atlantis existed. That's not objective, that's foolish.
McGath: Froeb, is this helmet not authentic?
Ernst: From Babylon, or perhaps Greece. But not Atlantis.
O'Neil: That's where it says it's from.
Ernst: You made it say that! If I want I can make it say it's from Pittsburgh.
O'Neil: Pittsburgh or Babylon, how did it end up where we found it?
Ernst: Yes, where did you find it?
O'Neil: Captain Bridger secured those coordinates.
Ernst: I want it off the ship.
O'Neil: Commander.
Ernst: Mr. Secretary.
(Lucas has pulled up Ernst's file on the computer.)
Lucas: Professor Ernst. You have a very impressive resume. But you've debunked every theory on the existence of Atlantis. Last year you had a scholar who disagreed with you removed from school. An Assistant Professor Obatu. (Ford slightly jumps as the warrior appears again. Lucas keeps talking.) Now isn't is just as biased to say things aren't as to say they are, when you don't have proof either way?
Ernst: In science thins either aren't or they are. Who is this? Why, why am I arguing with a child?
McGath: Lucas Wolenczak is a member of the seaQuest science staff.
Ernst: Oh. What are your credentials?
Lucas: Magna Cum Laude. Applied Science of Artificial Intelligence. Stanford.
Ford: Lucas, Professor Obatu?
Lucas: Yeah. Born in Kenya. Degrees in Mediterranean and Mid-Eastern history. Posed many plausable theories on the existence of Atlantis. One of which prompted his dismissal from Oxford.
Ford: Put it on the vid-screen. (The vid-screen comes up and shows a picture and bio of Professor Obatu.) The helmet stays. Tim, stop what you're doing. We've got to get Obatu on board.
O'Neil: Yes, sir.

(Sea Deck)
(Ortiz is practicing with the sword. Brody comes looking for him so he hides in the Hyperbaric Chamber. He notices that the skull seems to be looking at him. He turns the jar so that the skull is facing the back wall, but the skull turns in the water and looks at him. He freaks and smashes the container and the glass window of the Chamber.)
Brody: Drop the sword, Miguel.
(Ortiz drops the sword, then passes out.)

(Launch Bay)
(Obatu arrives.)
McGath: Professor Obatu. (Obatu smiles as they shake hands.)
Obatu: Mr. Secretary.
Ernst: Obatu. (Obatu loses his smile and just looks at him.)
(Obatu turns, smiles, and shakes hands with Ford.)
Ford: Commander Jonathan Ford.
Obatu: You have proof don't you.
Ford: Yes.

(Ward Room)
Lucas: These are the alphabets from Mayan to Phonecian.
O'Neil: Carthage.
Lucas: They're a thousand years old. Totally different civilizations yet they're so similar. Now how can that be?
(Obatu, Ford, McGath, and Ernst enter)
Obatu: They were taught to write by the same scholars. Will you call up the globe.
O'Neil: Yeah. (He calls up the globe on the vid-screen.)
Obatu: (points to a certain area on the globe) Stop. Mayans flourished in the 1500BC here. Thousands of miles of forbidding ocean separates them from the ancient Mediterranean cultures. How could they share similar written languages unless there was a land that brought them together. Here. The continent of Atlantis. Isn't that so Dr. Ernst?
O'Neil: I'm Tim O'Neil. That's Lucas Wolenczak. And this is as far as I've gotten on the translation.
(Obatu looks it over.)
Obatu: Excellent work.
O'Neil: (sends a smug look to Ernst) Thank you.
(Brody enters with the sword)
Obatu: My sword! (He takes it from Brody. Then he picks up the helmet and begins to read it.) 'Once Atlantis ruled the Earth. Now she's gone. Food and water are gone. There is not enough cloth to protect my king, my father. I give him my battlement for the next world. I will not live to pass them on.'
(We see Tukalian wrapping cloth around the dead king. He gives the king his helmet and sword, then drops the body into the sea.)
Obatu: I believe it was the custom to pass the battlements of war from one generation to another. When he thought he would die and not have children to pass the helmet and sword to the warrior buried his father in it.
Ford: But he survived, had children. But he couldn't continue the ritual of the family legacy. And it's tortured his spirit ever since.
Obatu: Until now. (He opens a small pouch and takes out a pinch of earth. Turning the helmet upside down he sprinkles the earth into the helmet.) This is the land you found. (He then takes a black cloth and covers his head with it and move to put the helmet on.)
O'Neil: Oh, you shouldn't…
Obatu: Shhh. The journey is complete.
(He puts the helmet on and the warrior appears again. Obatu turns to him. The warrior bows his head and disappears.)
Obatu: The story of Atlantis as passed down through 500 generations of my family.
O'Neil: You should be careful with the helmet. Our Sensor Chief and Captain put it on and hurt themselves badly.
Ford: They both wore the helmet?
O'Neil: Yes.
Obatu: Then they will very likely die.
Ford: (into PAL) Med Bay, give me a status report on Bridger and Ortiz.

(Med Bay)
Wendi: I need an evac STAT. Ortiz is in coronary seizure. Clear. (She zaps him with no repsonse.)

(Ward Room)
Ford: (into PAL) Bridge, all channels. Scramble the nearest navel evac for a priority medical emergency. O'Neil, take the column.

(Med Bay)
Wendi: Hand in there, Miguel. Hang in there.


(Med Bay)
Wendi: I don't know if they'll last an hour.
Ford: That's the best ETA on any evac.
Brody: How can that be? We're right of the coast of North Carolina.
Ford: We're in the middle of the Atlantic. I turned the boat around after I relieved the captain of duty.
Wendi: What's wrong with them?
Ford: Well they both wore the helmet…
Wendi: I examined it. What's there is the residue of mummification chemicals. I mean that has to be the cause but I can't find any toxins. Other than that, the helmet is pure gold. In ancient cultures a gold helmet would have had healing qualities.
Obatu: It does. It also has a curse.

(Ward Room)
(Ernst sneaks in and takes the helmet and places it in his bag.)

Ford: O'Neil, is there anything written on the helmet about breaking the curse?
O'Neil: No. But I haven't finished the translation yet.
(All of them enter the Maglev.)

(Launch Bay)
Ernst: (to crewman) I need to leave on the Secretary Generals shuttle. I'm Dr. Ernst. It's an emergency and it's classified. I'm security cleared and I need to leave.
Crewman: Yes, sir.

(Ward Room)
(Ford, O'Neil, and Obatu enter.)
Ford: Where's the helmet?
O'Neil: I didn't take it.
Obatu: Where's Ernst?
(They run out.)

(Launch Bay)
Crewman: We're ready sir.
(Ernst walks up the ramp and almost makes it to the launch, but is stopped by a giant ball of fire. He's frightened and stumbles back down the ramp. Ford catches him and O'Neil takes the bag.)
Ford: (to Crewman) Have security take this man to the Brig.
Crewman: (into PAL) Security to Launch Bay.

(Med Bay)
O'Neil: (points to a spot on the helmet.) Here.
Ford: Well?
O'Neil: I don't know. Professor Obatu?
Obatu: It's a cure we cannot have?
Ford: Why can't we have it?
Obatu: (reading from the helmet) 'A pure heart passing through Atlantis and resisting it's treasures will resist the curse'.
Ford: What does that mean?
Obatu: It means that to survive they must go to Atlantis and defy the temptations to steal.
Wendi: Oh, boy.
Ford: Well they can't do that, now can they. Atlantis doesn't exist anymore.
Obatu: Only in my mind.
Wendi: How does it exist in your mind?
Obatu: Academic studies. Family stories passed down though generations. Genetic imprint of my ancestors. I have a very clear picture of Atlantis.
Wendi: Show it to me.
Obatu: Pardon me?
Wendi: Show it to me. I'm telepathic. I can read minds. I've never spoken to them before but maybe I can be a conduit for your vision.
(They move to stand between Ortiz and Bridger)
Obatu: Will they see they're being tested? If they do the curse won't be lifted.
Wendi: Well they'll only see what you choose them to see.
(Obatu takes Bridger's hand. Wendi takes Ortiz's hand. Then she and Obatu join hands in the center. )
Wendi: Ready?
(Obatu nods.)
(Both Bridger and Ortiz go to Atlantis and defy the temtation to steal. Wendi moves to let go of Obatu's hand but he hold on. She looks at him questioningly then covers his hands with hers. They both close their eyes, and now they are in Atlantis themselves. They are in the same room that Bridger and Ortiz were in. Obatu picks up a ruby and places it in Wendi's hand then covers it with his own. They both open their eyes and are back in Med Bay. She smiles at him and he grins back.)
Bridger: Excuse me. But who are you? And why are you so happy?
(Obatu continues to grin.)

(Off the Atlantic Coast of Africa)
(Bridger's Room)
Obatu: I want to thank you for supporting my keeping this.
Bridger: Well, it's your inheritance, isn't it?
Ford: Your ancestors spirit waited a long time for it to find it's rightful home.
Obatu: Yes, but my ancestral rights don't mean much to the governments.
Ford: Well, one helmet more or less isn't going to change the world. What they really want to find is Atlantis.
Obatu: I don't think my ancestor got around to carving the directions.
Bridger: Uh, I'd like to speak to the Professor alone if I may.
Wendi: Are you feeling all right?
Bridger: I'm fine. Thanks to you.
Obatu: My thanks to you too, Doctor.
Wendi: No.
Obatu: Yes. If only for a moment I touched my homeland. You did that for me.
Wendi: Well the journey was thanks enough. Keep in touch.
Obatu: Commander. (Tosses him the sword.) You are the warrior here. I suspect your roots must run to Atlantis too.
Ford: I can't.
Obatu: You can.

Ford: Can you believe this? (Walks off)
Wendi: No. I can't believe this. (She opens her hand and we see that she has the ruby from Atlantis.)

(Bridger's Room)
Bridger: How important is it for you to find Atlantis?
Obatu: For me, in my heart, it's everything.
Bridger: On the helmet is there any indication of season or location for Atlantis?
Obatu: Well yes. I think it's the summer solstice. See here, 'the sash guides me on the longest day'. It may just have been the longest day of the journey.
Bridger: I know where Atlantis (Gets up and walks over to his desk.) This is a celestial chart. I want you to have it.
Obatu: Thank you.
Bridger: I want you to have this too. A sailor uses a sextet to charter a course by plotting the stars and your ancestor was a hell of a sailor. There was something about the helmet that was bothering me and I didn't see it until I was lying down over there. (He turns the helmet upside down and shines a light through the top) The hole, Professor. The heavens. Constellations, stars, as seen from sometime around June, 10,000BC. Now the sash must be be Orion's belt. I figure if you learn to use that sextet, you can follow your ancestors all the way home.