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LINKS To My Other Pages
Movie Transcripts
(This is my own transcripts page where you can find many transcripts that you are otherwise unable to find on the web.)

Beauty and the Beast (TV) Tribute
(My tribute to a really good show that only lasted 3 seasons. Includes Fan Fiction, Quotes, Images, and Letters.)

Buffy Central
(A tribute to one of my favorite shows. Here you can find Quotes, Episode Guides, and Transcripts.)

Angel Central
(A tribute to one of my favorite shows. Here you can find Episode Guides, Transcripts, and Quotes.)

Firefly Central
(A brand new page dedicated to one of my new favorite shows. Here you'll find an Episode Guide and Transcripts. Currenly it's a work in progress.)

Eddie Izzard Quotes
(Here are some great quotes from my favorite comedian.)

Wil Wheaton Dot Net
(One of my favorite websites built and maintained by Wil Wheaton himself.)

Buffy World
(Tons of Buffy and Angel Transcripts!)

Eddie Izzard.Com
(The Homepage of my favorite comedian.)

Heart of the City
(My favorite comic strip!)

The Crashdown
(A great site about the show Roswell. Has lots of episode transcripts!)

The Goonies
(Who doesn't love the movie 'The Goonies')

Warwick Davis Offical Web Site
(For all of those Willow and Wicket fans out there! This is a great site designed by Warwick himself. And he actually answered an e-mail I sent him. How cool his he?!)