Commander Jonathan Ford, First Officer

Part of the first tour of the seaQuest under Captain Marilyn Stark, Ford was forced to relieve her of command. Admiral Noyce ordered him to act arrogant and unfit for command in the effort to get Bridger to stay on board. When Bridger accepted, he made certain the Navy's military interests are upheld with Bridger's sometimes too science-oriented mentality.

Having a very serious nature (which results in a dry sense of humor), Ford is able to handle high-risk situations confidently. He spends most of his time working on the bridge, and enjoys theater, music, and courses which have little or no relevance to society, such as the Fractal Theories of Cold Fusion. He and Lonnie Henderson developed a mutual attraction for each other, which lead to a ship-board romance.

Ford stayed on board the seaQuest when it returned from Hyperion, and was given to Captain Hudson. Though at first their personalities clashed, then ended up having a mutual respect for each other.