Transcribed By: Sonja

(Darkness sits alone.)
Darkness: Mother night. Fold your dark arms about me. Protect me, in your black embrace. I sit alone. An impotent exile. What's this force, this presence, returns to torment me? (knock on door) Enter! (Blix, a goblin, enters the room and kneels before Darkness.) Ah, Blix. Come closer. Are you not the most loathsome of my goblins?
Blix: Truly master.
Darkness: And is your heart black, and full of hate?
Blix: Black as midnight. Black as pitch. Blacker than the foulest witch.
Darkness: Something troubles me. I feel a presence in the forest. A force I had mercifully almost forgotten.
Blix: Must be dread indeed to trouble you, Lordship.
Darkness: Looking upon these frail creatures one would not think that they could contain such power. One could rule the Universe with it! You must find them for me, and destroy them!
Blix: Ah, what do they look like, Lord.
(Darkness grabs a knife and slams the butt of it against Blix's forehead.)
Darkness: Fool! Let this serve to remind you. The creature is crowned with a single spiral reaching like an antenna straight to heaven.
Blix: I get the point, Lord.
(Darkness tosses the knife onto the table.)
Darkness: Bring the horns to me.
Blix: Where should I look, Lord?
Darkness: There is only one lure for such disgusting goodness, one bait that never fails.
Blix: What be this bait? Please, you teach me.
Darkness: Innocence. Innocence.

(Nell's Cottage)
(A young girl, Lily, is walking through the forest. She comes across a small cottage nestled into the woods. The owner of the house, Nell, is outside hanging her laundry. Her back is to Lily. Lily watches her for a moment and then yanks down one end of the clothesline and runs into the house.)
Nell: (hands on her hips) Bloomin' fairies.
(Inside the cottage Nell's baby is asleep in it's crib. Lily walks over to the table and picks up a biscuit and nibbles on it. She wanders around for a moment, and then her attention is caught by the clock on the mantle. It begins to chime, and as Lily watches it seems to change and be covered with snow. Nell enters the cottage and the spell is broken.)
Nell: Lily! One of your visits is always a pleasure. Have another biscuit.
Lily: No, I've no time to stay for a visit today.
Nell: Oh, you got a sweetheart waitin'?
Lily: No. Not a country proverm nor king's command could keep me from the woods today.
Nell: Lily, I look on you as a daughter, and if you'll pardon my saying it, it's time you start behaving like the lady you are. Not visiting poor folk like us.
Lily: This place, holds more magic for me than any palace in the world. You live a very rich life, Nell.
Nell: You're very sweet, Lily.
(Nell reaches up and cups Lily's cheek like a mother would. Lily indulges for a moment before getting up.)
Lily: (grinning) I've no time for this. I'm going.
(She runs outside and off into the woods. Nell calls after her.)
Nell: You stay clear of Spring Banshee's my dear. These woods be thick with 'em. Stay clear of toadstool rings, and willow trees, and old oaks.

(Lily wanders through the forest trying to find Jack, her sweetheart. From a distance Blix and two other goblins watch her. Lily calls out for Jack several times, but he doesn't answer.)
Lily: Jack, if you're here say something, please! (Suddenly Jack drops down from one of the trees and Lily screams in fright!) Jack! You scared the life out of me! (she laughs) (Jack looks around and suddenly a black bird lands on his shoulder.) You're so clever.
(The scene changes to show Blix watching them, then it changes again to show them kissing, and then once again to show Lily whistling a bird song to a little bird on her hand.)
Jack: Good, very good. Just right. (Lily sets the bird down into the grass, and it flutters off.)
Lily: Jack, tell me our future.
Jack: Not today.
Lily: Why not?
Jack: Because, today, there's something very special that I've been promising to show you. But we must go now, because it'll only be here for a short while.
(Jack reaches around to tie a blindfold over her eyes. Lily puts her hand up to stop him.)
Lily: Don't you trust me.
(Jack starts to put the blind fold on again, but pauses.)
Jack: I trust you.
(He then puts the blindfold on her.)

(The Stream)
(Jack is now leading Lily through some underbrush. He sits her down and takes off her blindfold. She looks around and sees that they are sitting by the edge of a small stream. Jack says nothing. He simply points and Lily looks where he's pointing and sees two beautiful white Unicorns running towards them.)
Lily: Do you speak their language?
Jack: They express only love and laughter. Dark thoughts are unknown to them. (they watch the Unicorns for a few more minutes.) Nothing is more magical. As long as they roam the earth, evil can never harm the pure of heart.
(Lily says nothing, she simply gets up and makes her way towards the unicorns in the stream.)
Jack: Lily! No! You mustn't! Lily, please!
(Lily ignores him and keeps getting closer and closer. Blix, from his vantage point prepares a needle filled with poison. One of the other goblins makes some noise.)
Blix: Shhh! You'll spook the beast and spoil the trap. This shall be just as sweet as pie.
(Both Jack and the Goblins watch Lily get closer and closer. Finally Jack turns away in disgust. Lily reaches out her hand and the Unicorn sniffs it. Blix takes this moment to shoot the stinger, and the Unicorns run off with Blix and his gang following. Lily runs back to the bank of the stream to talk to Jack.)
Lily: Jack? It was lovely, like a dream.
Jack: (hidden) What you did is forbidden!
Lily: Who says' so?
Jack: (hidden) It is known Lily! These are sacred animals. You risk your immortal soul!
(Lily turns and sees Jack standing behind her.)
Lily: I only wanted to touch one! Where's the harm in that.
(Jack kneels down and listens to the forest.)

(Shots of Blix chasing the Unicorns. The Unicorns stop in the middle of a stream. The female urges the mail to keep running, but he does not. She keeps running, leaving him behind. Storm clouds gather.)

(The Stream)
(Lily has made her way over to Jack and she's kneeling before him, trying to kiss him.)
Lily: Jack, I'm sorry. Are you afraid to kiss me, Jack?
Jack: I'm afraid you'll break my heart.
Lily: Then I'll steal your heart! You're dear to me as life itself.
(Storm clouds continue to roll in.)
Lily: Don't you wish this was our wedding ring. (she holds up a ring, and grins.) It's my right to set a challenge for my suitors. I will marry….whoever finds this ring. (She tosses the ring into a small pond at the base of the small outcropping they're sitting on. Jack doesn't say anything, he just gets up and jumps off the outcropping and into the pond.) Jack!!
(Jack swims in the pool trying to find the ring as it begins to rain.)

(Blix has caught up with the Unicorn. It is passed out. Blix pulls out his sword. Jack tries to come up for a breath of air, but he can't break through the surface of the water. It's like it's made of glass. Blix marks where he's going to cut the horn and raises his arm back. He swings down and cuts the horn, and at that exact moment Jack breaks through the water and takes a deep breathe. Blix holds up the horn in triumph. It's now snowing. Lily is gone.)
Jack: Lily!!

(Nell's Cottage)
(Lily has made her way through the snow to Nell's home. She goes inside to get out of the storm. Nell stands at the table with her back to the door. Lily walks over to her.)
Lily: Nell?
(Nell is frozen in time, and so is the baby. Lily hears some laughing outside so she's goes over to the window and sees Blix, Pox, and Blunder riding up. She quickly goes to hide up in the attic. She watches as they enter the house. Blix looks around and then walks over to the clock.)
Blix: Clock. Mortal world turned to ice, here be goblin paradise. (laughs) Plenty hospitality here.
(Pox begins eating.)
Pox: Very nice.
(Blix aims the horn at the fire and makes it fire up.)
Blunder: How did you do that, Blix?
Pox: Yeah, tell us how you do those things.
Blix: Quite easy actually. (breaks some things on the table.)
Blunder: (laughs) Lucky day. Kill ugly one horned mule.
Blix: You act like you do all. It was me who shoot the poisoned stinger. (hits Blunder on his helmet) Me. (hits him again) Me!
Pox: You only got the shot in because 'twas beauty led the beast to bay.
Blunder: She was so sweet. I could eat her brains like jam.
Pox: I could suck her bones.
Blix: Enough! Better hurry. Dark Lord, he don't like to wait.
(They leave.)
Lily: What have I done. I'll make it right.

(The Forest)
(Jack is searching for Lily.)
Jack: (shouting) Lily!

(Nell's Cottage)
(The goblins are riding off.)
Pox: Four, Five, Six…Hooray for Blix!

(The Forest)
(Jack has made himself a small fire and is now asleep. Oona, a fairie that is no bigger than a penny, comes along and makes it a bigger fire, which in turn wakes Jack up.)
Oona: Jack? Jack!
Jack: Lily? (wakes up fully) Who's there?
(Several gnomes and sprites watch him from afar. Suddenly an elf, drops down to the other side of the fire.)
Jack: Who are you?
Gump: Be ye a forest child, and not know the Gump?
Jack: Gump, is it?
Gump: Honeythorn Gump, at your service.
Jack: How did you know my name? (Oona flutters around his head.) Stop it! Go away!
Gump: I know everything, Jack. But I do not understand what has happened today. Suppose you tell me, Jack. You know these woods as well as any elf. Did you not see something odd today? Any strange spirits? Did nothing untoward happen?
Jack: I took Lily to see the Unicorns.
Gump: You did what?! (all the gnomes and sprites laugh) Silence!
Jack: Oh God, Gump, she touched him!
Gump: Touched it! A mortal laid hands on a Unicorn! Jack! Do you think you can upset the order of the universe, and not pay the price?!
Jack: We meant no wrong! I did it for Lily. I did it for love.
Gump: Love you say? Well, love is another matter. Brown Tom, (Brown Tom's hat pops off to reveal a bottle) a toast to love. (Brown Tom takes out the bottle's cork.) Elderberry wine. The finest drink under heaven.
Brown Tom: But, Gump, it's the last bottle of me best wine.
(Gump pours the wine carefully into acorn shells.)
Brown Tom: Now, Gump, don't you be forgetting me. Oh, careful now. It's so precious.
Gump: Here's to Jack. Loving fool and fairy friend.
Screwball: Terrific.
Jack: And to Lily.
(They all drink. Then Screwball puts a warm fur over Jack's shivering shoulders.)
Screwball: There. This will help.
Jack: Don't you care what's happened?
Gump: Course we care. What good's the world locked in a season of death?
Jack: But we must find the answer. We must find what's happened to my Lily.
Gump: That we must.

(Later in the Forest)
(It has begun to snow again. Now, our guys are searching for Lily again.)
Jack: (shouting) Lily!
(They stop when they spot the Unicorns. The female is now guarding the male's body.)
Gump: Jack! What?
Jack: Lily!
(Jack goes over to the Unicorns and kneels before them. The female eyes him warily. He bows his head and begins to cry.)
Jack: I…forgive me. I meant no wrong.
(The mare nuzzles his hand and looks at him intently. Jack gets up and makes his way back to Gump.)
Gump: Well, Jack? Tell us what has happened. Come on, Jack, don't leave us in the dark.
Jack: The dark is where we'll stay. We're cursed.
Brown Tom: Is there naught we can do?
Jack: We must get the other horn back. Only then will the world return to normal. We must find a champion. Bold of heart, and pure in spirit.
Screwball: Champion? What champion?
Gump: (looking at Jack) Shhh. Don't give up so quick lads. (to Jack) You'll do. We must get you some weapons.
Jack: Me? But Gump I know nothing of weapons.
Gump: You'll learn. I know where to find the best. Brown Tom, stay here with the Unicorn. Guard her well.
Brown Tom: Like me own life!
Gump: Better! She's the last of her kind.

(Weapons Tunnel)
(Gump pushes open the door to a tunnel leading into the Earth. It seems to glow with it's own light.)
Gump: Jack, I can't go with you now. Anyway, Oona will guide the way.

(Jack is crawling in the tunnel.)
Oona: Follow me, Jack. Over here. Come on! This way! Hurry!
(He comes to the end of the cave where he sees many weapons. With a flash of light Oona becomes a full sized person.)
Jack: Oona?
Oona: Nobody knows but you. It's our secret, Jack. Don't tell Gump. Promise. Promise!
(Jack nods his head.)
Oona: I could be anything you want me to be, even your heart's desire. You've got to help us, Jack!
(Jack looks back at the weapons and then very slowly reaches out and picks up the sword.)

(Cave) (Lily has tracked the goblins to a cave on the other side of the forest.)
Blix: Behold these things. (laughs) Magic horn is mine, mine, mine. Now all creatures will love the night, and worship goblins as divine.
Blunder: You shouldn't talk like that, Blix.
Blix: Why not, I've got the power now.
Blunder: Plenty big talk.
(Blix sets Blunders butt on fire. The Blunder runs over to a pool of water and puts it out.)
Blix: (aims the horn at the bonfire) Higher, higher, burning fire. Making music like a choir.
Pox: It seems a pity to waste such power.
Blix: Waste? You better watch out, old pal Pox, or I'll turn you into little pork chops.
Pox: Why not turn everything into garbage. A great towering mountain of slop? Wouldn't that be magic?
(Blix rolls his eyes and then turns back to the fire.)
Blix: Higher, higher, burning fire. Making music like a choir.
(Darkness shows up but Blix's back is to him as he laughs.)
Pox: Blix! Blix!
Blix: What?!
Pox: (points) Big D.
(Blix turns and drops the horn.)
Blix: Uhh….
(Blunder runs over and picks up the horn.)
Blunder: Stop! Hear me, you angel of darkness, your reign is over. A new order begins. I hold the power.
Darkness: Enough!
(He waves his hand and the horn flies to him. Then a dead mummy reaches out and grabs blunders leg. The mummy stands up, and then picks up Blunder. It then walks towards the cliff.)
Blunder: Shit! Please, it was only a joke. I didn't mean it. No! No! Have you no sense of humor?
(The mummy reaches the cliff edge and steps over.)
Blunder: (voice fading as he falls) Adios amigos.
Blix: (turning back to Darkness) Wow. Forgive that intrusion, great lord, but goblins are inclined to be outspoken and I like to encourage their initiative.
Darkness: The Unicorns are dead, is this not true?
Blix: Very plenty true.
Pox: Undeniably true.
Darkness: You lie! Here is dawn!
(The sun has begun to rise.)
Blix: The stallion is dead. Dead as dreams.
Darkness: Out with it.
Pox: The mare lives still.
Darkness: If even one Unicorn walks the Earth my power is not complete.
Blix: It's just a female, lord. She has no power.
Darkness: Only the power of creation. Get the mare, I command you.
(Blix and Pox bow.)

(The Forest)
(Brown Tom is chatting with the Unicorn.)
Brown Tom: Well, let's see what have we here. A little sassafrass? A little would be nice, huh? And some foxglove. And a little cold's foot. (Lily comes up to him crying.) Who goes there, what? You! You're the cause of all our sorrows.
Lily: (crying) I'm so sorry. I didn't know. Please forgive me.
Brown Tom: I'm not the one you should be asking.
Lily: (still crying) Try and understand, I'm only trying to make things right. Darkness has sent the goblins back for the mare. It's not safe to stay here. You have to hurry. Leave now! Go!
Brown Tom: Good lass…
Lily: Hurry!
Brown Tom: You're a plucky little…(Suddenly an arrow flies by them.) Too late!
(They both look to see Blix and Pox heading right for them.)
Brown Tom: If you apes are lookin' for a fight you've come to the Chapel Oblige.
(Blix begins to fire arrows at Brown Tom who continues to hit them away.)
Brown Tom: Ah! You can't beat me! (laughs) Keep 'em coming! Check this out! You see, you just can't be me! You can't…(An arrow pierces his hat and he falls to the ground.) The good toos he stuck, they done for me.
(Blix heads for Lily who's protecting the Unicorn.)

(Gump, Jack, and Screwball come running to Brown Tom.)
Gump: Brown Tom! (kneels beside him) Brown Tom, oh you can't be dead. This is terrible. Terrible. Brown Tom.
Screwball: Brown Tom?
(Brown Tom opens his eyes.)
Brown Tom: Gump. Screwball. Jack lad. They killed you too?
Gump: Of course they didn't! But what in blazes are you talking about?
Brown Tom: Goblins.
Screwball: Goblins?
Brown Tom: Shot me through me brain pan.
(Screwball takes off Brown Tom's hat to reveal that the goblins only shot through the Elderberry wine.)
Screwball: (laughs) That's one place an arrow will do no harm.
Brown Tom: I did me best to fight them off, but they swarmed up by the hundreds. Oh, fierce creatures they were. (sighs) Oh, the good lass warned me but…(he's cut off when Jack grabs him)
Jack: Lily?
Brown Tom: Aye.
Jack: Then she's alive.
Brown Tom: She was alive still when they killed me.
Jack: The goblins must have taken her.
Gump: We follow their tracks in the snow.

(Near the Castle)
Gump: The great tree. When evil anarchy ruled the world, the wicked came here to sacrifice.
(They continue on and come to the edge of the swamp.)
Screwball: Ugly. I hate it.
Gump: Good. Then you go first.
Screwball: Why always me?!
Gump: Go!
(Screwball slowly and carefully makes his way to the other end by walking on fallen logs. He waves his hand when he gets to the other side.)
Screwball: I made it!
(Suddenly something comes out from the water and drags him under.)
Gump: Screwball!
(Jack runs over to where Screwball went under the water. Suddenly Screwball comes up to the top and swims away. A swamp creature, Meg Mucklebones, wipes her mouth and swears.)
Meg: Foul tasting fairy! (she spots Jack) Come to Meg, juicy boy! (Jack tries to escape but every time he moves she blocks him.) Who be this tender morsel disturbing Meg Mucklebones rest?
Jack: Jack. They call me Jack, ma'am.
Meg: What a fine, fat boy you are Jack.
Jack: You don't really mean to eat me, do you?
Meg: Oh, indeed I do. (laughs)
(She goes to attack and Jack cuts her with his sword. She goes back beneath the water.)
Jack: I did it!
(Gump and the others quickly come over and they make their way to the castle.)

(The Dungeon)
(Lily and the Unicorn are being held in the dungeon. Lily is very scared. She looks around, but does not see Darkness watching her from the shadows.)

(Our guys are trying to find a way in to the castle. Screwball pulls on a cord that's hanging from overhead and the floor moves beneath them, causing them to go sliding down a ramp and into a cell.)
Brown Tom: Oh, my aching back. I'm not as old as I used to be, you know.
Screwball: Where are we?
Gump: Someplace we don't want to be.
Brown Tom: We gotta get outta here.
Blunder: (os) Quiet.
(Blunder is in the cage next to them.)
Blunder: You'll be fricasied fairies if you don't keep quiet.
Screwball: Who be you buckethead?
Blunder: Who I am won't help me, nor you neither. Even though we are all brothers.
(He takes off his helmet to reveal that he's a fairy.)
Screwball: (runs over to him) What happened to you?
Blunder: It's a long story. Doesn't matter now, anyway. We are all in the same fix.
Screwball: I knew it. I knew it. I shoulda stayed at home.
Blunder: Let's face it brothers, me, and you all is Bar-B-Q.
Screwball: Bar-B-Q?
(A Teek makes it's way toward the cages.)
Blunder: A Teek! (he runs over to the bars) He's coming! Hide!
Screwball: Hide! Hide!
(They all scramble to cover themselves with hay so that they won't be spotted. The Teek enters Blunders cage and comes over to the wall separating the cage from the one next to it where Jack and our gang are hiding. He looks, but can't see anything. He then goes over to the opposite wall where Blunder is hiding, and grabs him. He carries Blunder out screaming.)
Blunder: Let me go! Let me go! Ahhhh!
(After the Teek is gone, Jack looks over at Gump and the others.)
Jack: We've got to help him.
Screwball: Don't worry, our brother can take care of himself. I'm sure. I think.
Gump: Screwball's right. It's more important that you find the Unicorn.
Jack: Why not have Oona fly out and find a key.
Gump: Oona? But she's much to small, could never lift it.
Oona: Our secret.
Jack: Our secret will keep forever in this grave if you don't help us.
(Oona changes into her larger form.)
Oona: You promised.
Gump: (hisses at her) You willful sprite. How dare you keep such secrets…
Oona: They're mine to keep. (to Jack) I'll do what you ask, if you'll kiss me Jack.
Jack: Easy enough.
(He kisses her on the cheek.)
Oona: You call that a kiss? Am I not sweet?
Jack: Sweeter than bee pollen, in a summer wind.
Oona: (changes into Lily) Sweet as the wind that blows me to you.
Screwball: It's fairy magick.
Jack: Lily? Lily?
Oona: (as Lily) Yes, Jack.
Jack: This isn't real.
Oona: (as Lily) Oh, it is. I'm warm and alive, and want to be in your arms.
(Jack moves to kiss her.)
Jack: (pulls back) No, I can't. It's just more fairy glamour.
(Oona changes back to herself.)
Jack: Human hearts don't work that way.
Oona: What care I for human hearts. Soft sprits is as porridge. A fairies heart beats fierce and free.
(Oona flies off.)
Jack: Oona!
Gump: Your fine sensibilities have left us here to rot!
Brown Tom: I'm behind you all the way, Gump!
(Oona comes running up to the door of the cage with the key in her hand.)
Oona: You all look like mourners at your own funeral.
Gump: Oona!
(She unlocks the door.)
Gump: Quick lads!

(The Kitchen)
(Really not a very nice place to be.)
Brown Tom: Ah, terrible sight for a sober man.
(Their sneaking through the kitchen to try and find Lily and the Unicorn.)
Jack: We must find the dungeons.
Screwball: I think I'll stay right here, thank you very much.
Gump: Not so fast, you'll search with the rest of us.
Screwball: Then I'll go with Jack.
Gump: No! We split up.
Jack: Yes, it's better if we go in teams.
Brown Tom: Then I'll go with Jack.
Jack: Gump and Me, Brown Tom and Screwball.
Gump: Right. Take care. Come on Jack.
Jack: Be careful.
(They leave.)
Screwball: There's only one thing I want to know.
Brown Tom: What?
Screwball: Why me!
Brown Tom: Shh!
Screwball: I think we should go west.
Brown Tom: I vote we go east.
Screwball: Okay.
(They each go the opposite way they meant to go and run into each other.)

(Dining Hall)
(Darkness sits alone by the fireplace.)
Darkness: Father, I hold the world in my grasp, and yet this girl distracts me. It has been an eternity since I have felt such desire. What am I to do?
Father: She fascinates you because her soul is pure. To make her one of us, charm her, whoo her, change her spirit. Hypnotize her, set her free. Bring her to you.

(Lily is now running along an abandoned corridor.)

Screwball: Did you see something?
Brown Tom: No, did you?
Screwball: I don't know, I think.

(Lily is still running in the corridor. Oona has found her and is following at a distance. Lily reaches the Dining Hall and goes in. The doors shut behind her. Oona goes up to the doors and looks into the Hall through a crack in the door.)

(Dining Hall)
(Lily makes her way over to the fireplace.)

(Jack and Gump are still looking for Lily. Suddenly some creatures burst through the floor and try to attack them.)
Jack: Gump, through here! Gump! This way! Come on! Come on!
(They get through the doors and shut and barricade them. They then grin at each other and then keep looking for Lily.)

(Brown Tom and Screwball have found the Unicorn.)
Brown Tom: What that?
Screwball: That's the Unicorn you idiot.

(Dining Hall)
Voice: Win her.
(Lily looks around the room. She's very scared. She spots a table with a chest and some crystal glasses on it. Her eyes seem to glaze over as she looks at the table.)
Voice: Charm her.
(Lily makes her way over to the table. She opens the chest and pulls out a huge diamond necklace and holds it up. Suddenly from behind her she hears a sound, she turns and sees a black dress dancing. Lily backs up against the wall in fear.)
Voice: Make her one of us.
(The dress dances closer to her, and reaches out as if to touch her cheek, but it stops and continues dancing. It motions for her to come dance with it, which she does. So now, Lily and the dress are dancing together. They separate and Lily opens her arms for the dress to dance with her again, but the dress envelops her and suddenly Lily is wearing the black dress. She now looks like the Bride of Darkness. Her hair is black and she's wearing black lipstick. She stops dancing and looks down at herself. She looks at herself in a nearby mirror and is shocked when suddenly a red hand reaches out, followed by a hoof, then another red hand, and another hoof. She passes out as Darkness comes fully from the mirror. He goes over and kneels beside her. He leans down as if to kiss her, but she wakes up and scrambles to get away from him. She forces herself to stand.)
Darkness: How like you my gifts? Does the gown not please you?
Lily: (sobbing) No…
Darkness: Can you speak so of your bridal gown? I have found my true mate and you know it.
Lily: Never.
Darkness: Beneath the skin we are already one. Was it not your sin trapped the Unicorn? Even now, the evil seed of what you have done germinates within you.
Lily: No! You lie. You disgust me. You're nothing but an animal.
Darkness: (laughs) We are all animals, my lady.

(Outside the Dining Hall)
(Now Jack and Gump have joined Oona outside the door.)
Jack: Lily!
Gump: Jack, there's nothing you can do now to help her. Be thankful she still lives.

(Dining Hall)
Darkness: The last Unicorn dies tonight.

(Outside the Dining Hall)
Gump: Never!

(Dining Hall)
Darkness: As her blood ebbs, the sun sets forever. There shall never be another dawn.
Lily: No!
Darkness: Lady, I require the solace of the shadows, and the dark of the night. Sunshine is my destroyer.

(Outside Dining Hall)
Gump: As long as the sun still shines, we can defeat him.
(Jack remembers the reflection the light had on Lily's locket.)
Jack: I think I know a way.

(Near the Dungeons)
Screwball: Stay close to me.
Brown Tom: You know what?
Screwball: What?
Brown Tom: I vote we run like hell.
Screwball: I second the motion.
(Suddenly an air pocket opens up right next to them and they scream. Something touches Screwball so he grabs whatever it is and bites it. He looks up and it's Jack's knee he's biting.)
Jack: Screwball.
(Screwball lets him go.)
Gump: Where were you? In three flicks of a badger's tail we would have gone.
Screwball: Well, when you're having fun, time goes by fast.
Brown Tom: Yeah, we found the mare, and it's alive in the dungeon.
Gump: Excellent. Excellent you two.
Brown Tom: Well thank you very much.
Gump: Now Jack has a plan, and it's a good one.

(The Kitchen)
(The guys are sneaking around while the Teek's are sleeping. They hear a noise coming from inside one of the large pie tins, so Jack reaches quietly for a knife to cut the crust off. He does so, then lifts the top of the crust off and we see Blunder sitting in the tin with fruit and vegetables and some birds. He's got an apple stuck in his mouth and his hands are tied up.)
Screwball: Blunder.
Gump: Shhh! Any more noise and you're shish kabob. You do as we say, understand. (he nods) Swear it!
Blunder: (after they take the apple out of his mouth) I swear on the festering forlock of Nicodimus. Please, help. (Jack lifts him out.) Thank you.
(They climb up to get the large reflective plates off the top shelves. They then toss them down to the ground where Brown Tom and Screwball catch them and set them aside. Brown Tom tosses one to quickly to Screwball and Screwball falls back and lads on the plates making a loud noise. The Teeks wake up and a fight ensues. After lots of action going on both of the Teeks are taken down. Gump, Screwball, Blunder, and Brown Tom are at one end of the Kitchen and Jack is at the other. They can't see each other so they don't know if the other is all right.)
Jack: Gump? Gump! Gump!
Gump: Jack?
(They all stand up and see each other.)
Gump: Jack!Screwball: Three cheer
s for our champion. Hip Hip Hooray!
All: Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!

(They step into a fireplace grate where there is no fire burning. Sun is shining down on them. There is a small chain hanging in the middle that leads all the way up to the top.)
Gump: Now what, Jack?
Jack: We must go all the way up. Light.
Gump: (smiles then looks at the chain) Not much to hold on to. It'd take a pea pod pixie to make that climb.
Screwball: I'll do it. (they all look at him) What's the matter, ain't I small enough for the job? Please, Gump, let me try. I won't let you down.
Gump: All right, all right, do it, but be swift.
Screwball: Oh, thank you, thank you. You'll never regret it.
Brown Tom: I always knew you'd be going places, Screwball.
(Screwball begins to climb.)

(Dining Hall)
(Darkness and Lily have moved and are now standing by a table laden with food.)
Darkness: All I wish, is for you to sit and talk with me.
Lily: Sit? (motions to a chair) Here?
Darkness: Yes.
Lily: I prefer to stand.
Darkness: SIT! (pauses as he sees Lily's reaction) Or stand. As you wish. It is enough that we are alone together. Just the two of us. Some, ah, simple conversation.
Lily: I have nothing to talk about. You've stolen my dreams away.
Darkness: All things change, Lady. The dreams of youth, are the regrets of maturity. Dreams are my specialty. Through dreams I influence mankind. My dream is of eternity with you. I offer you this rose, princess. My heart, my soul, my love.
Lily: (surprised) Love?

(Elsewhere in the Castle)
(The guys are now positioning the plates where they will catch the sunlight.)
Gump: A little to the right. Left. Good.
(They move on to the next plate.)

(Dining Hall)
Darkness: Sit. I value your thoughts. Share them with me.

(Elsewhere in the Castle)
(The guys continue to set up the plates.)

(Dining Hall)
Lily: Sit? Nothing more than that?
Darkness: And talk with me. (he watches as she looks at the food and the wine) Eat. Drink.
Lily: I do nothing for your pleasure.
(Darkness sweeps his arm across the table and knocks half of the food to the floor.)
Darkness: Damn you!
Lily: Never! Never!
(Darkness storms towards her as she laughs. They both pause as they hear the Unicorn.)
Lily: I hear a throat begging to be cut.
Darkness: I do so. Anxious to see blood flow.
Lily: As you are to drink it. Grant your bride one wish on this night.
Darkness: You have but to ask.
Lily: I will stay here with you, as you wish. (pause) But on one condition.
Darkness: Anything.
Lily: I want to kill the Unicorn.
(Darkness begins to smile as he takes in her answer. She smiles back at him. Darkness begins to laugh before he turns away.)

(The sun has begun to set.)

(Dungeon - Later)
(Gump and Jack watch from the dungeon door as the ritual begins. Darkness stands giving a speech while Lily stands silently beside him.)
Darkness: In the beginning there was nothing. A void of darkness, a cold eternity…
Gump: Jack, your greatest challenge is still to come. And we've not much time
Darkness: When the perfect void was corrupted by light. A great wailing was heard, and all the brethern fled in terror.
Jack: Gump.
Gump: Oona, fly up like the wind. It's time.
(Oona takes off to help Screwball.)

(Chimney Top)
(Screwball has finally reached the top of the chimney. He's now really tired, so he sets the plate down, and lays down to get a minute of rest.)

(The doors begin to close so Gump and Jack rush inside. Blunder is left out as the doors close on him.)
Gump: Jack!
(Jack spots Lily standing beside Darkness.)
Jack: Lily.
Gump: Jack, judge her with your heart, not your eyes.
Darkness: Hear me, ye powers of the night. We offer this sacrifice in honor of you. Sanctify with blood and with fire! I pray you father, accept my sacrifice. Let light be forever extinguished. Let the age of Darkness begin. Come lady, the birth of a new world awaits your stroke.
Lily: Let my offering be made of flesh and blood.
(Both Jack and Gump raise their bow and arrows.)
Gump: She means to do it, Jack. She's one of them.
Lily: I am sister to the Fates.
Gump: Kill her! Forget her! Think about the Unicorn. Do it!
Jack: Lily.
Gump: I'll do it.
Jack: No! No.
(Lily raises up the sword to strike.)
Jack: I trust you, Lily. I'll always trust you.
(At the last moment Lily swings down onto the chain that holds the Unicorn.)
Lily: Run!
(Jack releases his arrow and it hits Darkness in the neck.)
Lily: Run!
(Darkness hits Lily and she collapses.)
Jack: (standing up) Darkness!!!
(Jack swings down to fight Darkness and all hell breaks lose.)
Darkness: What have we here? A little boy?
(He and Jack begin to fight.)

(Chimney Top)
(Oona has reached the top of the chimney and is trying to wake up Screwball.)

(Jack is now cornered.)
Darkness: Don't you know me boy? (laughs)
(Jack spots the male horn disappearing into a pool of boiling liquid.)
Darkness: Every wolf suffers fleas, tis easy enough to scratch.

(Chimney Top)
(Oona and Screwball get the plate stood up, and the light begins to hit every plate on it's way down into the dungeons.)

(Jack reaches into the liquid and pulls out the horn.)
Darkness: Give it to me.
(Jack throws the horn into Darkness's stomach just as the reflected sunlight bursts through the doors to the dungeon and hits Darkness full on. Darkness pulls the horn out.)
Darkness: Father! Protect me!
(He holds onto the walls with his hand and the horn. He's slowly sliding back towards the void.)
Darkness: You think you have won. What is light without dark? I am a part of you all. You can never defeat me. We are brothers, eternal.
Gump: Do it, Jack! Kill him! Kill him!
(Jack cuts off Darkness's hands, and Darkness falls into the void, dropping the horn on the ground. They all look down at Lily.)
Gump: She's under a spell. A powerful spell.
Jack: Do something.
Gump: Only you can answer this riddle. Jack, we have a promise that must be kept. Now fulfill your promise.
Jack: I will miss you.
Gump: But don't forget us.
Jack: Never.
(Jack picks up the Unicorns horn.)

(The Forest)
(Jack is now back at the cliff where Lily threw her ring into the pod. He dives into the pool, and looks for the ring. Gump is now back where the male unicorn is. Jack comes back up from under the water with the ring in his hand. He puts the ring back on Lily's finger.)
Jack: Come back to me.
(He leans down and kisses her. At the same time Gump attaches the horn to the male, and the sun rises. Lily opens her eyes.)
Jack: I love you, Lily.
(They kiss again.)

(The male Unicorn gets up and runs off with the female. Now time seems to have turned back so that now Jack and Lily are watching the Unicorns run up the stream. This time Lily does not try to get up and touch one. They smile at each other, and kiss. They run off into the sunset. They stop and look back and see the Unicorns, Gump, Oona, Brown Tom, Screwball, and Blunder on a hilltop waving at them. They wave back, then turn and continue running into the sunset.)